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Below is a list of all Fish in FFXIV: Heavensward.

The information listed includes their stack size, the price you can sell to an NPC for, a description of the item and any info relating to stats that they may have. Fish are mainly used by Alchemists to produce crystals and shards.

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Items ()Stack DescriptionNPC
Abalathian Bitterling1 The Abalathian bitterling's ivory white skin easily distinguishes it from its silver cousins also found in the freshwater rivers and lakes of Gyr Abania.16
Abalathian Pipira1 While given the modifier Abalathian, this particular pipira will not be found in the Spine's western or even central regions, preferring the biting salty waters of the Lochs.7
Abalathian Salamander1 An amphibian commonly found living in the myriad lakes and swamps of Gyr Abania.17
Abalathian Smelt1 A tiny freshwater fish native to the lakes and rivers fed by runoff from Abalathia's Spine.9
Acorn Snail1 Believed to have hitched a ride on the hull of a trade ship, the acorn snail is an invasive species originally from the New World, far to the west.As it has few natural predators in Eorzea, its numbers have exploded in recent years.4
Adamantium Bichir1 A freshwater fish native to the wetlands of Gyr Abania.16
Aegis Shrimp1 Whereas other shrimp shed their old exoskeletons each summer in favor of new ones, the aegis shrimp simply adds a new layer every year until the shell is so hard, not even a blow from a trained pugilist can break through it.7
Aether Eye1 A freshwater fish found in the hydrothermal biome near the Pappus Tree.15
Aetherlouse1 The recent discovery of this vilekin-like denizen of the deep has given rise to fantastical theories that all land-dwelling creatures on Hydaelyn may once have come from the seas.258
Aetherochemical Compound #1231 This biologically engineered biomass can be found on Azys Lla.15
Aetherochemical Compound #6661 A king among aetherochemical compounds, and lord of the aetherochemical spill.318
Agelyss Carp1 A rare species of carp native to the Agelyss River.12
Aithon's Colt1 A graceful glass-like creature that glides with ease through the lava coursing through Anyx Old within the belly of Sohm Al.15
Ala Mhigan Fighting Fish1 A beautiful blue freshwater fish known for its violent disposition.4
Ala Mhigan Ribbon1 A freshwater fish named for its long, ribbon-like fins that it uses to both attract prey and distract predators.19
Albino Octopus1 A rarely seen freshwater cephalopod that favors the frigid waters of the Coerthas western highlands.16
Allagan Bladeshark1 Only found near the Flagship in Azys Lla, the bladeshark is an alpha predator with few enemies─a true lord of the skies.862
Alligator Garfish1 A legendary freshwater fish said to have a head not unlike that of an alligator, complete with rows of razor-sharp teeth.13
Amber Salamander1 This freshwater amphibian is characterized by whorling patterns of deep amber across its moist skin.16
Amberjack1 This large saltwater predator can be found in the waters off both the eastern and western coasts of Hingashi.7
Ammonite1 A giant cephalopod characterized by its spectacular dual-walled whorling shell.15
Angelfish1 A small colorful fish native to the warmer waters of the seas near Meracydia.Since the Calamity, more and more have been caught off Eorzea's southern coastline. [Suitable for display in aquariums tier 2 and higher.]5
Angry Pike1 While all species of freshwater pike are known to be violent, this particular variety has been recorded actually biting the ankles of wading fishers.13
Anomalocaris1 A king among rift sailors.427
Antlion Slug1 This sand-dwelling slug is able to maintain its mucous coating by absorbing the moisture from prey it catches at the bottom of conical pits not unlike the ones antlions are known to dig.11
Aphotic Pirarucu1 A king among euphotic pirarucu, and lord of the waters of the Delta Quadrant.512
Archerfish1 When feeding, the archerfish will lift its head ever so slightly above a lake or river's surface and spit a stream of water up to a yalm to strike flies from low-lying branches into the water with remarkable accuracy.12
Armor Fish1 A massive glowing freshwater fish found living in the Thaliak River.950
Armored Catfish1 This large freshwater fish is covered in thick armor-like scales which protect it from the jaws of hungry bears and yetis.16
Armored Crayfish1 A deep-red relative of the Doman crayfish.6
Armored Pleco1 The rock-hard scales of the armored pleco are thought to protect the wavekin from injury when being dashed about swift water rapids.10
Armorer1 A rare variety of sea snail whose foot is covered in metallic scales.Lord of the waters of Swiftperch.127
Ash Tuna1 A large saltwater fish known to migrate between the Sea of Jade and the Sea of Ash.In recent years, overfishing by boats from the Far East has led to a significant drop in their numbers.8
Ashfish1 A pigmentless fish found solely in Loch Seld.7
Assassin Betta1 A violent species of freshwater fish from central Abalathia's Spine that will attack other assassin betta if they draw too near while feeding.13
Augmented High Allagan Helmet1 A king among high Allagan helmets, and lord of the waters of the Alpha Quadrant.364
Autumn Leaf1 This freshwater fish native to the Thaliak River has an uncanny resemblance to fallen foliage.15
Azysfish1 A mutant breed of fish named after the floating island on which it is found.15
Balloon Frog1 A hardy amphibian found in the relatively warm-watered lakes of eastern Abalathia's Spine.The plump legs make for a fine meal.16
Balloonfish1 A saltwater fish covered in scores of sharp spines, discouraging would-be predators from dining on this otherwise defenseless fry.10
Barreleye1 An exotic fish found only in the aetherochemical reservoirs on central Azys Lla's research vessel.16
Bashful Batfish1 The unique shape and coloration of the batfish makes this denizen of the Ruby Sea a highly sought-after specimen amongst collectors.7
Basking Shark1 The basking shark's characteristic colossal maw makes it the de facto lord of the skies near Mok Oogle Island.1500
Bat-o'-Nine-Tails1 A king among vampire lamperns.262
Battle Galley1 A freshwater fish native to all of Coerthas, but now primarily found in Ashpool.16
Beguiler Chub1 A king among chubs, and lord of the waters of the Rogue River.107
Berserker Betta1 A small, yet hostile freshwater fish found in small numbers in the Thaliak River.16
Bianaq Bream1 A cherry-colored saltwater fish found in abundance in all of Eorzea's five seas, though it is said those caught near Bianaq are the largest.7
Bighead Carp1 A dark-scaled carp found in the One River, easily identified by its queer downward-pointing eyes.6
Bishopfish1 An archbishop among priestfish, and lord of the waters of Clearpool.390
Black Boxfish1 This saltwater cousin to the puffers changes color several times during its development, and it is only in the final years of adulthood that it bears the hue from which it earns its moniker.6
Black Eel1 Black eels reach maturity in the Sea of Jade, at which point they return back up the Velodyna and Hathoeva rivers to spawn.6
Black Fanfish1 This saltwater wavekin uses both the size and color of its fins to its advantage, allowing it to, for all intents and purposes, disappear in the darker depths of the sea.6
Black Ghost1 Native to the rivers and lakes of the Black Shroud, this freshwater fish uses electric receptors on its body to locate food.7
Black Magefish1 The ability to wield powerful black magic is only this fish's second-most impressive characteristic, the ability to survive in scalding hot lava, the first.16
Black Sole1 A flat bottom-feeder commonly found in the frigid waters of the Bloodbrine Sea.7
Black Velodyna Carp1 One of several varieties of carp found in the Velodyna River, this particular species is immediately recognizable from its pitch-black skin.17
Blackfin Snake Eel1 Like most saltwater eels, the blackfin snake eel of the Ruby Sea is a nocturnal hunter.19
Blacklip Oyster1 A bivalved mollusk found in the warm waters of the Sea of Ash.On rare occasions, sand will become trapped inside the shell and gradually form into a black pearl.12
Blank Oscar1 The body of this rare freshwater fish is entirely void of pigment.18
Bleached Bonytongue1 Similar to most wavekin that have taken up residence in Loch Seld, the bleached bonytongue is almost entirely white.7
Blind Manta1 The blind manta is thought to navigate the Sea of Clouds in a manner similar to how bats keep their bearings─using sound and echoes to determine the location of cliff faces and other creatures.13
Blindfish1 Commonly found in the sea caves and grottoes of Vylbrand, the eyes of this freshwater fish regressed long ago, earning the specimen its name.8
Blockhead1 A saltwater fish as stubborn as its name suggests.It is pure coincidence that it also has a hard bony plate protecting its tiny brain.19
Blood Red Bonytongue1 A king among bonytongue. [Suitable for display in aquariums tier 3 and higher.]262
Blood Skipper1 An ugly fish found in and around the aetherochemical pools of the Azys Lla Alpha Quadrant.16
Bloodbath1 A king among monke onke.239
Bloodchaser1 A king among storm chasers, and lord of the skies near Tharl Oom Khash.221
Bloodsipper1 This freshwater crustacean is widely found in lakes and marshes across the Three Great Continents.17
Bloody Brewer1 A king among pipira, and lord of the waters of lower Black Tea Brook.66
Blowfish1 A saltwater fish that, when provoked, blows up to three times its normal size to intimidate the would-be attacker.It is also known to have an organ which contains a potent silencing poison. [Suitable for display in aquariums tier 2 and higher.]6
Blue Corpse1 A king among wandering sculpin.427
Blue Medusa1 A stinging jellyfish native to the corrupted waters near the Landlord Colony.15
Blue Octopus1 The somber blue tone of its skin does not make this variety of octopus any more docile than its crimson cousins.It is a crafty hunter who lurks in the shadows, snatching unwary prey and strangling it with its powerful eight arms before shredding it with its razor-sharp beak.5
Blue Prismfish1 The pale blue glow emitted by this freshwater fish is believed to be caused by unbalanced levels of aspected aether in the wavekin's humours.18
Blue Widow1 A king among bluebell salmon, and lord of the waters of Murmur Rills. [Suitable for display in aquariums tier 2 and higher.]156
Blue-fish1 A delicious freshwater fish with the most jejune moniker of all the One River's aquatic denizens.7
Bluebell Salmon1 Hatched far up inland rivers, bluebell salmon will travel all the way downstream to the Indigo Deep where they will spend the majority of their adulthood.Then, however, when it comes time to spawn, they will return back upstream to the place of their birth.5
Blueclaw Shrimp1 A freshwater shrimp native to the Whilom River.14
Bobgoblin Bass1 A king among goblin bass, and lord of the waters of the Thaliak River.854
Boltfish1 This freshwater anomaly possesses high concentrations of lightning-aspected aetherial energy which can be used to inflict serious injury on any foolish enough to provoke the fish.13
Bomb Puffer1 A balloon-like fish inhabiting the skies near the Azys Lla Habisphere.16
Bombardfish1 A king among balloonfish. [Suitable for display in aquariums tier 3 and higher.]125
Bone Cleaner1 A freshwater snail that survives solely on the carrion of animals that get caught and perish in the sucking mud of swamps and marshes.9
Bone Coral1 A piece of sharp milky white coral, widely found throughout the Ruby Sea.17
Bone Crayfish1 A white-carapaced freshwater crustacean commonly found living in caves or deep lakes where sunlight is absent.1
