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Bracelets 61-70 Database

Below is a list of Bracelets 61-70 in FFXIV: A Realm Reborn.

The information listed includes the level you can equip the Bracelets 61-70, the price you can sell it to an NPC for, info on who can equip the item and any info relating to stats that the item may have.

The Bracelets 61-70 are sorted by level, however you can sort them by any of the columns by clicking on the headers. Under the headers are search boxes that allow you to filter results.

For example, filter the compatibility by your class name or discipline and you will get a list of which Bracelets 61-70 you can equip.

Hover over or click on an item name for more info and any stats.

Wrist 61-70   Ear 61-70   Neck 61-70   Ring 61-70

Items ()AttributesLvliLvl
Augmented Scaevan Bracelet of Aiming 70400
Augmented Scaevan Bracelet of Casting 70400
Augmented Scaevan Bracelet of Fending 70400
Augmented Scaevan Bracelet of Healing 70400
Augmented Scaevan Bracelet of Slaying 70400
Omega Bracelet of Aiming 70400
Omega Bracelet of Casting 70400
Omega Bracelet of Fending 70400
Omega Bracelet of Healing 70400
Omega Bracelet of Slaying 70400
Scaevan Bracelet of Aiming 70390
Scaevan Bracelet of Casting 70390
Scaevan Bracelet of Fending 70390
Scaevan Bracelet of Healing 70390
Scaevan Bracelet of Slaying 70390
Yama Bracelet of Aiming 70390
Yama Bracelet of Casting 70390
Yama Bracelet of Fending 70390
Yama Bracelet of Healing 70390
Yama Bracelet of Slaying 70390
Islewolf Bracelet of Aiming 70385
Islewolf Bracelet of Casting 70385
Islewolf Bracelet of Fending 70385
Islewolf Bracelet of Healing 70385
Islewolf Bracelet of Slaying 70385
Omicron Bracelet of Aiming 70380
Omicron Bracelet of Casting 70380
Omicron Bracelet of Fending 70380
Omicron Bracelet of Healing 70380
Omicron Bracelet of Slaying 70380
Rakshasa Bracelet of Aiming 70380
Rakshasa Bracelet of Casting 70380
Rakshasa Bracelet of Fending 70380
Rakshasa Bracelet of Healing 70380
Rakshasa Bracelet of Slaying 70380
Alliance Bracelet of Aiming 70375
Alliance Bracelet of Casting 70375
Alliance Bracelet of Fending 70375
Alliance Bracelet of Healing 70375
Alliance Bracelet of Slaying 70375
Dai-ryumyaku Bracelet of Aiming 70370
Dai-ryumyaku Bracelet of Casting 70370
Dai-ryumyaku Bracelet of Fending 70370
Dai-ryumyaku Bracelet of Healing 70370
Dai-ryumyaku Bracelet of Slaying 70370
Diamond Bracelet of Aiming 70370
Diamond Bracelet of Casting 70370
Diamond Bracelet of Fending 70370
Diamond Bracelet of Healing 70370
Diamond Bracelet of Slaying 70370
Augmented Black Willow Armillae of Aiming 70360
Augmented Black Willow Armillae of Casting 70360
Augmented Black Willow Armillae of Fending 70360
Augmented Black Willow Armillae of Healing 70360
Augmented Black Willow Armillae of Slaying 70360
Ryumyaku Bracelet of Aiming 70360
Ryumyaku Bracelet of Casting 70360
Ryumyaku Bracelet of Fending 70360
Ryumyaku Bracelet of Healing 70360
Ryumyaku Bracelet of Slaying 70360
Royal Volunteer's Bracelet of Aiming 70355
Royal Volunteer's Bracelet of Casting 70355
Royal Volunteer's Bracelet of Fending 70355
Royal Volunteer's Bracelet of Healing 70355
Royal Volunteer's Bracelet of Slaying 70355
Black Willow Armillae of Aiming 70350
Black Willow Armillae of Casting 70350
Black Willow Armillae of Fending 70350
Black Willow Armillae of Healing 70350
Black Willow Armillae of Slaying 70350
Carborundum Bracelet of Aiming 70350
Carborundum Bracelet of Casting 70350
Carborundum Bracelet of Fending 70350
Carborundum Bracelet of Healing 70350
Carborundum Bracelet of Slaying 70350
Handking's Armillae 70350
Landking's Armillae 70350
Bonewicca Bangle of Aiming 70345
Bonewicca Bangle of Casting 70345
Bonewicca Bangle of Fending 70345
Bonewicca Bangle of Healing 70345
Bonewicca Bangle of Slaying 70345
Augmented Lost Allagan Bracelet of Aiming 70340
