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Amdapor Keep

Amdapor Keep Guide, Loot & Map

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Amdapor Keep is not part of the main story and is a side quest given by the NPC Nedrick Ironheart in Vesper Bay (Western Thanalan) upon completion of Aurum Vale. In order to get the quest you must have completed the main scenario. The quest is given at level 50 and the dungeon is located in South Shroud. There is also another quest which gains entry, given by the Ul'dah Grand Company NPC upon completing the Dzemael Darkhold quest. This dungeon is also a requirement as part of the relic quest; A Relic Reborn.

The Amdapor Keep dungeon has three sections, each featuring a tricky boss encounter at the end. Since this dungeon can be difficult for players who are new to it we decided to turn the page into a strategy guide, as we plan to do for all difficult dungeons. In patch 2.1 the difficulty of the dungeon was reduced but the guide is still relevant.

Ground Floor

On the Ground Floor there is not a lot to worry about, just work your way through the trash mobs towards the boss room. As with almost all trash in this dungeon it is best to AoE burn them down for speed rather than sleep and kill one by one. Once you kill the group of red guys next to the barrier the room will open.

To fight this boss you should begin by blasting down the Lunatic Priest. Ignore the Psycheflayer (main boss) when it spawns and just kill this guy as fast as possible. If your DPS is good enough you can kill it before the main boss spawns any stone creatures.

Now you will turn your attention to the Psycheflayer, who will spawn a new stone creature every so often. Simply kill these as fast as possible and then turn your focus back on to the main boss. After a couple of stone creatures the tank should move the boss towards the side of the room because eventually the boss will summon a huge stone creature who walks up and down the room. You do not want to be near that and he will use an extremely wide AoE which will kill you if hit. You do not have to try kill this guy. To complete the fight just keep killing any stone adds while DPSing the boss in-between. Eventually he will go down.

Map of Amdapor Keep Ground Floor in FFXIV: A Realm Reborn

Second Floor

The trash mobs on the second floor are nothing to worry about so just make your way to the boss room. Some of the mobs can be skipped if they are far enough away on certain corners but apart from that you will kill the majority of the map. Enter the Demon Wall room and prepare to fight.

This boss will kill you and wipe the party if you do not know what you are doing. The fight involves an awful lot of movement and if you are a caster you need to know when you can cast your spells without having them interrupt. Fortunately the boss uses the same attack pattern for the duration of the fight. The floor will change colour throughout the fight and you do not want to be standing on the dark stuff because it will inflict lots of damage. You basically move right then left depending on what state the floor is in. On where to stand, it goes like this:

Side > Middle > Side > Middle > Repel

Repel is an attack he uses after the second set of floor changes and this will knock you back quite a few yalms. If you are stood on the sides when he uses this you will be knocked off the floor and killed instantly. You can not get back to the fight from down there. This pattern above will continue for the entire fight.

After the second Repel two bees will spawn, and there are two strategies for this. The first assumes you are killing them, in which case have someone use a limit break on them and finish them off as quickly as possible. The second strategy assumes you have high DPS (unlikely if you need this guide). If the Demon Wall is down to around 1/3 health when the bees spawn then you can just ignore them and DPS down the boss. This is more for an experienced group.

Map of Amdapor Keep Second Floor in FFXIV: A Realm Reborn
Click for a larger version.

Third Floor

The third floor has some trash mobs which can be tricky. There are 3 Succubus creatures in the area and you need to be careful with these, especially the third one. Try to pull them on their own and kill them as fast as possible as they have high damage AoE attacks focussed on a location rather than a person. The third one is particularly tricky as it comes with 3 other monsters. You should sleep what can be slept on this pull and then burn down the Succubus. You can then AoE burn the rest down if you wish.

The boss on this floor (Anatoboga) has some interesting mechanics which cannot be ignored, if you are careless you will die. First things first, the tank should take the boss to the far right corner and point it so that its back is facing the middle of the room and the ranged damage dealers should be stood next to the near statue on the right side.