Bone Melter1 This lake snail feeds by attaching itself to the bones of drowned animals.16
Bonytongue1 A single flat tooth on the bottom of this freshwater species' mouth gives the bonytongue its name. [Suitable for display in aquariums tier 2 and higher.]9
Bowfin1 Record of the bowfin being caught in the Black Shroud dates back to the time of the first Elezen settlers.13
Bowfish1 This swift-moving freshwater fish can be found up and down the One River.18
Box Turtle1 A common, thick-shelled turtle found in wetlands throughout Eorzea.1
Boxing Pleco1 The largest pleco known to naturalists, this variety is known for violently flailing its fins at any unfortunate creature that happens to swim by.13
Brass Loach1 This long, thin, brass-colored freshwater fish is most commonly found in the Yafaem Saltmoor and surrounding rivers and lakes.2
Brassfish1 This brightly colored freshwater fish of Far Eastern origin is a favorite amongst aquarium owners.18
Brindlebass1 This enormous saltwater bass can be highly territorial, devouring anything and everything that passes through its chosen demesne.6
Broken Crab1 A wildly misnamed freshwater crab with a highly durable carapace.16
Bronze Lake Trout1 A species of trout native to Vylbrand's Bronze Lake.11
Brown Bolo1 A whip-like creature found in the skies surrounding Tharl Oom Khash in the Churning Mists.15
Bubble Eye1 A freshwater fish found only in the pools and lakes of Abalathia's floating islets. [Suitable for display in aquariums tier 1 and higher.]15
Bull's Bite1 A small carnivorous fish found solely in the isolated Gyr Abanian pond known as the Bull's Bath.18
Bullfrog1 A stout, deep-voiced wavekin found throughout Abalathia's Spine.15
Bullwhip1 A mutated fish surviving only in the aetherochemical pools of Azys Lla.15
Buoyant Oviform1 The expression “when eggs fly” was commonly used throughout Eorzea to express the impossibility of something...that is until the discovery of this strange creature floating about the Sea of Clouds.15
Butterfly Fish1 One of few brightly colored fish native to the Ruby Tide.17
Cadaver Carp1 Neither dead nor necrophagous, the cadaver carp is called such because of where it chooses to live─some of the most tainted, noisome, and foul waters in all of Eorzea.13
Caiman1 An amphibious scalekin with extended rows of sharp teeth and a nigh-insatiable appetite for fresh meat.Can be found primarily in the Dravanian forelands.16
Canavan1 A king among morinabaligi.477
Capelin1 A tiny freshwater fish that dwells in Clearpool near Oakum Landing.16
Capsized Squeaker1 This odd whiskered fish is found only in the sheltered waters of the Comet's Tail.17
Captain Nemo1 A king among ammonites, and lord of the waters of Banepool.363
Caravan Eel1 After maturing in the Grand Wake, caravan eels will form long lines in the sand and make their way back to the Sagolii Desert to spawn and die.13
Cardinalfish1 A freshwater fish easily recognizable for its vivid black and white stripes.19
Carp Diem1 A king among moat carp, and lord of the waters of upper Black Tea Brook.163
Carpenter Crab1 A carpenter crab's claws are powerful enough to cut through solid wood.Whether or not a carpenter crab has ever constructed something from that wood remains unconfirmed.7
Caterwauler1 A king among dwarf catfish, and lord of the waters of the Mourning Widow.66
Catkiller1 A large freshwater fish found lurking in the floating Abalathian lake known as the Eddies.16
Cavalry Catfish1 This large, aggressive freshwater fish will “charge” most anything moving, regardless of its size.7
Cave Cherax1 It is said that not even a fishing line made from adamantite wire can withstand the cutting force of this legendary giant crustacean's claws.13
Cave Killifish1 These small fries found primarily in the caves of Gyr Abania rarely grow to more than one or two ilms.17
Ceti1 A king among oliphant's trunks, and lord of the skies near the Hyperstellar Downconverter.442
Charibenet1 Lord of the waters of Clearpool, Charibenet is (was) one of the largest, most voracious ice faeries to ever be captured.690
Charon's Lantern1 A king among lamp marimo.173
Cherry Salmon1 Though dubbed a salmon, this particular variety does not journey downstream to the sea, spending its entire life in the river where it was born.7
Cherry Trout1 Once found across Coerthas and Dravania, this reddish variety of trout now only survives in the heated waters of Dragonspit.16
Cherubfish1 A rare freshwater fish native to Yanxia and the Azim Steppe. [Suitable for display in aquariums tier 2 and higher.]10
Chirurgeon1 A king among eunuch crayfish, and lord of the waters of the Vein.107
Chub1 A common freshwater fish found in rivers across Eorzea.Prefers the slow-moving waters found near a river's mouth to the rapids found upstream. [Suitable for display in aquariums tier 1 and higher.]1
Cieldalaes Clam1 A tasty clam from the shores of the Cieldalaes.1
Cindersmith1 A heat-resistant mollusk found in the magma pools of Anyx Old.15
Cirrostratus1 A king among fleece stingrays, and lord of the skies off Cloudtop.648
Climbing Perch1 Though not amphibious like the mudskipper, the climbing perch will jump from Black Shroud rivers onto low-lying tree branches in order to catch flies and beetles.7
Cloud Cutter1 The swiftest inhabitants of the Sea of Clouds, cloud cutters will fly straight in a single direction for malms before quickly turning at some unthinkable angle and darting off in another direction.13
Cloud Jellyfish1 Cloud jellyfish aimlessly drift about the Sea of Clouds, tentacles spread out below them, searching for the small birds on which they feed.12
Cloud Rider1 A flying fish native to the Churning Mists.15
Cloudfish1 A semi-transparent freshwater fish native to the lakes of legendary Voor Sian Siran.14
Clown Loach1 Bright patterns, similar to a clown's motley, cover this small freshwater fish from head to tail. [Suitable for display in aquariums tier 2 and higher.]10
Cobrafish1 A fanged fish native to the skies above Tharl Oom Khash.16
Coelacanth1 An ancient species of saltwater fish which appears to have flourished in times well before the Allagans built their empire. [Suitable for display in aquariums tier 3 and higher.]13
Coelacanthus1 A king among coelacanths.296
Coerthan Clione1 Though believed by scholars to be a distant cousin of the snail, this tiny transparent mollusk does not have a shell.16
Coerthan Crab1 A freshwater crustacean only found in the coldest of lakes.14
Coerthan Oyster1 A bivalved mollusk native to the lakes of Coerthas, and prized as a delicacy by Ishgardian nobles.16
Coerthan Puffer1 A rare freshwater puffer found only in northern Eorzea.15
Coeurl Snake Eel1 Scholars are divided as to whether this wavekin native to the Ruby Sea and Glass Ocean is in fact a snake or an eel.17
Coeurlfish1 Two front teeth of this freshwater fish are exceptionally long and therefore protrude from the mouth, giving them the appearance of coeurl fangs.13
Comet Minnow1 Near the bottom of the food chain, swift-swimming comet minnows serve as food for many of the larger fish that swim the waters of the Hathoeva and Velodyna Rivers.16
Cometoise1 A slow-moving tortoise found in the magma flows near Halo.15
Common Bitterling1 This freshwater fish is found on both the Othardian east coast and in Shishu─the Hingan island upon which sits Kugane.6
Common Sculpin1 This freshwater fish has highly developed fins and spines which not only protect the wavekin, but serve as weapons for hunting its prey.12
Common Whelk1 It would not be called a common whelk if this whelk was not found as abundantly as it is across the whole of Othard.6
Copperfish1 The copperfish's dull orange scales─a hue rare in freshwater wavekin─make this species popular amongst Ul'dahn nobles, who apparently prefer even their fish to be the color of their coin. [Suitable for display in aquariums tier 1 and higher.]5
Coral Butterfly1 A colorful saltwater fish commonly found in the warm seas around the island of Bianaq.Not known for its flavor, the wavekin is most often kept as a pet. [Suitable for display in aquariums tier 1 and higher.]2
Coral Horse1 This rare specimen of sea horse has a body that so closely resembles coral that it can be almost impossible to locate amongst the reefs it calls home.17
Cornelia1 A champion among boxing plecos.474
Corpse-eater1 A large carnivorous wavekin that dwells in the warm currents of the southern seas.6
Crayfish1 A brown-carapaced freshwater crustacean commonly found in the rivers and lakes of Aldenard.1
Crimson Crayfish1 A crimson-carapaced freshwater crustacean commonly found in the streams and lakes of Vylbrand.2
Crimson Trout1 A red-scaled trout commonly found in the rivers originating on Abalathia's Spine.11
Crown Trout1 A freshwater fish native to the Diadem.18
Crystal Perch1 A king among glass perch, and lord of the waters of Woad Whisper Canyon.156
Crystal Pigeon1 A king among stupendemys, and lord of the skies near the Habisphere.623
Crystalfin1 A colorfully finned freshwater fish found in the biome waters near the Pappus Tree.16
Cupfish1 A rare freshwater fish which spends the entirety of its life hiding in locations which rarely see the light of the sun. [Suitable for display in aquariums tier 2 and higher.]160
Curtain Pleco1 This freshwater fish has a billowy, curtain-like dorsal fin that it uses to confuse predators.18
Dafangshi1 Rumored to be immortal by local villagers, this freshwater fish native to Yanxia is easily discernable by its countless facial “whiskers.”7
Dafu1 Its sheer dominance over other life in the Ruby Sea has earned this sizable wavekin the title “dafu,” or literally, the top, fish.17
Daio Squid1 A rarely seen giant squid, thought to be the inspiration for 35% of all pirate chanties sung on the Ruby Sea.18
Daniffen's Mark1 A king among seema.173
Dark Ambusher1 A king among dark sleepers, and lord of the waters of Sweetbloom Pier.220
Dark Bass1 This freshwater fish, known for its voracious appetite, is originally native to the southern continent of Meracydia. [Suitable for display in aquariums tier 2 and higher.]6
Dark Knight1 A king among dark bass, and lord of the waters of the Unholy Heir.160
Dark Sleeper1 A small freshwater fish originally from the eastern continent of Othard.It is said that the first dark sleeper was introduced to Eorzea by an exiled Lalafellin prince who wished to once again experience the luxuries of his homeland.5
Darkstar1 A king among angry pike.474
Dawn Crayfish1 A red-shelled freshwater crustacean found in abundance in the lakes and rivers of the Azim Steppe.18
Dawn Herald1 Though smaller than the dusk herald, the dawn herald is as commonly found in the waters of the One River as its close cousin.7
Dawn Maiden1 A queen among crimson trout.244
Death Loach1 This particular variety of loach can be found in the lakes, rivers, and swamps of northern Gyr Abania.17
Deemster1 A freshwater fish so enormous, even the legends sung of the elusive wavekin do not do it justice.19
Deep Velodyna Carp1 This variety of Velodyna carp is not named for the deep river pools in which it hides from predators, but the dark coloring of its skin.17
Demon Stonefish1 A saltwater wavekin commonly avoided by fishers due to the extreme amount of toxins found in its flesh.6
Desert Catfish1 A large variety of air-breathing catfish.Its near-frictionless scales allow it to “swim” through the desert as a normal fish would through the water.10
Dimorphodon1 This rarely seen winged scalekin is thought to be lord of the skies adjacent the Sohm Al summit.917
Dinichthys1 A legendary saltwater fish covered in thick armor and said to have once been worshipped by the Sahagin. [Suitable for display in aquariums tier 4 and higher.]13
