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A Relic Reborn Guide

A Relic Reborn is the quest to obtain the ultimate weapon for your job. It is the longest quest in the game as well as the most difficult and most time consuming. It must be undertaken for each job you would like a relic for and as a result there are 9 relic quests.

In order to undertake a relic quest you must first complete the main scenario and all class and job quests for the job in which you would like your relic. You can then speak to Nedrick Ironheart in Vesper Bay, Western Thanalan, who will give you the quest titled "A Relic Reborn. He will send you to Rowena in Mor Dhona followed by Gerolt in Hyrstmill (Fallgourd Float area).

This is where the quest gets juicy. He will ask you to look for a broken weapon which corresponds to the relic you are trying to get. These will be in the beastmen strongholds and he will tell you which one to go in. The areas are as follows:

Job Stronghold
Bard Natalan
Black Mage U'Ghamaro Mines
Dragoon Natalan
Monk Zaha'rak
Paladin Zaha'rak
Scholar Sapsa Spawning Grounds
Summoner Sylphlands
Warrior U'Ghamaro Mines
White Mage U'Ghamaro Mines
Ninja Sapsa Spawning Grounds

When you have completed this Gerolt will ask you to bring him a specific weapon double melded with a certain Grade III materia. It is probably better to buy these weapons and materia as you will save yourself a lot of hassle. If you are short on gil then you can farm materials which you are better at obtaining. But if you would like to get them yourself you can obtain the base weapon materials in the Wanderer's Palace and then have them crafted. The materia can be spritbonded. The list of weapons and materia required are below.

Job Base Weapon Materia
Bard Longarm's Composite Bow Heaven's Eye III
Black Mage Sanguine Scepter Savage Might III
Dragoon Champion's Lance Savage Aim III
Monk Wilding Cesti Savage Aim III
Paladin Aeolian Scimitar Battledance III
Scholar Erudite's Picatrix Of Healing Quicktongue III
Summoner Erudite's Picatrix Of Casting Savage Might III
Warrior Barbarian's Bardiche Battledance III
White Mage Madman's Whispering Rod Quicktongue III
Ninja Vamper's Knives Heavens' Eye III

The next step in the relic quest is to obtain the item Alumina Salts from the D'horme Chrimera, who is located in Coerthas Central Highlands in the northeast corner of the map. You must defeat the Chimera on the job you are doing the quest for it to count, and this goes for all parts of the relic quest. The Chimera is a straightforward fight which involves dodging AoE attacks but it may take a few tries if lots of people in the group are new to the fight.

After completing this task Gerolt will then send you to the Amdapor Keep dungeon to obtain an Amdapor Glyph. See our Amdapor Keep guide for how to complete this dungeon. Upon completing this task you will speak to Rowena, followed by Gerolt who will give you your Unfinished Relic Weapon.

He then asks you to kill 24 beastmen creatures using the weapon you were just given. This bit is straightforward but for completeness sake the details are below:

Job Stronghold Kills
Bard Natalan 8 Natalan Boldwings, 8 Natalan Fogcallers, 8 Natalan Windtalons
Black Mage U'Ghamaro Mines 8 U'Ghamaro Quarrymen, 8 U'Ghamaro Bedesmen, 8 U'Ghamaro Priests
Dragoon Natalan 8 Natalan Boldwings, 8 Natalan Fogcallers, 8 Natalan Swiftbeaks
Monk Zaha'rak 8 Zahar'ak Lancers, 8 Zahar'ak Pugilists, 8 Zahar'ak Archers
Paladin Zaha'rak 8 Zahar'ak Lancers, 8 Zahar'ak Pugilists, 8 Zahar'ak Thaumaturges
Scholar Sapsa Spawning Grounds 8 Sapsa Shelfspine, 8 Sapsa Shelfclaw, 8 Sapsa Shelftooth
Summoner Sylphlands 8 Sylpheed Sighs, 8 Sylpheed Screeches, 8 Sylpheed Snarls
Warrior U'Ghamaro Mines 8 U'Ghamaro Quarrymen, 8 U'Ghamaro Roundmen, 8 U'Ghamaro Bedesmen
White Mage U'Ghamaro Mines 8 U'Ghamaro Quarrymen, 8 U'Ghamaro Bedesmen, 8 U'Ghamaro Preists
Ninja Sapsa Spawning Grounds 8 Sapsa Shelfspine, 8 Sapsa Shelfclaw, 8 Sapsa Shelftooth

Once completed go back to Gerolt, who will send you on a mission to defeat the Hydra located within the Halatali dungeon. This guy is easier than the Chimera and has a predictable attack pattern. He will randomly throw an AoE floor attack on a party member and it is important that he be standing away from the middle of the arena when it happens. This is because you will need to use the middle when the boss goes in there to perform a special attack.

Once you turn in this part of the quest things start getting difficult. You are tasked with defeating Ifrit for a White-Hot Ember, Garuda for a Howling Gale and Titan for a Hyperfused Ore. They must be defeated in the order listed here. Garuda is significantly more challenging than Ifrit and will require you to have a majority of ilevel 70 gear. Titan is even harder and you should be aiming you have a full set of ilevel 70 gear before fighting him.

As this is a relic guide we aren't going to list the strategies for defeating the primals as these live in their own guides.

Once you have defeated Titan the next step is to purchase a Bottle of Radz-at-Han Quenching Oil from Auriana who is located next to Rowena in Mor Dhona for 900 Allagan Tomestones of Philosophy. These Tomestones can be obtained from the level 50 dungeons and primal battles.

This will then give you your relic. Depending on your class you will obtain one of the following:

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