Augmented Lost Allagan Bracelet of Casting 70340
Augmented Lost Allagan Bracelet of Fending 70340
Augmented Lost Allagan Bracelet of Healing 70340
Augmented Lost Allagan Bracelet of Slaying 70340
Black Willow Armillae of Crafting 70340
Genji Bracelet of Aiming 70340
Genji Bracelet of Casting 70340
Genji Bracelet of Fending 70340
Genji Bracelet of Healing 70340
Genji Bracelet of Slaying 70340
Slothskin Armillae of Gathering 70340
Lost Allagan Bracelet of Aiming 70330
Lost Allagan Bracelet of Casting 70330
Lost Allagan Bracelet of Fending 70330
Lost Allagan Bracelet of Healing 70330
Lost Allagan Bracelet of Slaying 70330
Farlander Bangle of Aiming 70325
Farlander Bangle of Casting 70325
Farlander Bangle of Fending 70325
Farlander Bangle of Healing 70325
Farlander Bangle of Slaying 70325
Genta Bracelet of Aiming 70320
Genta Bracelet of Casting 70320
Genta Bracelet of Fending 70320
Genta Bracelet of Healing 70320
Genta Bracelet of Slaying 70320
Lakshmi's Bracelet of Aiming 70320
Lakshmi's Bracelet of Casting 70320
Lakshmi's Bracelet of Fending 70320
Lakshmi's Bracelet of Healing 70320
Lakshmi's Bracelet of Slaying 70320
Torreya Bracelet of Aiming 70320
Torreya Bracelet of Casting 70320
Torreya Bracelet of Fending 70320
Torreya Bracelet of Healing 70320
Torreya Bracelet of Slaying 70320
Skallic Amulet of Aiming 70315
Skallic Amulet of Casting 70315
Skallic Amulet of Fending 70315
Skallic Amulet of Healing 70315
Skallic Amulet of Slaying 70315
Ala Mhigan Bracelet of Aiming 70310
Ala Mhigan Bracelet of Casting 70310
Ala Mhigan Bracelet of Fending 70310
Ala Mhigan Bracelet of Healing 70310
Ala Mhigan Bracelet of Slaying 70310
Arhat Bracelets of Aiming 70300
Arhat Bracelets of Casting 70300
Arhat Bracelets of Fending 70300
Arhat Bracelets of Healing 70300
Arhat Bracelets of Slaying 70300
Gazelleskin Wristband 70290
Imperial Jade Armillae of Aiming 70290
Imperial Jade Armillae of Casting 70290
Imperial Jade Armillae of Fending 70290
Imperial Jade Armillae of Healing 70290
Imperial Jade Armillae of Slaying 70290
Zelkova Bracelets 70290
Valerian Archer's Bracelet 69288
Valerian Brawler's Bracelet 69288
Valerian Dark Priest's Bracelet 69288
Valerian Priest's Bracelet 69288
Xenobian Paladin's Bracelet 69288
Palladium Bracelet of Aiming 68285
Palladium Bracelet of Casting 68285
Palladium Bracelet of Fending 68285
Palladium Bracelet of Healing 68285
Palladium Bracelet of Slaying 68285
Yanxian Bracelets of Aiming 67282
Yanxian Bracelets of Casting 67282
Yanxian Bracelets of Fending 67282
Yanxian Bracelets of Healing 67282
Yanxian Bracelets of Slaying 67282
Marid Leather Wristband 67245
Persimmon Bracelets 67245
Azurite Bracelet of Aiming 66279
Azurite Bracelet of Casting 66279
Azurite Bracelet of Fending 66279
Azurite Bracelet of Healing 66279
Azurite Bracelet of Slaying 66279
Nomad's Wristbands of Aiming 65276
Nomad's Wristbands of Casting 65276
Nomad's Wristbands of Fending 65276
Nomad's Wristbands of Healing 65276
Nomad's Wristbands of Slaying 65276
Star Spinel Bracelet of Aiming 64273
Star Spinel Bracelet of Casting 64273
Star Spinel Bracelet of Fending 64273
Star Spinel Bracelet of Healing 64273
Star Spinel Bracelet of Slaying 64273
Ruby Tide Bracelets of Aiming 63270
Ruby Tide Bracelets of Casting 63270
Ruby Tide Bracelets of Fending 63270
Ruby Tide Bracelets of Healing 63270
Ruby Tide Bracelets of Slaying 63270
Gyuki Leather Wristband 63200
Larch Bracelets 63200
Koppranickel Bracelet of Aiming 62265
Koppranickel Bracelet of Casting 62265
Koppranickel Bracelet of Fending 62265
Koppranickel Bracelet of Healing 62265
Koppranickel Bracelet of Slaying 62265
Ghost Barque Bracelet of Aiming 61260
Ghost Barque Bracelet of Casting 61260
Ghost Barque Bracelet of Fending 61260
Ghost Barque Bracelet of Healing 61260
Ghost Barque Bracelet of Slaying 61260

Wrist 61-70   Ear 61-70   Neck 61-70   Ring 61-70