Dirty Herry1 A king among Indigo herring.Go ahead.Make his day.160
Discobolus1 A king among Paglth'an discus.239
Discus1 A colorful freshwater fish that can only survive in rivers located in more temperate climes.11
Doman Bubble Eye1 A variety of bubble eye goldfish selectively bred by Doman royalty for innumerable generations.7
Doman Crayfish1 These tiny freshwater crustaceans can be found in relative abundance in the flooded rice paddies of Yanxia.18
Doman Eel1 A thin freshwater eel that can be found living amongst the reeds growing in the Valley of the Fallen Rainbow.18
Doman Grass Carp1 This common variety of freshwater carp are found up and down the One River.18
Doman Trout1 An extremely common fish found throughout Yanxia, and a popular dish amongst the realm's residents.17
Dotharli Gudgeon1 This freshwater fish commonly found in the upper One River is also known as the Mol gudgeon, the Kahkoli gudgeon, the Dataqi gudgeon, the Horo gudgeon, and after whichever other Xaela tribe that insists their ancestors first caught the species.7
Dragon Squeaker1 There are many theories as to why this remarkable breed of One River squeaker swims tail first, yet most have been dismissed as feeble attempts to explain what simply cannot be explained, such as why the sky is blue or why tides come in and the tides go out.7
Dragon's Soul1 A small dragon-like creature that makes its home in the skies above and below the Landlord Colony in the Churning Mists.16
Dragonfish1 Despite the insistence of Yanxian villagers, the freshwater dragonfish is ten parts fish, zero parts dragon.18
Dragonhead1 A freshwater fish native to the Iron Feast.The skull on its head does not appear to be that of a dragon, but rather of a dragonfly.15
Dravanian Bass1 A large freshwater fish native to the Whilom River.15
Dravanian Smelt1 A tiny freshwater fish native to the lakes fed by runoff from the Slate Mountains.16
Dravanian Squeaker1 A peculiar breed of freshwater catfish that swims upside down.It was first discovered in Weston Waters.15
Dream Goby1 A king among dusk gobies, and lord of the waters of upper Soot Creek.107
Dry Steppe Skipper1 A small freshwater fish found in the arid southern grasslands bordering the Nhaama Desert.18
Dune Manta1 Remarkably smooth skin allows the dune manta to glide through desert sand as if it were the sea.11
Dusk Crayfish1 A white-shelled freshwater crustacean found in abundance in the lakes and rivers of the Azim Steppe.18
Dusk Goby1 A hardy species, the dusk goby can survive not only in freshwater, but also the mouths of rivers, where the tides can bring saltwater malms inland.1
Dusk Herald1 The dusk herald is a fair-sized fish commonly found in the One River. [Suitable for display in aquariums tier 2 and higher.]7
Dustfish1 When threatened, this sand-dwelling fish will beat the ground with its fins, kicking up a cloud of dust and allowing it the opportunity to escape unscathed.10
Dwarf Catfish1 An undersized variety of catfish found in still, swampy waters across Aldenard.1
Eastern Pike1 The massive eastern pike is technically classified as a freshwater fish.The breed, however, can survive the brackish waters of the Hathoeva and Velodyna River deltas.18
Eastern Sea Pickle1 Named for its shape and not its flavor, this repugnant slug-like mass is found throughout the Glass Ocean and Ruby Sea.6
Electric Catfish1 This massive whiskered wavekin can be found lurking in the calm, turbid lakes and marshes of eastern Gyr Abania.17
Emperor Fish1 This giant freshwater fish lives out its adulthood feeding in the Indigo Deep before returning all the way back up to the head of the White Maiden to spawn. [Suitable for display in aquariums tier 3 and higher.]13
Endoceras1 An ancient sea-dweller with a body like a lance and a temper like the Fury's.Only few have ever seen this living legend, let alone landed one.523
Enid Shrimp1 A succulent freshwater shrimp remarkably found only in the Peaks lake of Enid.17
Eternal Eye1 This tiny species' skin exhibits a violet hue rarely seen in freshwater fish.10
Eunuch Crayfish1 The grip of this tiny freshwater crustacean's claw is so strong, it has been the end of many a Lalafell's fingers...and more.Take care when handling.6
Euphotic Pirarucu1 A biologically engineered fish found in Azys Lla's Delta Quadrant. [Suitable for display in aquariums tier 4 and higher.]16
Eurhinosaur1 A rare scalekin that utilizes its highly developed air bladder to float above the Sea of Clouds.223
Faerie Bass1 A common freshwater fish found in rivers and lakes in almost every corner of Eorzea.A staple for many of the realm's smallfolk.4
Faerie Queen1 A king among faerie bass, and lord of the waters of Empty Heart.156
Fall Jumper1 Fall jumpers are born with an inherent tendency to swim against the current.When they arrive at a falls, this leaves them with no option but to leap out of the water in an attempt to continue upstream.11
Fallen Leaf1 The still waters of Dimwold are teeming with these fish who, to the untrained eye, appear naught more than fallen leaves.16
Falling Star1 This glowing orb is actually a colony of rare luminescent algae found in the caves of eastern Gyr Abania.17
False Scad1 A common saltwater fish doing its best scad impression.6
Fan Clam1 The shell of this bivalve mollusk is ribbed like the “uchiwa” hand fans used by Hingan festival-goers in summer.17
Fanged Clam1 When closed, the shells of this freshwater bivalve mollusk form a demonic rictus that will haunt your nightmares until the end of time.Possibly beyond.14
Fangshi1 An extremely rare freshwater fish whose face is covered in countless whisker-like protrusions.12
Fat Purse1 A king among Coerthan puffers, and lord of the waters of Riversmeet.182
Fickle Krait1 Special glands within the fickle krait's body create a deadly poison feared by fishers and coveted by assassins.7
Fifty-summer Cod1 This long-living freshwater cod is commonly found in the One River.6
Finger Shrimp1 A common saltwater shrimp found in the plankton-rich waters of the Sea of Jade.1
Fingers1 A king among rock lobsters, and lord of the waters of Crescent Cove.160
Five-ilm Pleco1 This freshwater fish commonly found in the rivers of the Black Shroud will often grow no larger than a mere five ilms.7
Flamefish1 This large freshwater fish's skin features brilliant streaks of fiery yellow and orange.7
Flarefish1 A king among sorcerer fish, and lord of the waters of the unfrozen pond.565
Fleece Stingray1 The white belly of this flying fish native to the skies above Coerthas is ofttimes mistaken for a cloud.16
Floating Boulder1 A king among climbing perch, and lord of the waters of the lower Hathoeva River.160
Flood Tuna1 The descendants of sea tuna believed by scholars to have arrived in Loch Seld during the great flood that ended the 5th Astral Era.7
Fossiltongue1 A magma-dwelling cousin of the bonytongue.16
Fountfish1 A deadly breed of freshwater anglerfish found only on Azys Lla.16
Four-eyed Fish1 Four-eyed fish do not actually have four eyes, but two eyes that are divided into an upper and lower portion that allow the wavekin to see both above and below the water at the same time.6
Frilled Shark1 An extremely rare breed of shark with a uniquely shaped maw hiding multiple rows of razor-sharp teeth.468
Fullmoon Sardine1 A tiny saltwater fish native to the waters of Vylbrand.Unlike other wavekin, they feed only at night, their activity increasing as Menphina waxes. [Suitable for display in aquariums tier 2 and higher.]9
Functional Proto-hropken1 A remarkably developed manlike fish living in the aetherochemical pools of Azys Lla.16
Garden Eel1 Garden eels spend most of their lives buried in sandy sea bottoms, emerging only to hunt and to mate.6
Garpike1 A hard-scaled freshwater fish native to southern Eorzea.13
Gauntlet Crab1 These giant crabs hide themselves amongst the plants that grow on a river's bed, the moss growing on their claws used as camouflage.6
Gem Marimo1 A bright-green variety of aquatic moss found on the bottom of lakes.Slight currents cause the moss to gather and form into a ball as it grows.21
Ghost Carp1 A king among tri-colored carp, and lord of the waters of the Mirror.220
Ghost Faerie1 An almost entirely transparent shell-less mollusk found solely in the waters of Clearpool.16
Giant Bass1 Significantly larger than a dark bass, landing a giant bass can prove quite the challenge for even the most seasoned angler.10
Giant Catfish1 A giant freshwater fish found throughout Aldenard and known for the decidedly feline whiskers which it uses to detect the movement of prey.13
Giant Donko1 A giant freshwater fish native to the rivers and swamps of La Noscea.13
Giant Eel1 An eel's size is proportional to the amount it eats.The giant freshwater eels of the One River eat...a lot.6
Giant Plesiosaur1 Few scholars will disagree that this enormous scalekin sits atop the oceanic food chain.19
Giant Squid1 This rarely seen giant cephalopod makes an appearance in ancient Sea Wolf mythology as the creature on which the legendary whale Bismarck fed.13
Giant Takitaro1 A king among takitaro. [Suitable for display in aquariums tier 4 and higher.]301
Gigant Bass1 An aptly named freshwater fish native to the rivers of Gyr Abania.18
Gigant Clam1 An especially large giant clam.Local fisher estimates put the age of this wavekin at over five score years.13
Gigant Grouper1 A massive freshwater fish who lurks beneath the thick sheet of ice covering Ashpool.15
Gigant Octopus1 A legendary cephalopod feared by sailors young and old.Tales of these cyclopean creatures tearing up ships and dragging them down to the abyss can still be heard in alehouses and inns across Hydaelyn.13
Gigantshark1 A king among silver sharks, and lord of the waters of Summerford.107
Gilfish1 The Far Eastern gilfish was first introduced to Eorzea by Othardian merchants hoping their platinum sheen would make them attractive to wealthy nobles.Now the freshwater fish can be found in rivers and lakes across the realm.17
Glacier Core1 A spherical creature found flying in the icy northern reaches of the Sea of Clouds bordering the Coerthas western highlands.14
Glaring Perch1 This freshwater perch is found up and down the One River.7
Glass Flounder1 This flat bottom dweller spends most of its life skittering about the floors of the Glass Ocean, but can also be found in the Ruby Sea.17
Glass Herring1 This common silver fish will travel back and forth between the Ruby Sea and the Glass Ocean searching for food.17
Glass Manta1 This denizen of the Glass Ocean is one of the largest fish of its type ever recorded.6
Glass Perch1 With an almost completely transparent body, this variety of freshwater perch is coveted by naturalists wishing to study the inner workings of organs on a living specimen.6
Glass Tuna1 One of the most popular ingredients in Hingan sushi, the giant Glass tuna are thought to follow the strong ocean currents for thousands of malms in their lifetime.18
Gliding Fish1 A unique saltwater fish that will jump from the water to evade predators, using its pectoral fins to glide across the ocean surface.17
Glimmerscale1 A king among copperfish, and lord of the waters of Nophica's Wells.107
Globefish1 A saltwater fish that will puff its spike-laden body to bursting to protect itself when provoked.17
Gnomefish1 A decidedly ugly freshwater fish commonly found in and around the Thaliak River.16
Gobbie Mask1 An airborne cephalopod native to the Churning Mists.15
Goblin Bass1 Introduced to the Thaliak River by goblins, this variety of voracious bass has driven native species to the brink of extinction.16