Begin by DPSing Anatoboga as fast as you can until he starts casting Imminent Catastrophe. You will also notice a ball in the centre of the room when he starts casting this. This is a line of sight attack and will one shot you if you are within that line. To avoid it you stand between the ball and a statue. The attack is always from the centre of the room so as long as you watch the cast bar on Anatoboga you can just go hide. After Imminent Catastrophe the far left statue will turn into a demon creature. This should be killed as soon as possible before going back to the boss.

Anatoboga will eventually use Imminent Catastrophe again, and this time the statue on the near right where your ranged attackers are standing will turn into a demon. Kill this but be aware of a new attack the boss will start doing. He will attach a purple line to a random party member (who isn't the tank) and you have about 5 seconds to run far away before he places a bomb in your location. This bomb will explode repeatedly until the next Imminent Catastrophe so it is important that this spawns far away from the boss. The main reason a party will wipe on this boss is because they failed to avoid this attack.

Assuming you survived this phase the rest of the fight is pretty much the same. However since the statue you were next to has gone you should avoid the next Imminent Catastrophes by using the statue next to the boss. The next statue to turn into a demon will be the near left one, followed by the one next to the boss.

Once the fourth statue has turned into a demon the fight becomes a DPS race. You must kill the boss before the next Imminent Catastrophe goes off or you will wipe as there is nowhere left to hide. As a result you should not attack the fourth demon and just finish off the boss as its health will surely be low. A BLM or SMN limit break at this point can be nice in killing the demon and damaging the boss.

If your DPS players are well geared you will kill the boss before the fourth statue turns into a demon, and can maybe even ignore the third. But this is for experienced players.

Map of Amdapor Keep Third Floor in FFXIV: A Realm Reborn
Click for a larger version.

Amdapor Keep Screenshots

FFXIV - Amdapor Keep FFXIV - Amdapor Keep FFXIV - Amdapor Keep
FFXIV - Amdapor Keep FFXIV - Amdapor Keep FFXIV - Amdapor Keep
FFXIV - Amdapor Keep FFXIV - Amdapor Keep FFXIV - Amdapor Keep
FFXIV - Amdapor Keep FFXIV - Amdapor Keep FFXIV - Amdapor Keep

Amdapor Keep Loot List

Please note that the Amdapor Keep dungeon loot lists are a work in progress and may not contain every item in the dungeon. Aetherial (pink) items are not included as they are just the same items that can be crafted but with slightly better stats.

