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To the west of Abalathia's Spine lies the rugged, mountainous region of Dravania.

As its name implies, these lands are styled after the dragon kin who call her forelands home, long feared by the people of Ishgard.

The hinterlands to the south bask in the beauty of the Thaliak River and fields of evergreen. They once played host to the great seat of knowledge, Sharlayan. But alas, she was abandoned in the exodus fifteen years prior. Left to the wildlife roaming her once proud estates, she is resigned to slowly fade into memory.

The region is home to the Gnath beast tribe and their primal Ravana.

Dravania Map

Dravania has 1 map. Click on the map for a larger version.

Map of The Dravania in FFXIV: Stormblood

Dravania Screenshots

FFXIV - Dravania FFXIV - Dravania FFXIV - Dravania
FFXIV - Dravania FFXIV - Dravania FFXIV - Dravania
FFXIV - Dravania