Goblin Perch1 The goblins claim that they brought this variety of perch back from their years-long pilgrimage into Othard and Ilsabard...because it tasted so divine. [Suitable for display in aquariums tier 3 and higher.]12
Golden Cichlid1 This bright yellow fish is native to Gyr Abania and found in both the Hathoeva and Velodyna Rivers, sometimes as far west as East End.16
Golden Loach1 Truly a prize, this bright-gold fish, though rare, can be found in rivers and lakes across Eorzea.10
Goldenfin1 A king among coral butterflies, and lord of the waters of the Limsa Lominsa upper decks.107
Goldfish1 The brilliant luster of this freshwater fish native to the Far East has made it a popular addition to the aquariums and garden ponds of Ul'dahn patricians. [Suitable for display in aquariums tier 2 and higher.]13
Goldsmith Crab1 A tiny freshwater crustacean native to the Diadem.22
Goosefish1 A large-mouthed saltwater glutton, thought to feed on most anything, from smaller fish, to seaweed, to the flesh of drowned sailors.13
Granite Crab1 A thick-shelled crab capable of surviving the extreme temperatures of exposed lava pools.15
Grass Carp1 A freshwater fish native to the Hundred Throes, where it conceals itself in the churning waters of the myriad cataracts.14
Grass Fugu1 This highly poisonous saltwater fish can survive for long periods of time in freshwater rivers, and can, on occasion, be found as far as ten malms upstream.6
Grass Shark1 Grass sharks are massive, their size rivalling that of even the Glass Ocean's greatest predators─an amazing feat considering grass sharks live their entire lives in the confines of the One River.7
Gravel Gudgeon1 This freshwater fish will bury itself deep in the gravel-littered beds of rivers, making it a difficult catch.17
Great Gudgeon1 A king among gudgeon, and lord of the waters of the west Agelyss River.66
Greenstream Loach1 This distant relative to the carp can be found hunting the waters of the Hathoeva and Velodyna Rivers.17
Grinning Anchovy1 These small saltwater fish swim in massive schools, using their sheer numbers to ensure that even if a few stragglers are swallowed, the species will endure.17
Grip Killifish1 A rare type of fish oft found in stagnant waters such as the isolated pools which collect in the basin of Empty Heart on the western finger of the Gods' Grip. [Suitable for display in aquariums tier 1 and higher.]8
Grymm Crab1 A succulent freshwater crab remarkably found only in the Peaks lake of Grymm.17
Gudgeon1 Each night, this freshwater fish will use its fins to dig a shallow burrow in river or lake beds, where it will sleep, relatively safe from predators.2
Guppy1 This tiny fish once found throughout the Three Great Continents has been harvested to near extinction, and is now prized by pisciculturists.14
Gyr Abanian Chub1 A freshwater fish most commonly found in the Velodyna and Hathoeva Rivers.16
Gyr Abanian Trout1 This succulent pink-fleshed fish commonly found in the Hathoeva and Velodyna Rivers will oft command a high price in local markets.17
Haddock1 A whitefish perfect for frying.1
Hailfinder1 A king among rime eaters, and lord of the skies near Greytail Falls.242
Hairless Barb1 This impossibly monstrous freshwater fish grew impossibly monstrous despite a diet of mostly river grasses.6
Hak Bitterling1 A small, yet plump fish most commonly found in Hak Khaal, one of the One River's many narrow steppe tributaries.19
Halibut1 While similar to the sole or plaice in appearance and behavior, the halibut is much larger than both, and can feed a Lalafellin family of five for several turns of the sun.13
Hammerhead Shark1 A ravenous shark with a hammer-shaped head it uses to quickly detect its prey.This wavekin is most commonly found living in small schools in the Strait of Merlthor.8
Hanatatsu1 Similar to the sea horse, the hanatatsu swims “standing,” though instead of resembling a beast of burden, this saltwater fish has taken on the appearance of a sprig of coral. [Suitable for display in aquariums tier 3 and higher.]19
Hannibal1 A king among alligator garfish.421
Haraldr Haddock1 A tasty saltwater fish indigenous to the cold waters of the Bloodbrine Sea.Its name comes from a legendary northern king who it was said would only eat the fatty flesh of this wavekin.9
Harbor Herring1 This particular variety of herring will gather in busy harbors to feed on the small sea creatures which consume the waste dumped from ships. [Suitable for display in aquariums tier 1 and higher.]1
Hardscale1 A freshwater cousin of the lightscale with scales as hard as its name suggests.18
Harutsuge1 This saltwater fish has a distinct crimson coloring that makes it popular amongst aquarium owners. [Suitable for display in aquariums tier 1 and higher.]19
Harutsuge Sprag1 A newly hatched fry of the brilliantly red harutsuge.18
Hatchetfish1 The Ruby Sea hatchetfish earns its name from its overgrown head which, if you squint hard enough, might appear similar to the head of a timberlord's hatchet.6
Heather Charr1 A unique variety of freshwater charr found only in the waters near Heather Falls.17
Hedgemole Cricket1 An amphibious vilekin found swarming about the Quickspill Delta.14
Helicoprion1 A legendary denizen of the sands, the helicoprion's maw is lined with long curved teeth that help it latch onto its airborne prey.523
Heliobatis1 A flat freshwater bottom-feeder found predominantly in marshes and swamps, where it can hide under the blanket of organic detritus collected on the floor.13
Hellyfish1 The abundance of these translucent amorphs to the volcanic island of Hells' Lid was an invitation to a ill-conceived moniker, most likely given by a rum-soaked pirate.17
Helmet Crab1 This saltwater wavekin, most commonly found in the shallows of the Strait of Merlthor, is protected by a hard shell resembling a helmet.4
Helmsman's Hand1 A king among sunfish. [Suitable for display in aquariums tier 4 and higher.]421
Hermit Goby1 A decent-sized fish found in the One River.6
High Allagan Helmet1 An ancient breed of crab found in the aetherochemical pools of Azys Lla.15
High Perch1 A king among La Noscean perch, and lord of the waters of the Nym River.107
Highland Perch1 Once common throughout the Gyr Abanian highlands, overfishing has relegated the remainder of the species to Mirage Creek.16
Hinterlands Perch1 A freshwater fish native to the Thaliak River.16
Hoppfish1 While “hopping” out of the water will aid this saltwater species in escaping larger fish, the action attracts flocks of hungry seagulls that will harry the schools for entire turns of the sun.6
Horned Turban1 The shell of this warm-water sea mollusk is twisted like the turbans worn by the dhalmel drivers of Thavnair.6
Hospitalier Fish1 A tiny freshwater fish that inhabits the warm spring waters of Dragonspit.16
Hotrod1 A freshwater fish native to the freshwater runoff of Abalathia's Spine.It is easily distinguishable by its long, ever-twitching whiskers.14
Hraesvelgr's Tear1 A king among Aithon's colts, and lord of the lava pools of west Mourn.902
Hundred Fin1 A strangely maned freshwater fish found only in Weston Waters.15
Hundred-eyed Axolotl1 A king among tiny axolotls, and lord of the waters near the Pappus Tree.890
Ice Faerie1 A tiny “winged” slug commonly found in ice-ridden freshwater lakes.14
Icepick1 A freshwater fish adapted to survive in the cold waters of Coerthas.It earns its name from its long, beak-like mouth.14
Ichimonji1 Named after a blade appearing in Hingan legend, the ichimonji has a long, protruding mouth lined with countless razor-like teeth.14
Ichthyosaur1 Let not its dolphin-like appearance fool you.The ichthyosaur is a ravenous scalekin that feeds on squid, fish, and the occasional man overboard.7
Idle Goby1 This large goby uses its natural black and brown mottling to conceal itself in the sandy bed of the Slow Wash.16
Ignus Horn1 A king among ignus snails.258
Ignus Snail1 The fiery red shells of this freshwater snail are prized by the Amalj'aa, and are useful when bartering with the beast tribe.11
Illuminati Perch1 A foul-smelling fish introduced to the Thaliak River by the Illuminati.16
Ilsabardian Bass1 Unlike its Eorzean cousins, the Ilsabardian bass is mean-tempered and quick to bite, attacking other species sharing the same lake until there are none left but its own.13
Imperial Goldfish1 A king among goldfish.593
Indigo Herring1 This blue-backed, white-bellied saltwater fish native to the Indigo Deep is known to migrate in large schools from north to south in the winter, and back again in the summer.8
Inkfish1 A king among bubble eyes, and lord of the waters of Voor Sian Siran.512
Invisible Crayfish1 The pristine white shell of this freshwater crustacean makes it nigh invisible when the wavekin is hiding amongst rocks or sand of a similar hue.17
Iron Noose1 A king among ropefish.173
Ivory Sole1 The whitish grey skin of this large flatfish allows it to hide itself on the bottom of Loch Seld with such efficiency that for years Ala Mhigans thought the species extinct.7
Jacques the Snipper1 A king among pebble crabs, and lord of the waters of the Moraby Drydocks.127
Jade Eel1 Similar to salmon, this green-grey freshwater eel lives the majority of its life in the salty waters of the sea, returning to inland rivers to only spawn and die.6
Jade Sculpin1 Highly developed scales and spines set this sculpin apart from its western counterparts.18
Jeweled Jellyfish1 A luminescent jellyfish capable of surviving within the pools of aetherochemical residue collecting on Azys Lla.16
Joan of Trout1 A queen among trout, and lady of the waters of Fool Falls.160
Judgeray1 A magnificent specimen of stingray, a cartilaginous fish possessed of a razor-sharp, poisonous stinger.Lord of the waters of Fallgourd Float.160
Judgment Staff1 Named after the primal Ramuh's signature weapon, this strange freshwater fish will only feed when the weather is rainy. [Suitable for display in aquariums tier 2 and higher.]13
Jungle Catfish1 It is rumored that a jungle catfish can grow to become as large as an aurochs, and while there are sightings aplenty of these massive specimens, one that large has yet to be caught.13
Junkmonger1 A king among goosefish, and lord of the waters of Skull Valley.224
Kamina Crab1 While abundant in the sea, hermit crabs are quite rare in fresh water, possibly due to the lack of available homes.The kamina crab is one example.6
Killifish1 This freshwater specimen of miniscule proportions can be found in almost any river and lake from central to eastern Othard.18
King Crab1 A large sea-dwelling crab.1
King of the Spring1 A king among Bronze Lake trout.173
King's Mantle1 Very few species of octopus have been discovered in Loch Seld, but those that have─such as the king's mantle─are magnificently monstrous.7
Kissing Fish1 An adorable freshwater fish native to the waters of Eil Tohm. [Suitable for display in aquariums tier 2 and higher.]15
Kissing Trout1 Native to the freshwater rivers of Abalathia's Spine, the kissing trout is famous for its mating “dance” in which a male and female will face each other for several moments before proceeding to couple.13
Knifefish1 The freshwater knifefish is named such due to its resemblance to a flat blade.11
Kobold Puffer1 Similar to the spotted puffer, the kobold puffer can also survive in the brackish waters of deltas and river mouths.Its spots, however, are replaced with a hideous coat of bristly spines which give it the appearance of a bedraggled kobold.12
Koromo Octopus1 A highly elusive giant octopus, so rarely seen that not a single pirate chanty sung on the Red Sea mentions the poor cephalopod.18
Kotsu Zetsu1 A large, slow-swimming freshwater fish found primarily in Yanxia's Plum Spring.19
Kuno the Killer1 A legendary white catfish rarely seen by even the eldest of fisherfolk.523
