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Ingredients - Item Database

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Below is a list of all Ingredients in FFXIV, their recast, the price you can sell to an NPC for and the effects the item gives when consumed. Ingredients are mainly used by Culinarians to produce food and drinks.

The FFXIV: ARR Ingredients are sorted by name, however you can sort them by any of the columns by clicking on the headers. Under the headers are search boxes that allow you to filter results.

For example, type in a stat name into the effects column and you will bring back a list of Ingredients which boost that stat.

Hover over or click on an item name for more info and any stats.

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Items ()Recast EffectsNPC
Ala Mhigan Mustard0 When dried and ground into a fine powder, this yellow-tinged spice can add quite the kick to any dish. Crafting Material1
Aldgoat Chuck0 A large, tender slab of meat taken from the shoulder of an aldgoat. Crafting Material3
Aldgoat Milk0 Vitality +11
Allagan Snail0 A giant snail believed to have been bred for consumption during the reign of the Great Allagan Empire. Crafting Material1
Alligator Pear0 A soft green fruit, also known as "shroud butter." Though not thought to be indigenous to Eorzea, it is not certain how the plant first came to the realm.EXP Bonus: +3% Duration: 30m2
Almonds0 A tear-shaped nut which can be used to season exotic sweets, or pressed for its fragrant oil. Crafting Material3
Aloe0 A thick spiny-leaved cactus indigenous to the southern continent of Meracydia. The Miqo'te are known to treat severe burns with the cool gel-like substance found inside the leaves. Crafting Material3
Alpine Parsnip0 A long white root vegetable indigenous to the mountainous region of Coerthas. Crafting Material1
Antelope Shank0 A tough piece of meat taken from the upper leg of an antelope. Crafting Material2
Apkallu Egg0 The large egg of a wild apkallu. Crafting Material5
Apricot0 A variety of stone fruit borne over from the Near East. Its orange flesh is at once sweet and tart.EXP Bonus: +3% Duration: 30m7
Black Pepper0 An aromatic spice used in cooking as well as pickling. Crafting Material1
Black Truffle0 A rare black mushroom that grows in the soil, rather than above it, making the specimen almost impossible to locate. It is treasured as a delicacy for its unique aroma. Crafting Material6
Blood Currants0 A tart red berry found growing throughout the Black Shroud.EXP Bonus: +3% Duration: 30m3
Blood Orange0 A rare variety of orange grown in La Noscea, named for its unusual red flesh.EXP Bonus: +3% Duration: 30m7
Blue Cheese0 Vitality +8% (Max 2)1
Buffalo Beans0 A common variety of green bean recognizable by its long thin pods. Buffalo are said to be fond of the beans, and have been known to eat entire crops if left unchecked. Crafting Material1
Buffalo Milk0 Vitality +11
Buffalo Sirloin0 A cut of tender, lean meat taken from the rear back of a buffalo. Crafting Material6
Button Mushroom0 A small white mushroom commonly found in moist areas across Eorzea. Crafting Material1
Canard Breast0 A tender piece of meat taken from the breast of a farm-fattened duck. Crafting Material15
Chanterelle0 An edible mushroom known for its leaf-like appearance as well as its fruit-like fragrance. Crafting Material1
Chicken Breast0 A tender piece of meat taken from the breast of a chicken. Crafting Material2
Chicken Egg0 The egg of a domesticated chicken. Crafting Material1
Chicken Stock0 A clear golden broth made by boiling chicken bones. Crafting Material1
Cider Vinegar0 A fruity vinegar made from fermenting faerie apples. Crafting Material1
Cieldalaes Spinach0 An iron-rich leafy vegetable native to the Cieldalaes. Crafting Material1
Cinderfoot Olive0 The seed of an olive tree, often preserved in brine or pressed to make oil. Crafting Material1
Cinnamon0 The sweet-smelling bark of the cinnamon tree is often dried and ground into a spice used to add flavor to confectionaries, though it is also commonly used in medicines. Crafting Material1
Clove Oil0 Clove-infused cooking oil. Crafting Material1