Items ()Level Stats/Compatibility/DescriptionNPC
Aeolian Scimitar50Physical Damage: 34, Auto-attack: 23.57, Delay: 2.08, DPS: 16.35157
Aubriest's Allegory50Vitality: +4, Intelligence: +4, Mind: +4, Accuracy: +7, Spell Speed: +5149
Darklight Baghnakhs50Physical Damage: 38, Auto-attack: 32.42, Delay: 2.56, DPS: 14.840
Darklight Bill50Physical Damage: 38, Auto-attack: 43.57, Delay: 3.44, DPS: 11.05784
Darklight Composite Bow50Physical Damage: 34, Auto-attack: 37.17, Delay: 3.28, DPS: 10.37784
Darklight Grimoire50Magic Damage: 59, Auto-attack: 35.46, Delay: 2.80, DPS: 21.07730
Darklight Harpoon50Physical Damage: 38, Auto-attack: 36.48, Delay: 2.88, DPS: 13.190
Darklight Kite Shield50Strength: +4, Vitality: +5, Parry: +7, Determination: +3654
Darklight Kple Kple50Magic Damage: 59, Auto-attack: 41.54, Delay: 3.28, DPS: 17.99708
Darklight Macuahuitl50Physical Damage: 38, Auto-attack: 25.33, Delay: 2.00, DPS: 19480
Darklight Square Shield50Vitality: +4, Intelligence: +4, Mind: +4, Accuracy: +7, Spell Speed: +5523
Darklight Staff50Magic Damage: 59, Auto-attack: 42.56, Delay: 3.36, DPS: 17.56708
Mercenary's Acton50Dexterity: +14, Vitality: +15, Critical Hit Rate: +16, Determination: +16531
Mercenary's Leggings50Dexterity: +9, Vitality: +9, Accuracy: +14, Critical Hit Rate: +10436
Mercenary's Mitts50Dexterity: +9, Vitality: +9, Accuracy: +14, Critical Hit Rate: +10382
Mercenary's Pot Helm50Dexterity: +9, Vitality: +9, Critical Hit Rate: +10, Determination: +10467
Mercenary's Slops50Dexterity: +14, Vitality: +15, Accuracy: +23, Critical Hit Rate: +16327
Militia Duckbills50Vitality: +7, Intelligence: +8, Mind: +8, Critical Hit Rate: +11, Spell Speed: +8105
Sipahi Crakows50Strength: +9, Vitality: +9, Accuracy: +14, Determination: +7349
Sipahi Gloves50Strength: +9, Vitality: +9, Determination: +7, Skill Speed: +14382
Sipahi Sarouel50Strength: +14, Vitality: +15, Accuracy: +23, Determination: +11327
Sipahi Shirt50Strength: +14, Vitality: +15, Determination: +11, Skill Speed: +23425
Sipahi Turban50Strength: +9, Vitality: +9, Accuracy: +14, Determination: +7343
The Sash of the Blind Maiden50Strength: +7, Dexterity: +7, Vitality: +7, Accuracy: +11, Critical Hit Rate: +8218
Uraeus Skin0 8
Vermilion Chain Coif50Strength: +9, Vitality: +9, Parry: +14, Accuracy: +10463
Vermilion Haubergeon50Strength: +14, Vitality: +15, Parry: +23, Accuracy: +160
Vermilion Skirt50Strength: +14, Vitality: +15, Parry: +23, Accuracy: +16409
Vermilion Sollerets50Strength: +9, Vitality: +9, Parry: +14, Accuracy: +10471
Warlock's Hat50Vitality: +8, Intelligence: +9, Mind: +9, Critical Hit Rate: +14, Determination: +7343
Warlock's Pattens50Vitality: +8, Intelligence: +9, Mind: +9, Accuracy: +14, Determination: +7392
Warlock's Ringbands50Vitality: +8, Intelligence: +9, Mind: +9, Accuracy: +14, Determination: +7305
Warlock's Robe50Vitality: +14, Intelligence: +14, Mind: +14, Accuracy: +23, Determination: +11425
Warlock's Satchel Belt50Vitality: +6, Intelligence: +7, Mind: +7, Determination: +5, Spell Speed: +11273
Warlock's Tights50Vitality: +14, Intelligence: +14, Mind: +14, Accuracy: +23, Determination: +11286

If you know of any other loot that drops in Amdapor Keep please post in the comments below.

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May 31, 2014 - 11:05:49 | Location: Durham, United Kingdom

Jeffrey I think you are wrong there. The i60 drops in Amdapor Keep were moved to Haukke Hard and Copperbell Hard in 2.1 and Amdapor Keep was given the i55 drops that are in Wanderer's Palace. Amdapor Keep was also nerfed in difficulty at the same time to reflect this.
Jeffrey [Anon]
Mar 14, 2014 - 14:42:48 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

The loot list is The same has Wnaderer's palace But it should be closer to Haukke Manor(Hard) and Copperbell Mine(Hard). Could you update to reflect this Thank you
Feb 26, 2014 - 22:21:41 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

Darklight staff
irvanes [Anon]
Sep 18, 2013 - 20:46:59 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

Hetairos breeches

Sep 15, 2013 - 16:39:20 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

Demon brick is from a loot chest before the first boss.

hang left before entering the door near the giant and cultists.
Anonymous [Anon]
Sep 12, 2013 - 02:01:41 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

boss dropped Hetairos mail
Sep 11, 2013 - 06:56:39 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

The peltast set
Sep 08, 2013 - 10:22:17 | Location: Durham, United Kingdom

Hi Missing Item, if you could let us know what they are then they can be added. The loot lists are all compiled manually so they indeed may be missing items. It's down to the community to help compile these things.
Missing Item [Anon]
Sep 07, 2013 - 06:21:32 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

You're missing items
Sep 06, 2013 - 17:59:03 | Location: Durham, United Kingdom

Thanks, I've changed this.
Some guy [Anon]
Sep 05, 2013 - 06:43:06 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

You now need to be lvl 50 to do the initial quest and que up for this dungeon =)
Everything else seems to be fine *cheers*