La Noscean Perch1 A fair-sized freshwater fish found distributed evenly throughout the lakes and rivers of lower Vylbrand.5
La Reale1 A galleon among battle galleys, and dreadnought of the waters of Ashpool.182
Lake Urchin1 A freshwater urchin which survives by eating the sparse algal blooms in Twinpools.14
Lamp Marimo1 A rare type of luminescent moss found on the bottom of lakes and in caves.Slight currents cause the moss to form into a ball as it grows.8
Lamprey1 A long, ugly freshwater eel found in nearly every river and lake in Eorzea.Its toothy grin is enough to frighten children across the realm.8
Lantern Marimo1 A rare type of luminescent moss found in the lightless depths of Far Eastern lakes, as well as in caves.Slight currents cause the moss to form into a ball as it grows.16
Lava Crab1 This hard-shelled crustacean is one of few creatures on Eorzea which withstand the heat of molten lava.15
Lava Snail1 The lumpy shell of the lava snail is extremely heat-resistant, protecting its tiny resident from otherwise unbearable temperatures.16
Lavalord1 A legendary lava-dwelling fish covered in thick armor and rumored to be the guardian of the gate of the Fire Hell.16
Lavender Remora1 A violet-hued fish found in the warmer waters of Eorzea's southern seas.10
Leaf Tatsunoko1 At a glance, one might mistake this queerly shaped denizen of the Ruby Sea for an errant piece of seaweed.17
Leafy Seadragon1 Though once found all across the five seas, seadragon numbers are now but a mere fraction of what they once were, due in part to Ishgardian culling parties.9
Letter Puffer1 A highly poisonous fish commonly found floating in the skies near the Landlord Colony.16
Levinlight1 A king among spotted pleco, and lord of the waters of Everschade.164
Lightscale1 A freshwater cousin of the hardcsale with scales as light as its name suggests.6
Liopleurodon1 Though king of the five seas and beyond, scholars classify the liopleurodon with scalekin rather than wavekin. [Suitable for display in aquariums tier 4 and higher.]19
Little Dragonfish1 The elongated forehead of this saltwater species is compared to the nose of a tengu─a legendary dog-like creature of Far Eastern legend.6
Little Perykos1 As is the case with the little Thalaos, the little Perykos is anything but small.Normally only found far offshore in the Indigo Deep, this rare wavekin can sometimes be found swimming in the five seas and beyond...yet for what reason, no one knows.262
Little Thalaos1 Despite the modifier, the little Thalaos is anything but small; though compared to the Thalaos of legend, even the largest of sea serpents would be deemed “little.” Normally only found far offshore in the Indigo Deep, this rare wavekin can sometimes be found swimming near the eastern cliffs of La Noscea.13
Lominsan Anchovy1 These small saltwater fish form massive schools resembling colossal sea creatures to discourage predators from approaching.1
Longhair Catfish1 Though named for its lengthy whiskers, this catfish's most ready feature is not its moustache, but the wavy scale-like patterns on its back.17
Loosetongue1 A giant freshwater cousin of the bonytongue found only in the Thaliak River.16
Lordly Salmon1 Just as do the salmon of Eorzea, the steely blue salmon of the Far East spend their lives in the sea before returning to the freshwater rivers where they were born to spawn and die.18
Lovers' Clam1 A tiny pinkish bivalve mollusk found primarily in Weston Waters.16
Loyal Pleco1 This variety of striped freshwater fish earns its name from its tendency to gather by the legs of any man or beast who enters its habitat.11
Lungfish1 A highly evolved air-breathing wavekin found in the muddy biome near the Pappus Tree.16
Madam Butterfly1 A queen among Orn butterflies, and lady of the waters of the Quickspill Delta.612
Magic Carpet1 A king among dune mantas.404
Magicked Mushroom1 A king among mushroom crabs.262
Magma Louse1 A beetle-like creature that can survive the extreme temperatures of the magma flows in Anyx Old.15
Magma Tree1 A colony of tiny crystal-encased creatures found growing in the cavern of Mourn.15
Mahar1 A king among rhamphorhynchus.433
Mahi-Mahi1 This deep-sea predator is not only massive, but deceptively fast.Some sailors swear that a mahi-mahi can make the journey from Meracydia to the Cieldalaes in less than a fortnight, though knowing most sailors, that claim may be slightly exaggerated.13
Mahu Wai1 A cloud white mollusk found living on the underbelly of Abalathia's floating islets.14
Maiboi1 A thin freshwater fish commonly found in the floating lakes above Abalathia.14
Maiden Carp1 Large schools of these dark silver fish can be found in the White Maiden and her tributaries.2
Maiden's Heart1 It is believed that only one in every thousand marimo is born blood red instead of the more common green.An exact count has yet to be conducted.17
Malm Kelp1 This dark green variety of seaweed found in all five of Eorzea's seas has been known to grow up to a malm in length.3
Manasail1 A flying fish found in the skies near Tharl Oom Khash in the Churning Mists.15
Marble Oscar1 A freshwater fish which prefers the heated pools of the Smoldering Wastes to the cooler waters of surrounding rivers.15
Marrow Sucker1 A king among bone cleaners, and lord of the waters of north Drybone.220
Matron Carp1 A queen among maiden carp, and ruler of the waters of Whispering Gorge.107
Mazlaya Marlin1 A large saltwater fish found in the warm waters south of the Sea of Ash and known for its remarkable swimming speed. [Suitable for display in aquariums tier 4 and higher.]13
Meditator1 Possessed of the unique ability to survive for extended periods out of water, the meditator will periodically “bathe” on the banks of the rivers and lakes in which it resides.19
Megalodon1 A legendary shark with a mouth so big and an appetite so large, it is said it can swallow an adult Roegadyn whole. [Suitable for display in aquariums tier 4 and higher.]13
Mercenary Crab1 This heavily armored crab is one of few species adapted to the hypersalinated waters of Loch Seld.7
Merciless1 A queen among mercy staves, and lady of the waters of Banepool.786
Mercy Staff1 A freshwater fish that only becomes active when the land is beset by snowstorms.15
Merlthor Goby1 A vividly striped saltwater fish commonly found in the Strait of Merlthor.1
Meteor Survivor1 A king among helmet crabs, and lord of the waters off the Salt Strand.224
Meteortoise1 A king among cometoises, and lord of the waters of Mourn.512
Miounnefish1 This feisty freshwater fish is found throughout the Black Shroud.16
Mirage Chub1 This freshwater fish is known to change the color of its skin come spawning season.17
Mirrorscale1 A king among silverfish. [Suitable for display in aquariums tier 2 and higher.]411
Miter Shell1 Native to the Rhotano sea, the vortex-shaped shell of this wavekin is prized by goldsmiths who use it to craft beautiful jewelry.1
Mitre Slug1 A flying slug native to the Sea of Clouds.15
Mitsukuri Shark1 There is no doubt that the mitsukuri shark's most defining feature is its katana-like mouth and the tales it has spawned of poor fishers being impaled.10
Mitten Crab1 The claws of this freshwater crustacean are covered in myriad tiny bristles which provide the illusion that the crab is wearing mittens.9
Moat Carp1 This freshwater fish is found in lakes and marshes throughout the Black Shroud...but rarely in moats.5
Moggle Mogpom1 A king among mogpoms, and lord of the skies near Greensward.382
Mogpom1 An algal sphere found collecting in the lone pool on the floating islet of Greensward.15
Moldva1 A king among Ala Mhigan fighting fish, and lord of the waters of Springripple Brook.224
Monk Betta1 This freshwater betta is native to the lakes and marshes of eastern Gyr Abania.17
Monke Onke1 A giant freshwater fish found in the tepid rivers and lakes of the Black Shroud.9
Monkfish1 This deep-sea-dwelling wavekin attracts its prey with a tiny glowing appendage protruding forth from its disfigured head, and then swallows the poor victim whole with its unnaturally large mouth.7
Moogle Spirit1 A flat ray-like creature which spends its life riding the thermals occurring throughout the Sea of Clouds.16
Moondisc1 A cousin of the sundisc, the moondisc also features celestial patterns upon its body, though its are decidedly brighter to serve as camouflage in the white-bedded waters of Loch Seld.7
Moraby Flounder1 A flat bottom-feeder commonly found in the relatively calm waters of Moraby Bay.2
Morinabaligi1 A giant freshwater fish so shrouded in mystery that naught is known of it.13
Mosasaur1 An aggressive scalekin native to the saline waters of Loch Seld.12
Motley Beakfish1 A striped carnivore that hunts the Ruby Sea.7
Mountain Kraken1 A massive freshwater squid found in the lakes of Coerthas.16
Mucous Minnow1 A strange breed of minnow able to survive the corrupted waters of Azys Lla's aetherochemical pools.16
Mud Golem1 A king among mudcrabs, and lord of the waters of the Footfalls.127
Mud Pilgrim1 A king among mudskippers, and lord of the waters of south Drybone.220
Mudcrab1 As its name implies, the mudcrab spends most of its life in the muddy freshwater shallows of swamps and moors.5
Mudskipper1 An amphibious fish which can survive for bells out of water as long as its skin remains moist.When on land, the mudskipper uses its pectoral fins to “wander” about in search of shelter.Because of this trait, the fish is sometimes associated with the god Oschon.3
Mummer Wrasse1 This saltwater fish's name comes from the odd lump on its head, thought to resemble a mummer's motley cap. [Suitable for display in aquariums tier 3 and higher.]13
Mushroom Crab1 This amazing crab will rub its shell up against funguars to collect spores, which it will then grow on its back.Once the sporelings begin to sprout, the crab will use its claws to slice off the mushrooms and eat them.13
Nagxian Mullet1 A thin, eel-like fish native to Nagxia, but found throughout the One River.6
Namitaro1 This legendary freshwater fish cares not for those kings or queens who encroach upon his territory, and will turn to regicide to keep his waters his own.523
Nautilus1 A giant cephalopod characterized by its spectacular whorling shell.Commonly found in the nutrient-rich Bay of Dha'yuz, the wavekin are thought by sailors and pirates to be the heralds of the Navigator, Llymlaen, and their shells are often carved into celebratory chalices.12
Navigator's Brand1 A king among Navigator's daggers, and lord of the waters of the Brewer's Beacon.163
Navigator's Dagger1 These thin, long saltwater fish will oft jump out of the water and glide for yalms across the surface, using their pectoral fins as ersatz wings.5
Navigator's Ear1 This medium-sized oyster is high in nutrients, making it optimal for use in medicines and rations.6
Ndendecki1 A king among soft-shelled snapping turtles.296
Nepto Dragon1 Believed by Eorzean fisherfolk to be the spawn of Thalaos─legendary creator of seas.It is, however, more likely to be no more than an overgrown little Thalaos.532
Nether Newt1 An amphibious type of scalekin found in the wetlands of Vylbrand.Its body is covered with colorful markings which some of Limsa Lominsa's more superstitious folk believe are burns the creature received when crawling its way through each of the seven hells before arriving on the face of Hydaelyn.3
Nhaama's Boon1 One of the rare fish found in the Nhaama Desert's even rarer freshwater oases.18
Ninja Betta1 A king among assassin betta.258
Nirvana Crab1 The backs of these freshwater crabs are adorned with colorful colonies of water-resistant fungus.17
Nogoi1 A common variety of koi found in almost every region on Othard.17
