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Below is a list of all Medicine in FFXIV: A Realm Reborn, their recast, the price you can sell to an NPC for and the effects the item gives when consumed. Medicine are mainly used by players for HP regen during tough battles.

The Medicine are sorted by name, however you can sort them by any of the columns by clicking on the headers. Under the headers are search boxes that allow you to filter results.

For example, type in a stat name into the effects column and you will bring back a list of Medicine which boost that stat.

Hover over or click on an item name for more info and any stats.

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Items ()Recast EffectsNPC
Antidote60  1
Bind Ward Potion90  16
Blind Ward Potion90  16
Blinding Potion120  10
Blood Drops0  4
Bloodwall Hi-potion0  0
Bloodwall Mega-potion0  0
Bloodwall Potion0  0
Commanding Craftsman's Tea300 Control: +20164
Company-issue Expectorant0  0
Company-issue Tonic0  0
Competent Craftsman's Tea300 Craftsmanship: +20163
Cordial240  4
Cunning Craftsman's Tea300 CP: +10168
Dawn Drops0  13
Disabling Potion0  29
Draconian Potion of Dexterity300 Dexterity: +8442
Draconian Potion of Intelligence300 Intelligence: +8442
Draconian Potion of Mind300 Mind: +8442
Draconian Potion of Strength300 Strength: +8442
Draconian Potion of Vitality300 Vitality: +8242
Durability Draught15  0
Dusken Draught30  0
Earth Ether0  15
Earth Potion0  10
Earth Ward Hi-Potion300 Earth Resistance: +3714
Earth Ward Mega-Potion300 Earth Resistance: +6420
Earth Ward Potion300 Earth Resistance: +228
Echo Drops60  2
Elixir240  15
Ether150 GP: +10, Gathering: +142
Eye Drops60  1
Fantasia0  0
Fire Ether0  15
Fire Potion0  10
Fire Ward Hi-Potion300 Fire Resistance: +3714
Fire Ward Mega-Potion300 Fire Resistance: +6420
Fire Ward Potion300 Fire Resistance: +228
Giant's Drink0  52
Gold Needle90  14
Heart Drops0  31
Heavy Ward Potion90  16
Hi-Cordial180  0
Hi-Elixir300  21
Hi-Ether150 Vitality: +9, Critical Hit: +147
Hi-Potion25  3
Hi-Potion of Dexterity300 Dexterity: +278
Hi-Potion of Intelligence300 Intelligence: +278
Hi-Potion of Mind300 Mind: +278
Hi-Potion of Strength300 Strength: +278
Hi-Potion of Vitality300 Vitality: +288
Hi-potion of Piety0  18
High-grade Company-issue Tonic0  12
Hyper Ether0  1
Icarus Wing90  17
Ice Ether0  15
Ice Potion0  10
Ice Ward Hi-Potion300 Ice Resistance: +3714
Ice Ward Mega-Potion300 Ice Resistance: +6420
Ice Ward Potion300 Ice Resistance: +228
Infusion of Dexterity300 Dexterity: +110172
Infusion of Intelligence300 Intelligence: +110172
Infusion of Mind300 Mind: +110172
Infusion of Strength300 Strength: +110172
Infusion of Vitality300 Vitality: +112172
Ironhide Unguent0  13
Ironwill Unguent0  19
Kiss of the Morning Meadow180  0
Lightning Ether0  15
Lightning Potion0  10
Lightning Ward Hi-Potion300 Lightning Resistance: +3714
Lightning Ward Mega-Potion300 Lightning Resistance: +6420
Lightning Ward Potion300 Lightning Resistance: +228
Lung Drops0  25
Maddening Potion0  20
Manawall Hi-potion0  0
Manawall Mega-potion0  0
Manawall Potion0  0
Max-Ether300  36
Max-Potion75  29
Max-Potion of Dexterity300 Dexterity: +10260
Max-Potion of Intelligence300 Intelligence: +10260
Max-Potion of Mind300 Mind: +10260
Max-Potion of Strength300 Strength: +10260
Max-Potion of Vitality300 Vitality: +10260
Mega-Ether210  12
Mega-Potion36  8
Mega-Potion of Dexterity300 Dexterity: +4915
Mega-Potion of Intelligence300 Intelligence: +4915
Mega-Potion of Mind300 Mind: +4915
Mega-Potion of Strength300 Strength: +4915
Mega-Potion of Vitality300 Vitality: +5015
Mega-potion of Piety0  28
Muscle Restorative0  12
Nerve Drops0  21
Onyx Tears240  0
Over-aspected Cluster0  0
Over-aspected Crystal300 Strength: +34, Dexterity: +34,
Intelligence: +34
Paralyzing Potion120  10
Phoenix Down0  14
Poison Ward Potion90  16
Poisoning Potion120  10
Potent Blinding Potion120  17
Potent Paralyzing Potion120  17
Potent Poisoning Potion120  17
Potent Silencing Potion120  17
Potent Sleeping Potion120  17
Potent Spiritbond Potion15  155
Potion25 Craftsmanship: +161
Potion of Dexterity300 Dexterity: +123
Potion of Intelligence300 Intelligence: +123
Potion of Mind300 Mind: +123
Potion of Piety0  9
Potion of Strength300 Strength: +123
Potion of Vitality300 Vitality: +123
Regain Feather90  19
Retainer Fantasia0  1
Silence Ward Potion90  16
Silencing Potion120  10
Sleep Ward Potion90  16
Sleeping Potion120  10
Slow Ward Potion90  16
Smelling Salts90  9
Smothering Potion0  26
Spine Drops90  6
Spiritbond Potion15  16
Stun Ward Potion90  16
Supramax-Potion of Dexterity300 Dexterity: +12372
Supramax-Potion of Intelligence300 Intelligence: +12372
Supramax-Potion of Mind300 Mind: +12372
Supramax-Potion of Strength300 Strength: +12372
Supramax-Potion of Vitality300 Vitality: +12672
Sustaining Potion15  0
Throat Drops0  21
Tinker's Calm300  32
Water Ether0  15
Water Potion0  10
Water Ward Hi-Potion300 Water Resistance: +3714
Water Ward Mega-Potion300 Water Resistance: +6420
Water Ward Potion300 Water Resistance: +228
Watered Cordial140  16
Weak Blinding Potion120  3
Weak Paralyzing Potion120  3
Weak Poisoning Potion120  3
Weak Silencing Potion120  3
Weak Sleeping Potion120  3
Wind Ether0  15
Wind Potion0  10
Wind Ward Hi-Potion300 Wind Resistance: +3714
Wind Ward Mega-Potion300 Wind Resistance: +6420
Wind Ward Potion300 Wind Resistance: +228
X-Ether240  17
X-Potion48  14
X-Potion of Dexterity300 Dexterity: +6720
X-Potion of Intelligence300 Intelligence: +6720
X-Potion of Mind300 Mind: +6720
X-Potion of Strength300 Strength: +6720
X-Potion of Vitality300 Vitality: +7020

Medicine   Food   Fish   Ingredient   Minions   Mounts   Triple Triad