Cloves0 A sweet-smelling spice made from the dried buds of the clove tree. It is used to flavor confectionaries, and as an essential oil. Crafting Material1
Coerthas Carrot0 A long orange root vegetable commonly grown in the rocky alpine soil of the Coerthas region. Crafting Material1
Coeurl Meat0 A bloody strip of extra-lean coeurl meat. Crafting Material12
Cooking Sherry0 Fine Lominsan white wine fortified with grape spirit to increase alcohol content and improve its aroma, making it perfect for a variety of culinary dishes. Crafting Material4
Cornmeal0 Coarsely milled millioncorn. Crafting Material1
Cottage Cheese0 Vitality +8% (Max 2)1
Cream Cheese0 Vitality +6% (Max 8)3
Dalamud Nut0 The shell which encases this walnut is reminiscent of the (now fallen) lesser moon of its namesake.1
Dalamud Popoto0 Hailing also from the western continent, this cousin to the common popoto is lurid red in color. Crafting Material9
Dark Vinegar0 A high-quality distilled vinegar made from select lowland grapes. Crafting Material1
Desert Saffron0 This spice made from the dried styles of the desert saffron flower gives a bright yellow color to dishes. Crafting Material3
Dodo Egg0 The heavy egg of a wild dodo. Crafting Material1
Dodo Stuffing0 A mixture of dried bread, nuts, and fruit, blended with several savory spices.1
Dodo Tenderloin0 A lean piece of meat taken from under the short ribs of a dodo. Crafting Material1
Dragon Pepper0 A red-hot spice known to cause severe burns in the mouths of those who consume too many. Crafting Material2
Dried Marjoram0 Dried and crumbled marjoram leaves. They are often used to flavor meat and poultry.0
Dzemael Tomato0 A rare crossbreed of ruby tomato developed and perfected by House Dzemael botanists. Crafting Material7
Eft Tail0 Sinewy meat taken from the tail of an eft. Crafting Material7
Faerie Apple0 A tart variety of apple commonly found growing in the cool mountain passes of Coerthas.EXP Bonus: +3% Duration: 30m1
Fish Stock0 Broth created from boiling down the flesh and bones of various types of seafood.1
Galago Mint0 A leafy herb with a crisp, fragrant aroma. It is often used in cooking and in teas, as well as for its essential oil. Crafting Material1
Garlean Garlic0 A pungent spice used to flavor many different varieties of dishes. It is also thought to ward off vampiric bats, but there is no evidence to substantiate that claim. Crafting Material1
Gelatin0 A clear gelling agent extracted from animal skin and fish bones. Crafting Material1
Gil Bun0 This tiny round mushroom has a cap which resembles a coin, and is known for its rich flavor and pungent aroma. Crafting Material1
Gridanian Chestnut0 The seed of a chestnut tree, this savory nut is covered in a coat of prickly spikes. Crafting Material1
Gridanian Walnut0 The seed of a walnut tree, this fragrant nut is covered by a thin, fleshy outer shell and a hard inner shell. Crafting Material1
Highland Parsley0 Oft used as a garnish in other dishes, this pungent vegetable grows in abundance in the mountainous region of upper La Noscea. Crafting Material1
Honey0 Bees make this sweet golden honey from the nectar of flowers. Crafting Material1
Honey Lemon0 This rare type of lemon native to the continent of Othard is so sweet, it can be eaten raw.EXP Bonus: +3% Duration: 30m7
Iron Acorn0 The seed of an oak tree, this small nut is covered by an extremely hard outer shell. Crafting Material3
Jade Peas0 Sweet green beans recognizable by their thin, crescent-shaped pods. Crafting Material2
Kukuru Bean0 This seed of the kukuru tree is the primary ingredient in chocolate. Crafting Material1
Kukuru Butter0 A thick oil extracted from kukuru beans. Used in making chocolate. Crafting Material1
Kukuru Powder0 Roasted kukuru beans ground into a fine powder. Used in making chocolate. Crafting Material1
La Noscean Leek0 A rare variety of leek, typically harvested young for a milder flavor. Crafting Material7
La Noscean Lettuce0 A crisp leafy vegetable native to the plains of La Noscea. Crafting Material1
La Noscean Orange0 A sweet citrus fruit known to thrive in the temperate climate of lower La Noscea.EXP Bonus: +3% Duration: 30m1
Lalafellin Lentil0 Thin round beans resembling tiny convex lenses. Thought to have been introduced to Eorzea by the realm's first Lalafellin settlers. Crafting Material1