Noontide Oscar1 An albino marble oscar only found with consistency in the corrupted waters of Eil Tohm.15
Nophica's Comb1 The sharp, bone-like protrusions on this carnivorous mollusk's massive shell give it the comb-like appearance from which it earns its name.6
Northern Pike1 Though classified as a freshwater fish native to the White Maiden, this particular wavekin can survive in the brackish waters where the Maiden meets the Strait of Merlthor.12
Nyctosaur1 A tiny winged dragon only recently discovered in the Churning Mists.16
Oakroot1 A giant freshwater fish found in inland lakes and rivers.Its name is derived from its resemblance to a knotty oaken root.12
Ocean Cloud1 A semi-transparent jellyfish commonly found in the Strait of Merlthor, where it goes through nine separate stages of development before reaching adulthood.1
Octomammoth1 A king among blue octopodes, and lord of the waters of the Limsa Lominsa lower decks.163
Ogre Barracuda1 A large saltwater wavekin that roams the Rhotano Sea in small schools, preying on smaller fish such as anchovies or sardines.6
Ogre Horn Snail1 A freshwater mollusk with a twisted shell shaped like the horn of a voidsent ogre.Can only survive in warm temperatures, such as those found in hot springs.15
Oil Eel1 A slimy, finless creature that more closely resembles a worm than it does a fish.16
Old Hollow Eyes1 A king among plaguefish, and lord of the waters of Burnt Lizard Creek.224
Old Softie1 A king among bone crayfish, and lord of the waters of the Clutch.127
Olgoi-Khorkhoi1 Of those who claim to have seen Olgoi-Khorkhoi swimming through the endless desert sands, nearly all are known for their love of the red.243
Oliphant's Trunk1 Extended exposure to the unclassifiable aetherochemicals tainting the pools in which this fish-like creature lives has contributed to the abnormal development of its mouth and jaw.16
Opabinia1 A rarely seen Allagan abomination rumored to dwell in the aetherochemical pools collecting on the Flagship in Azys Lla.900
Orn Butterfly1 A freshwater fish native to the Orn Wild, yet also found in the Quickspill Delta of the Thaliak River.15
Oschon's Print1 A king among Moraby flounder, and lord of the waters of Moraby Bay.66
Othardian Trout1 A freshwater fish found in rivers across the entire Othardian continent.18
Oven Catfish1 A magma-dwelling fish found in the mountain flows of Mourn.16
Padjali Loach1 A horn-shaped fish native to the dark bogs of Dimwold.17
Pagan Pirarucu1 Though only ever seen by fishers who spend more time telling tales in taverns than actually fishing, the pagan pirarucu can supposedly be found in the highland lakes and swamps of eastern Gyr Abania.17
Paglth'an Discus1 A brightly colored freshwater fish native to the warm waters in and around the Amalj'aa territory of Paglth'an.13
Paikiller1 A king among catkillers, and lord of the waters of the Eddies.377
Pandamoth1 This regal freshwater fish has a distinct white and black mottling which, while giving the wavekin an air of majesty, also makes it easy to spot by predators.19
Pearl-eye1 Prehistoric drawings of this salt lake fish have been discovered on cave walls throughout Gyr Abania, suggesting that this particular species has endured at least six umbral eras.19
Pebble Crab1 A small bluish-grey crab found in tide pools along the La Noscean coast.3
Peeping Pisces1 This freshwater fish is possessed of an eye on both the top and bottom of its head, allowing it to simultaneously spy threats above and below the water, should the need arise.18
Peteinosaur1 A winged scalekin recently discovered in the skies near the Diadem.96
Philosopher's Stone1 A pink-shelled freshwater mollusk native to the Thaliak River.15
Pike Eel1 When stretched straight from head to tail, the longest of saltwater pike eels can measure more than a full yalm in length.12
Pipira1 A fierce freshwater fish most commonly found in Gridania's Jadeite Flood and Black Tea Brook.1
Pipira Pira1 A deadly freshwater fish which will tear away flesh with its razor-sharp teeth.Crossing the Whilom River barefoot is not recommended.16
Pirarucu1 A legendary giant freshwater fish rumored to live in the bottomless swamps hidden deep within the unexplored regions of the Black Shroud.13
Pirate's Bane1 A king among titanic saws.433
Plaguefish1 This variety of freshwater fish has the queer habit of wearing the skulls of small drowned animals, though it is not known exactly why.8
Plaice1 A bottom-feeding flatfish, the plaice is most commonly found blending into the sands covering the sea floor near the Isles of Umbra.13
Platinum Fish1 A mutant breed of goldfish native to the aetherochemical pools of Azys Lla.15
Plum Gazer1 Those seeking to land a plum gazer must travel to the secluded Plum Spring, hidden deep in Yanxia's Gensui Chain.19
Pond Mussel1 This bivalved freshwater mollusk with a tear-shaped shell can be found either clinging to the side of submerged boulders or simply lying half-buried in the mud.6
Poxpike1 The rock-hard scales of this variety of freshwater garpike are spattered with scores of unhealthy-looking spots.13
Priestfish1 A distant cousin of the monkfish, this ravenous resident of the lakes and swamps of Coerthas also possesses a luminescent proboscis which it uses to attract prey.16
Princess Trout1 Unlike other freshwater trout which make their habitat in swift-flowing rivers, the silver princess trout prefers the relative seclusion of inland lakes.1
Problematicus1 A colossal magma-dwelling fish and legend of the lava pools near Halo.1302
Proto-hropken1 A manlike fish living in the aetherochemical pools of Azys Lla.16
Pteranodon1 This flying scalekin can be seen scouting the lower reaches of the Churning Mists for insects and small birds.16
Pterodactyl1 A winged scalekin native to the Diadem.90
Purple Buckler1 There was a time that these snapping turtles were caught for their nigh-impenetrable shells which were used as shields by the ancient Gyr Abanian highland clans.17
Raimdellopterus1 The moogles of Moghome say that one can live his entire life without ever witnessing a raimdellopterus descend from the upper reaches of Tharl Oom Khash.They also say that some moogles spend a lot of their lives sleeping.832
Rainbow Trout1 Found in the crystal-clear rivers and lakes of Mor Dhona and Coerthas, this fish's scales reflect all seven colors of the rainbow, making it difficult to locate in the water.4
Raincaller1 A deep-blue freshwater fish native to the lakes and swamps of the Black Shroud.They can be seen sticking their heads out of the water whenever it rains, leading people to believe it is the fish summoning the storm.However, naturalists have surmised that the fish are simply rising to the surface in search of food, mistaking the drops of water for insects. [Suitable for display in aquariums tier 2 and higher.]11
Raitonfish1 A large freshwater fish named for the levin-manipulating technique mastered by the ninja of Doma.18
Rapids Jumper1 A lifetime of swimming against strong, yet slow river currents have left this freshwater fish bereft of most fatty flesh.16
Razor Clam1 A long bivalved mollusk most commonly found buried in the beaches of islands situated in the Rhotano Sea.They are known to leap out of their burrows when surprised or agitated.5
Red-eyed Lates1 A saltwater fish found in both the Glass Ocean and the Ruby Sea.6
Redcoat1 A large, reddish-orange fish with distinctively enormous eyes to help it see in the murky depths of the Ruby Sea.7
Redfin1 Second only to the blue-fish in mediocrity of monikers, the freshwater redfin of the One River─unsurprisingly─has bright red fins.7
Regal Silverside1 According to Hingan fishers, it was not until the past twenty summers that the regal silverside began appearing in their nets.It is popular opinion that the fish may have been introduced via bilge water dumped by foreign trade bulks.6
Retribution Staff1 A large freshwater fish native to the Diadem.89
Rhalgr's Bolt1 This eel-like freshwater fish has been blessed with the capacity to emit an electric charge that can prove deadly to smaller wavekin.17
Rhamphorhynchus1 Its massive lance-shaped nose makes this legendary denizen of the Sea of Clouds a formidable nuisance for airships passing through the area.13
Riddle1 A king among magma lice, and lord of the magma flows in Anyx Old.670
Rift Sailor1 The rift sailor uses the light elastic webbing between its wings to catch the roiling winds of the Sea of Clouds and glide across the rifts.13
Rime Eater1 A small floating jellyfish often seen in the Sea of Clouds.15
River Barramundi1 Called “akame” or “red eye” in the Far East for the unique color of this freshwater fish's optical organs.17
River Bream1 Unlike sea breams, this quirky cousin will travel back and forth 'twixt the brackish waters of a river's delta and the fresher waters upstream.7
River Clam1 A small bivalve mollusk found living in the sands of the One River.7
River Crab1 A tiny freshwater crustacean commonly found in rivers throughout Eorzea.4
River Shrimp1 A rare freshwater shrimp that typically makes its home beneath the rocks that produce the rapids near the Hundred Throes.16
Rivet Oyster1 A king among Rothlyt oysters, and lord of the waters of Vesper Bay.110
Rock Lobster1 A large crimson crustacean commonly found hiding in the rocks off the shores of islands dotting the Rhotano Sea.The rich, flavorful tails are regarded as a delicacy across Eorzea.13
Rock Mussel1 A tiny freshwater bivalve mollusk native to the lukewarm waters of the Whilom River in the Dravanian forelands.15
Rock Oyster1 This bivalve mollusk grows in abundance on boulders and statues submerged in Loch Seld.7
Rock Saltfish1 By no means the most winsome of wavekin, the rock saltfish has adapted to survival in the saline waters of Loch Seld.19
Rockclimber1 A freshwater fish inhabiting the waters of the Azys Lla Delta Quadrant.16
Rockfish1 Despite the insistence of fishers raised on colorful local folklore, the massive knob atop this freshwater fish's head does not contain hidden treasure.19
Ronin Trevally1 This large variety of trevally is given the name ronin for its tendency to journey the warm southern seas in solitude.6
Root Skipper1 A small fish that is found only in Rootslake in the Black Shroud.9
Ropefish1 As it has the tendency to coil up while inactive, this variety of freshwater eel is oft mistaken for lost boat rigging.8
Rothlyt Oyster1 Also known as the milk of the sea, these tasty bivalve mollusks can be found on sea rocks all around Eorzea, but it is said the plumpest, most succulent grow in the nutrient-rich waters of the Rothlyt Sound.4
Ruby Coral1 A piece of sharp crimson coral, widely found throughout the Ruby Sea.17
Ruby Meagre1 Similar to a bass in appearance and flavor, the similarities end there, with this variety of meagre preferring the coastal waters of the Ruby Sea and the Glass Ocean to fresher rivers and lakes.17
Ruby Sea Star1 These spiny five-limbed invertebrates survive by feeding on the flesh of dead fish fallen to the sea floor.6
Ruby Shrimp1 One of the most common shrimp found in the Ruby Sea.17
Rudderfish1 This eel-like flying fish with three pairs of thin wings is found throughout the Sea of Clouds.16
Saber Sardine1 This tiny saltwater fish travels in giant schools through the Indigo Deep searching for food.Its razor-like fins have been known to cut straight through the strongest of fishing nets.6
Sabertooth Cod1 A king among tiger cod, and lord of the waters of Candlekeep Quay.127
Sagolii Monkfish1 When hunting, the Sagolii monkfish uses a method similar to its sea-bound cousin─attracting potential prey to its location with a glowing appendage situated directly above its gaping maw.13
Sailfin1 A unique saltwater fish featuring astonishingly overgrown dorsal and anal fins.7
Salt Cellar1 An ashen-shelled snail found throughout Loch Seld.Cooking the gastropods in their shells with garlic and herbs is the preferred method of consumption.7
Salt Shark1 The salt shark has an elongated body that it can bend like an eel, allowing it to navigate Loch Seld's obstacle-strewn lakebed in search for prey.7
Salt Urchin1 The white coloring of the salt urchin's spines make them difficult to see on Loch Seld's colorless lakebed.Those who choose to wade through the shallows should always take care to protect their feet.7
Saltshield Snapper1 This violent scalekin has the jaws of a carpenter's vise.Many a careless fisher has lost a fingertip or three when navigating the snapper-rich waters of Loch Seld.19
Samurai Fish1 Named after the Hingan warriors whose grace and elegance in battle resemble the means by which this wavekin swims the turbid depths of the One River.18
Sand Bream1 A tiny sand-dwelling fish which can spend its whole life out of the water.10
Sandfish1 An amphibious fish capable of breathing on land.This trait has allowed it to adapt to life in the deserts of Thanalan.9
Sapphire Coral1 A piece of sharp azure coral, widely found throughout the Ruby Sea.17
Saucerfish1 Lacking feet or wings to propel itself from the ground, only death awaits the saucerfish that is foolish enough to leave the Sea of Clouds.13
Scaleripper1 A king among shadowhiskers, and lord of the waters of the Hundred Throes.217
Scallop Shell1 A tasty bivalved mollusk found in the cold waters of the Bloodbrine Sea.Its foot is considered a delicacy, while its shell is used for jewelry.1
Scholar Sculpin1 A freshwater fish named after Thaliak, the Scholar.15
Scimitarfish1 Not a swordfish, but a sword-like fish found in the rivers of Gyr Abania.19
Scorpionfly1 A variety of flying shrimp believed only to live on and around the islets of the Churning Mists.16
Sculptor1 Remarkably similar in appearance to a shark, it is believed this salt lake fish periodically exposes its dorsal fin above the water's surface to frighten land predators such as bears.19
Sea Bo1 When swimming upright, this strange sea creature closely resembles a riding chocobo, hence the name.7
Sea Butterfly1 Though oft referred to as king of the skies near Mok Oogl Island, to claim this floating mollusk is elusive would be a gross understatement.770
Sea Cucumber1 A purple, spiny, slug-like creature found in the shallows off of the island of Mazlaya, and treasured in the Far East as a delicacy.1
Sea Devil1 Legends tell of giant sea devils emerging from the sea to wrap their many arms around ships and drag them to the abyss.This seems impossible today, as the largest catches in recent memory are little more than a yalm across.13
Sea Lamp1 This variety of sea anemone emits a soft green glow when its tentacles are disturbed.7
Sea Pickle1 A blue, spiny, slug-like creature found in the shallows off of Vylbrand, and considered a delicacy by Sea Wolves.8
Seahag1 A queen among dinichthys.299
Seema1 The flesh of this freshwater trout native to central and northern Eorzea is a bright pink, leading to the common nickname, “cherry trout.”9
Seema Patrician1 A fatty freshwater fish native to Twinpools.14
Seraphim1 The beauty of this small freshwater fish native to Yanxia is oft compared to the angels of ancient eastern scripture.19
Shadow Catfish1 A large whiskered fish that can be found in the calm marshes of the Black Shroud.7
Shadowhisker1 A large freshwater fish found in the Hundred Throes.15
Shadowstreak1 A king among southern pike.253
Shall Shell1 This enormous bivalved mollusk is easily recognizable by the unique wave pattern found on its outer shell.13
Shark Tuna1 A king among ash tuna, and lord of the waters off Costa del Sol.392
Shipworm1 A worm-like mollusk that lives in the fallen trees and ancient shipwrecks that litter the bottom of the Thaliak River.15
Shonisaurus1 Within this legendary scalekin's body can be found a massive secondary bladder containing lighter-than-air gas.523
Silken Koi1 A plump freshwater wavekin with pearlescent scales and a name that sounds better than the fish tastes.19
Silken Sunfish1 A rare breed of sunfish that can survive only in waters exhibiting extreme salinity.10
Silver Shark1 A large, spindle-shaped shark commonly found in the Sea of Ash and known to attack without provocation. [Suitable for display in aquariums tier 4 and higher.]11
Silver Sovereign1 Known also by the name of tarpon, this rare fish is said to have swum the oceans of Eorzea since the dawn of time.Lord of the waters of Oschon's Torch.76
Silverfish1 As are copperfish and goldfish, freshwater silverfish are prized amongst well-to-do Ul'dahns, and often kept as pets.10
Sky Faerie1 A tiny transparent mollusk often seen in the skies near the Blue Window.14
Sky Sweeper1 A flying fish often seen in small flocks circling the Azys Lla Habisphere.15
Skyfish1 One of the more common creatures found living on the thermal currents above the Sea of Clouds, from a distance, the skyfish appears to be no more than a simple rod outfitted with three sets of transparent wings.13
Skytear1 The skytear can be found in the quick-flowing shallow rapids near a river's source rather than in the deeper, slow-moving waters downstream.18
Skythorn1 An ancient breed of freshwater fish found with little frequency in the One River.6
Skyworm1 A wingless worm that has somehow learned to fly.14
Slime King1 A king among brass loaches, and lord of the waters of lower Soot Creek.127
Sludgeskipper1 Similar to its cousin the mudskipper, the sludgeskipper can also survive outside water for several bells.The sludgeskipper, however, is at home in highly polluted pools where other creatures would likely perish.12
Snailfish1 This unique saltwater fish has not a scale on its entire body.14
Snipe Eel1 The snipe eels of the One River will never grow plumper than an ilm or two in diameter, but can stretch to several yalms in length.7
Snow Crab1 Snow crabs live in deep waters, scurrying hither and thither across the ocean floor in search of carrion.6
Snowcaller1 A freshwater fish native to the gelid waters of Banepool.15
Snowflake Moray1 A saltwater fish that exhibits a peculiar symbiotic relationship with spiny lobsters.6
Son of Levin1 A king among judgment staves.173
Sorcerer Fish1 A freshwater fish believed by some to have the ability to wield Fire spells.14
Soul of the Stallion1 A rare white freshwater fish believed to harbor the soul of a once-proud steppe stallion.12
Southern Pike1 Though classified as a freshwater fish native to the Velodyna and Hathoeva rivers, this particular wavekin can survive in the brackish delta where the waterways spill into the Sea of Jade.12
Spearnose1 An extremely rare freshwater fish known for its unbelievably long
Spider Crab1 The spider crab's spindly legs carry the deep-sea crustacean hundreds of malms across their migratory routes.6
Spiny Lobster1 This massive crustacean found in both the Ruby Sea and the Glass Ocean is considered a delicacy in the Far East, and is a luxury oft too extravagant for any but the richest of nobles to partake in.7
Spotted Pleco1 Tiny white spots cover the body of this rare freshwater fish.8
Spotted Puffer1 A cousin of the sea-dwelling balloonfish, spotted puffers are unique in that they can survive in the brackish waters of deltas and river mouths.10
Spring Urchin1 A freshwater creature that prefers the warm waters released by the springs at Dragonspit.16
Star Faerie1 A tiny transparent mollusk found only at a certain altitude in the lower Churning Mists.16
Star Turban1 When viewed from the side, this sea mollusk's shell looks like a turban; however, when viewed from above, its radiating spines give it the appearance of a twinkling star.7
Starbright1 A king among kissing trout.421
Starflower1 A flower-like mollusk found floating about the Sea of Clouds.14
Steel Loach1 The steel loach's scintillant silver body reflects sunlight in a manner that makes the fish difficult to spot in its native Loch Seld.7
Steelhead Trout1 A delicious, fatty freshwater fish native to the Velodyna and Hathoeva Rivers.16
Steelshark1 One of only a few fresh water sharks discovered in Eorzea, the steelshark can primarily be found in the rivers and lakes of Gyr Abania.19
Steppe Bullfrog1 Steppe bullfrogs can be found across both Yanxia and Nagxia and are easily identifiable by their deep, bellowing mating croaks.7
Steppe Skipper1 A swift freshwater fish that, when swimming near the surface of the One River tributaries in which it is commonly found, appears to skip through the rivers' reeds.18
Stonytongue1 This distant cousin to the Coerthan bonytongue can be found dwelling in the freshwater lakes and rivers of Gyr Abania.19
Storm Chaser1 A flying fish native to the skies of Tharl Oom Khash.16
Storm Core1 A spherical creature found in the upper atmospheric region of the Sea of Clouds.15
Storm Rider1 These sand-dwelling fish will skip across the desert unless they are fortunate enough to stumble across a sandstorm, in which case they will spread their fins and ride the storm great distances.10
Stormdancer1 A king among raincallers, and lord of the waters of the Jadeite Flood.163
Striped Fugu1 Similar to the globefish, the fugu will puff up its body to frighten away potential predators.Those who do not heed the wavekin's warning and devour it anyway will most certainly succumb to the lethal poison found in the fugu's flesh.17
Striped Goby1 A brightly striped freshwater fish native to the rivers and lakes of the Coerthas and Mor Dhona regions.1
Stupendemys1 If a flying crystal-shelled tortoise cannot be seen as stupendous, nothing can.16
Sun Bass1 This violent fish native to the Azim Steppe prefers the calm waters of a lake or wetland to the swift moving currents of a river.18
Sundisc1 This freshwater fish has a bright-yellow sun-like pattern across its body, giving rise to the name “sundisc.”13
Sunfish1 Legends say this giant saltwater fish will help those stranded in the water by allowing them to ride it back to shore.13
Sunrise Tellin1 A tiny bivalved mollusk commonly harvested on the Pearl.Its pink shells are prized by goldsmiths who craft them into beautiful jewelry.1
Sunsail1 A flying fish found in the skies near the Landlord Colony.16
Sweatfish1 Despite their small size, sweatfish prefer the swift rapids of the One River's northern tributaries for the cover it provides them from predators.19
Sweetfish1 A delicious (though unsweet) freshwater fish native to the Thaliak River.15
Sweetnewt1 An extremely rare amphibian that excretes a sweet, yet toxic substance from its skin to teach would-be predators a deadly lesson.392
Swordfish1 Fishers seeking to land ocean-dwelling swordfish must take care not accidentally impale themselves on the wavekin's serrated blade-like maw.19
Swordtip1 One of the most widespread squid species on Hydaelyn.6
Syldra1 A queen among leafy seadragons, and ruler of the waters of Cedarwood.127
Sylphsbane1 A king among fall jumpers, and lord of the waters of Verdant Drop.224
Tail Mountains Minnow1 These tiny fish commonly found in the many shallow tributaries feeding into the upper One River rarely grow beyond a few ilms in length.18
Takitaro1 A legendary giant freshwater fish indigenous to the lands of the Far East.The takitaro found in Eorzea are thought to be the offspring of a specimen presented as a gift to an eccentric sultan who loosed the fish into a cenote when it grew too large to keep in the royal aquariums.13
Tao Bitterling1 Though a cousin to the Hak bitterling, the waters of Tao Khaal have taken the Tao bitterling on a slightly different evolutionary path.18