Laurel0 A savory spice made from the dried leaves of the laurel bush. Crafting Material2
Lava Toad0 This giant red toad, native to the swamps of Vylbrand but now found throughout Aldenard, earns its name from the red firerock which once spewed forth from the now-dormant volcano, O'Ghomoro. Crafting Material8
Lavender Oil0 Lavender-infused cooking oil. Crafting Material1
Lowland Grapes0 A semi-sweet variety of grape which has adapted to the volcanic soil abundant on Vylbrand.EXP Bonus: +3% Duration: 30m1
Maiden Artichoke0 The leaf-like bud of an artichoke plant. Due to the roughness of its petals, only the fleshy lower portions can be consumed, as well as the center of the bud, commonly known as the "heart." Crafting Material3
Maple Sugar0 Crystallized sugar made from boiling down maple syrup. Crafting Material1
Maple Syrup0 A sweet, dark liquid made by boiling down maple sap. Crafting Material1
Marjoram0 A sweet-smelling herb used in cooking and in medicines. Crafting Material1
Marmot Meat0 A tiny skinned marmot. Crafting Material1
Megalocrab Leg0 A fat megalocrab leg, bursting with sweet, juicy meat. Crafting Material2
Midland Basil0 A fragrant herb used to flavor various meat and poultry dishes. Crafting Material2
Midland Cabbage0 A round leafy vegetable which prefers the steady climate of the Black Shroud. Crafting Material2
Millioncorn0 Hundreds of sweet, yellow kernels adorn each cob of this vegetable native to the recently discovered New Continent. Crafting Material1
Mineral Water0 Clear water taken from a mountain spring near Ishgard.EXP Bonus: +3% Duration: 30m1
Mirror Apple0 A sweet yet sour variety of apples native to Coerthas. When polished, the skins become so shiny it is said one can see their own reflection in them.EXP Bonus: +3% Duration: 30m4
Mole Meat0 A fist-sized chunk of lean, bloody meat cleanly sliced from the carcass of a pesky mole. Crafting Material1
Moon Nut0 The ghostly white shell which encases this walnut is reminiscent of the celestial body of its namesake.1
Mugwort0 The young leaves of the mugwort plant are used not only as a spice in cooking, but also as a curative agent in various unguents. Crafting Material3
Mutton Loin0 A lean cut of meat taken from below a sheep's rib cage. Crafting Material1
Night Milk0 Rich and creamy buffalo milk harvested immediately before the beast falls asleep.EXP Bonus: +3% Duration: 30m2
Noble Grapes0 Lowland grapes crossbred over generations to produce maximum sweetness. Their bitter skin makes them unsuitable for eating off the vine, and they are better consumed as juice or wine. Crafting Material1
Nopales0 An edible oval-leaved cactus brought back by explorers of the New Continent. Crafting Material1
Nutmeg0 A sweet-smelling seed that is ground into a powder and used to flavor pastries and tea. It is also widely used in Far Eastern medicines. Crafting Material3
Ogre Pumpkin0 A bright orange squash which sweetens in flavor when cooked. Crafting Material1
Olive Oil0 A fragrant light green oil extracted from pressed olives. Crafting Material1
Orobon Liver0 The soft liver of a deepwater orobon. Crafting Material3
Paprika0 A mild red spice made by drying and grinding a variety of pepper with the same name. It is often used in medicines, as well as in cooking. Crafting Material1
Pearl Ginger0 An exotic root vegetable native to the Far East that is often dried, ground, and used in cooking as well as in the creation of medicines. Crafting Material1
Pie Dough0 Simple pie dough made of flour and butter. Crafting Material1
Pimiento0 Also known as a cherry pepper, the pimiento is known for its strong, bitter flavor.1
Pixie Plums0 A tart fruit commonly grown in mountain orchards in the Coerthas region.EXP Bonus: +3% Duration: 30m1
Popoto0 A starchy tuberous vegetable originally introduced to Eorzea by explorers from the distant western continent. Crafting Material1
Powdered Sugar0 Sweet, snow-like sugar, perfect for dusting Starlight Celebration sweets.1
Prickly Pineapple0 A sweet and tangy fruit covered in a thick, spike-laden skin.EXP Bonus: +3% Duration: 30m5
Puk Egg0 The lightweight egg of a puk. Crafting Material2