Tawny Wench Shark1 Some say this Ruby Sea shark earned its name from sailors long out of port who, upon seeing the shark's pale skin cresting above the waves, would reminisce of their favorite pleasure boat courtesan.19
Temple Carp1 A freshwater fish commonly found in the lakes and marshes dotting the eastern end of Abalathia's Spine.16
Tengu Fan1 The tengu fan, named for its round, flat shape, will emit electric shocks from its body when threatened.Though the shocks cannot kill, they do stun, affording the fish ample opportunity to flee.7
Thaliak Caiman1 A giant breed of caiman native to the Thaliak River.16
Thavnairian Leaf1 A freshwater fish originally native to the Near Eastern island of Thavnair.How they ultimately ended up in the upper Thaliak River remains an enigma.15
The Assassin1 A king among river crabs, and lord of the waters of the Sanctum of the Twelve.160
The Captain's Chalice1 A king among nautiluses.275
The Dreamweaver1 A king among warmwater bichir, and lord of the waters of the Smoldering Wastes.316
The Drowned Sniper1 A king among archerfish.178
The Ewer King1 A king among hinterlands perch, and lord of the waters of the Thaliak River.364
The Gobfather1 A king among goblin perch, and lord of the waters of Goblinblood.229
The Greatest Bream in the World1 A king among Bianaq bream, and lord of the waters off south Bloodshore.160
The Green Jester1 A king among clown loaches.173
The Grinner1 A king among Velodyna carp, and lord of the waters of the east Hathoeva River.113
The Impaler1 A king among spring urchins, and lord of the waters of Dragonspit.202
The Lone Ripper1 A king among hammerhead sharks.173
The Lord of Lords1 A king among lavalords, and unquestioned ruler of the magma flows near Halo.636
The Matriarch1 A queen among Abalathian smelt.178
The Old Man in the Sea1 A king among Mazlaya marlin.480
The Salter1 A king among spotted puffers.173
The Second One1 A king among tornado sharks, and lord of the waters of the Blue Window.512
The Sinker1 A king among Yugr'am salmon.229
The Soul of the Martyr1 A king among dragon's souls, and lord of the waters of the Landlord Colony.548
The Speaker1 A king among armored catfish, and lord of the waters of the Upper Thaliak river.583
The Terpsichorean1 A king among mitten crabs.When given the opportunity, he will, quite literally, cut a rug.178
The Thousand-year Itch1 A king among loyal pleco.178
The Warden's Wand1 A king among trader eels, and lord of the waters of the Yugr'am River.229
Thief Betta1 An aggressive freshwater fish native to the Diadem.174
Thousand Fin1 A king among hundred fins, and lord of the pools of Weston Waters.234
Thousandfang1 A rare, sea-dwelling scalekin infamous for its gaping maw lined with multiple rows of blade-like teeth, though official observations by scholars put the fang count at no more than a few score.12
Threadfish1 This spindly saltwater fish spurns the colder currents of the north in favor of the warm waters along Othard and Ilsabard's southern coasts.6
Three-lip Carp1 A large freshwater fish covered in gil-sized silver scales.14
Thunderbolt Eel1 A narrow-bodied freshwater fish found in the pools flooding the Iron Feast, amongst other locations.16
Thunderbolt Sculpin1 A rare freshwater fish decorated with a thunderbolt-like pattern down its back.11
Thundergut1 A king among thunderbolt sculpin.244
Thunderscale1 A king among amber salamanders, and lord of the waters of the Iron Feast.710
Tiger Cod1 A striped saltwater fish indigenous to the cold northern waters of the Bloodbrine Sea. [Suitable for display in aquariums tier 1 and higher.]4
Tigerfish1 A striped freshwater fish native to the Quickspill Delta.15
Tiny Axolotl1 An alien-like amphibian found living in the muddy flats near the Pappus Tree.16
Titanic Sawfish1 Legends say that this gargantuan saltwater fish once ripped a hundred-man galleon in two with its saw-like head. [Suitable for display in aquariums tier 4 and higher.]13
Tithe Collector1 One of Loch Seld's largest native species.7
Toothsome Grouper1 The most delicious of saltwater groupers...if the merchants selling it for thrice the price of a regular grouper are to be believed.6
Toramafish1 A king among coeurlfish, and lord of the waters of Oakwood.386
Tornado Shark1 A shark capable of riding tornados to extreme altitudes.A stage performance written by a Lominsan playwright on the subject of a tornado shark attack was voted the worst play of all time by the Eorzean Theatrical Society.16
Trader Eel1 This freshwater eel native to the rivers and lakes of Thanalan will often display the unique trait of swapping its mate with other nearby eels when spawning.10
Tri-colored Carp1 Patches of gold, silver, and bronze cover this medium-sized freshwater fish's body, making it a favorite choice for the private garden pools of Ul'dahn nobles. [Suitable for display in aquariums tier 2 and higher.]5
Tricorn1 A legendary amphibian with a boomerang-like head said to be powerful enough to split a harpoon in two.11
Tupuxuara1 An ancient wyvern still found living on the Habisphere, thousands of years after its creators perished in the calamity which destroyed their civilization.16
Twin-tongued Carp1 A king among three-lip carp, and lord of the waters of the Whilom River.739
Twitchbeard1 An extremely rare cephalopod rumored to have ties to the legendary pirate king Mistbeard.392
Typhoon Shrimp1 The typhoon shrimp is one of only a few shrimp species that can survive the toxically salty waters of Loch Seld.7
Ukiki1 Its Hingan name roughly translating to “floating tree,” this variety of Eastern sunfish neither floats nor is a tree.19
Unidentified Flying Biomass1 Beyond the fact one can find it in the skies near the Habisphere, absolutely nothing is known about this lump of flying...something.16
Vampire Lampern1 Just as its name implies, the vampire lampern is indeed a sucker of blood, using its multiple rows of teeth to latch onto its prey, whether it be sea or land creature, and bore a hole from which to drink.13
Vampiric Tapestry1 A flying cephalopod that rarely strays from the skies near Mok Oogl Island.16
Vanuhead1 A freshwater fish inhabiting the Eddies─an isolated lake found atop one of Abalathia's floating islets. [Suitable for display in aquariums tier 3 and higher.]15
Velodyna Carp1 This scarlet cousin to the maiden carp can most commonly be found in the Velodyna and Hathoeva rivers.10
Velodyna Grass Carp1 This variety of grass carp is most often found in the northeastern Eorzean river from which it earns its name.16
Velodyna Salmon1 Similar to Aldenard's other salmon species, this salmon also spends its entire life in the sea, until returning to the Velodyna to spawn...and die.17
Vidofnir1 A king among noontide oscars, and lord of the waters of Eil Tohm.548
Violet Prismfish1 This freshwater fish is believed to possess the capacity for storing high concentrations of elemental energies.19
Vip Viper1 A king among black eels, and lord of the waters of the upper Hathoeva River.Some claim that jerking up, up, down, down, left, right, left, and right on one's pole increases chances of landing this slippery specimen.160
Void Bass1 A king among Ilsabardian bass.474
Vongola Clam1 A tasty bivalved mollusk commonly found on and near the island of Bianaq.2
Wahoo1 A razor-fanged saltwater fish known to migrate throughout the warm waters of the Sea of Ash, following the schools of shrimp on which it feeds.11
Wandering Sculpin1 Legend states that this particular variety of sculpin is a favorite of Oschon, the Wanderer, and that the god will oft dine on this fish while on His journeys through the realm of man.13
Warballoon1 A gargantuan floating jellyfish found in skies high above Eorzea.16
Warmwater Bichir1 A freshwater fish found in the heated pools of the Smoldering Wastes.15
Warmwater Trout1 This freshwater fish was once found only in the waters heated by the flows of lava coursing beneath the mighty volcano O'Ghomoro.After the Calamity, however, fishers began finding the wavekin in other warm locations such as Thanalan.6
Warty Wartfish1 This sluggardly wartfish native to the One River somehow has more warts than a common wartfish, if that can be believed.6
Wentletrap1 A tiny Ruby Sea mollusk with a beautiful spiral shell that is sought by jewelry makers across the Far East.6
Weston Bowfin1 A large freshwater fish found in the Churning Mists' Weston Waters.16
Whilom Catfish1 A small, red catfish native to the Whilom River. [Suitable for display in aquariums tier 3 and higher.]14
White Sturgeon1 The white sturgeon is believed by some scholars to simply be normal sturgeons exhibiting albinism─a rare trait that became common once all the darker sturgeons were poached from Loch Seld on account of them being easy to see.7
Whitehorse1 This queer horse-like wavekin swims upright, using two tiny fins near its head to slowly swim through the waters of extreme salinity it calls home.19
Whitelip Oyster1 A bivalved mollusk found on the cliffs and rocks lining the Rhotano Sea.On rare occasions, sand will become trapped inside the shell and gradually form into a pearl.9
Whiteloom1 A mushroom/loom-like flying fish native to the Sea of Clouds.14
Winged Gurnard1 A flying fish found in the skies around the Blue Window.16
Wootz Knifefish1 It is believed that after living in waters tainted with wootz ore for so long, this knifefish absorbed so much of the mineral that it began showing in its scales.13
Wootz Knifefish Zenith1 A king among wootz knifefish.262
Worm of Nym1 A king among jade eels, and lord of the Bronze Lake shallows.130
Wraithfish1 This freshwater fish native to the bogs of Dimwold will oft conceal itself beneath the planks of the Wraithwalk for protection.19
Yalm Lobster1 A giant freshwater crustacean that primarily dwells beneath the boulders of the Quickspill Delta.16
Yanxian Barramundi1 This large carnivorous specimen is native to the southeastern reaches of the One River where the waters run slow and deep.18
Yanxian Koi1 A mottled freshwater carp of middling size native to the southern reaches of the One River.17
Yanxian Tiger Prawn1 This Far Eastern crustacean has not only the stripes, but also the ferocity of a Yanxian tiger.7
Yat Goby1 The Yat goby is an eel-like bottom dweller named after the Azim Steppe tributary in which it is most commonly found.18
Yellow Prismfish1 The pale yellow glow emitted by this freshwater fish is believed to be caused by unbalanced levels of aspected aether in the wavekin's humours. [Suitable for display in aquariums tier 2 and higher.]18
Young Indigo Herring1 A large fish native to the Indigo Deep.When packed in salt, it can be preserved for up to a year.6
Yu-no-hana Crab1 Hingan folklore has that all hot springs were once dug from the ground by these hardy crustaceans.7
Yugr'am Salmon1 This freshwater fish matures in the salty waters of the Bloodbrine Sea, only to return up the Yugr'am River where it was born to spawn.7
Zagas Khaal1 A freshwater fish extremely common to many of the One River's northern tributaries.Its name literally translates to “river fish.”18
Zalera1 A king among angelfish, and lord of the waters of the Zephyr Drift.107
Zebra Shark1 In addition to those of the mystical zebra, the pronounced stripes upon this wavekin's back are also compared to a tiger's.6
Zekki Gator1 This giant shark regularly hunts the waters of the coast of the Isle of Zekki, and has been known to attack the pirates and fishers who frequent its strands.19
Zekki Grouper1 Groupers gather in swift currents of the Ruby Sea and the Rasen Kaikyo to feed on the abundant life drawn to the area.19
Zeni Clam1 Named after an ancient Far Eastern currency, this bivalve mollusk is most commonly found in the lakes and rivers of Yanxia.6

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