Ramhorn Zucchini0 This long, thin variety of squash earns its name from its resemblance to the horn of a mountain ram. Crafting Material3
Raptor Shank0 An extra-lean, tough piece of meat taken from the leg of a raptor. Crafting Material4
Ratstool0 The underdeveloped "sporeling" of a myconid. Popular myth has that rats will use the chair-shaped fungus as a place to rest.4
Rolanberry0 A tart fruit─one of few still found growing in the devastated region of Mor Dhona.EXP Bonus: +3% Duration: 30m4
Rolanberry Cheese0 Vitality +4% (Max 10)3
Royal Kukuru Bean0 A king among kukuru bean varieties, prized for its high nutritional value. Crafting Material9
Ruby Tomato0 Though many botanists claim this tangy blood-red specimen is more closely related to a fruit than a vegetable, it is widely accepted across Eorzea as the latter. Crafting Material1
Rye0 A dark variety of rye grass commonly found growing in the higher elevations of Mor Dhona and Coerthas. Crafting Material1
Rye Flour0 Coarsely milled rye. Crafting Material1
Sagolii Sage0 A savory herb often found growing in parched desert environments. It is used in cooking and various medicinal ointments and unguents. Crafting Material3
Salamander Tail0 Sinewy meat taken from the tail of a salamander.1
Salt Leek0 A long, pungent, leafy vegetable that lacks a bulb like that of its cousin, the onion. Crafting Material3
Salted Butter0 A smooth, fatty cream made by churning buffalo milk.1
Shriekshroom0 The underdeveloped sporeling of a funguar. Crafting Material1
Smooth Butter0 A smooth, fatty cream made by churning buffalo milk. Crafting Material1
Sour Red0 Made from lowland grapes grown on arid soil, this vinegary wine is more suited to cooking than it is to drinking (though that does little to stop most Lominsan pirates from drowning their sorrows in the phenolic seepage). Crafting Material1
Spicy Tomato Relish0 A zesty Near Eastern relish made by stewing tomatoes with select spices and seasoning.0
Star Anise0 Originating from the Far East, this fragrant spice is shaped like eight-pointed stars. Crafting Material7
Sticky Rice0 This grain is imported from a land far to the east. When cooked, it has a consistency slightly more glutinous than normal rice. Crafting Material2
Sun Lemon0 A sour citrus fruit indigenous to the Near East.EXP Bonus: +3% Duration: 30m1
Sunflower Seeds0 The fruit of a sunflower, this small seed is covered by a thin black shell.1
Sunset Wheat0 A common variety of golden-brown wheat eaten as a staple in many of Eorzea's city-states. Crafting Material1
Sunset Wheat Flour0 Finely milled sunset wheat. Crafting Material1
Sweet Cream0 The butterfat-rich layer skimmed off of buffalo milk. Widely used in confectionaries. Crafting Material1
Table Salt0 Finely ground salt used not only for flavoring foods, but for pickling and preserving as well. Crafting Material1
Thanalan Tea Leaves0 These leaves, when dried and steeped in hot water, create a sweet-smelling tea known for its curative properties. Crafting Material4
Thyme0 A fragrant herb used to flavor various meat and poultry dishes. Crafting Material3
Tomato Sauce0 A tangy sauce made from crushed tomatoes. Crafting Material1
Tree Toad0 A giant green toad found in nearly all of the lakes and swamps of Aldenard. Crafting Material1
Vanilla Beans0 A sweet-smelling spice made from the dried pod of the rare vanilla plant. It is often used in the making confectionaries as well as medicines.1
White Truffle0 A rare white mushroom that grows in the soil, rather than above it, making the specimen almost impossible to locate. It is treasured as a delicacy for its unique aroma. Crafting Material3
Wild Onion0 A pungent bulb vegetable native to the Near East. Crafting Material1
Wizard Eggplant0 A firm, purple-skinned vegetable indigenous to the mountains of the Near East. A common wives' tale claims if you eat too many of this vegetable, you will turn into one. Crafting Material2
Young Cieldalaes Spinach0 This bunch of Cieldalaes spinach has been picked young to reduce bitterness. Crafting Material7
Young Dodo Roaster0 A whole young dodo, small enough to fit in most conventional household ovens.1

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