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Service, Fees & Legacy Campaign

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FFXIV: A Realm Reborn comes with an entirely new service fee structure to that which was in use towards the end of 1.0's lifetime. Gone is the fee for creating extra characters and instead you can decide whether you want to pay a basic fee for one character per world or a standard fee which gives you up to 8 characters on a world. There is an overall cap of 40 and 8 characters in place however but that should be more than enough for even the most dedicated players.

It has been said that retainers may be shared across your account for all characters on the same server, which makes the standard fee more appealing because it makes it a lot easier to play multiple characters. But with the ability to play every class on one character there is often little need for extra characters on the same server except for storage or trying out a different race.

The full FFXIV: ARR fee structure is as follows:

Membership Price Days Characters - World Characters - Total
Legacy £6.89/€9.99/$9.99 30 8 40
Entry £7.69/€10.99/$12.99 30 1 8
Standard £8.99/€12.99/$14.99 30 8 40
Standard £8.39/€11.99/$13.99* 90 8 40
Standard £7.69/€10.99/$12.99* 180 8 40

* These prices are based on the equivalent 30 day subscription, EG you pay £7.69/€10.99/$12.99 * 6 when you purchase a 180 day subscription.

The payment options for FFXIV: A Realm Reborn will be credit/debit cards, Square Enix Crysta and game cards bought in stores.

FFXIV: ARR Legacy Campaign

Legacy Campaign

The Legacy Campaign is a loyalty reward available to players who stuck with 1.0 during the rough periods and subscribed to the game for at least 90 days. Square Enix feels that they should reward this loyalty with a lower monthly fee as well as other bonuses.

Players with legacy status will be entitled to an exclusive chocobo mount which will become available with the launch of FFXIV: A Realm Reborn. They will also be able to request that their name is displayed in the credits for FFXIV: ARR. Another bonus is that legacy players will gain early access to the launch of FFXIV: ARR along with players who pre-ordered the game.

To qualify for a legacy account you must have subscribed for at least 90 days before June 30th 2012, 2012. As a result this means that it is no longer possible to qualify for legacy status. If you qualify for legacy status you will know about it via a logo in the character select screen.

FFXIV 1.0 Fee Structure

For much of FFXIV 1.0's life the game remained free to play. However this changed in January 2012 when monthly fees commenced. The fees announced were lower than the originally intended fees for the game and the possibility to purchase extra retainers was unavailable. The fee reduction was only a temporary plan until the release of FFXIV: A Realm Reborn.

The temporary fee structure meant you paid £6.89/€9.99 for 30 days if you live in Europe and $9.99 if you live in the USA. There was also an additional fee of £2.10/€3/$3 per extra character you created. If you purchased a 90 day subscription then you made a saving of £0.60/€1/$1 per 30 days, while a 180 day subscription option gave you a saving of £1.20/€2/$2 depending on your currency.

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Mike [Anon]
Apr 12, 2014 - 05:49:28 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

I played wow for many years and happly paid 13 to 15 dollars a month. But that same price for a console mmo is rediculous. I won't be buying it

Apr 11, 2014 - 07:56:47 | Location: Unknown, Canada

paid 40 for the game 60 for to have access online on the ps4 400 for the ps4 and now a monthly fee thats bullshit and what about the other games thats too crazy they dont want to leave 1 penny in your pocket these day
Apr 04, 2014 - 02:36:23 | Location: Unknown, United States

I'm not comparing Minecraft to FF14, I'm comparing a small indie developer to a corporate behemoth. If a bunch of guys in an office can make a good game, have people pay just 20 bucks with no subscription model, and make a lot of money, then I'm sure SE can. I'm not saying FF14 should be F2P, that would be silly. Hey even if SE merchandised the hell out of their game it would sell just as good if not even better. They already merchandise FF to an extent. I know a lot of free MMOs are mostly P2W and that saddens me, and I think that making FF14 that way would be suicide. But if they made it pay once, no subscription, they would sell it just as fine. A lot of people love FF and I'm willing to wager that even more people would play if they just made it pay once because more people would be able to keep playing without running out of money to pay the subscription and not have to worry about accidentally blowing all of their funds on it. I'd love to keep playing, I think it's a fantastic game. And I want to pay the subscription fee, but I do not yet have the income to pay for it alongside my other expenses. I may soon, but right now I don't.

I'm sorry if my last posts sounded ragey, I sort of vented after seeing the ridiculous backlash to people giving honest complaints. I also apologize for any spelling or grammatical errors, I do not have a good keyboard. I might be able to pay the subscription soon, so if you see me my character name is Leonceault Fauconnoix, see you round.
Apr 03, 2014 - 19:15:43 | Location: Unknown, United States

Are you seriously comparing Minecraft to FFXIV?! Isn't that comparing apples to oranges? How much computing power do you seriously think Minecraft needs, as opposed to FFXIV? And what did Notch do as soon as Minecraft took off? Formed a company and merchandised the hell out of his product. Toys, t-shirts, keychains, etc etc. He made his money using a different model using a different game. Free to play MMO's are mostly PAY TO WIN. So you have someone playing who cannot afford that $99.99 pack of currency who is always going to be way behind that player that bought it. Who cannot compete against that player, and in essence can never be equals with the high end players. I know not all free to play is like that, but a vast majority are. I'll pay the subscription. I get a FULL game that I can play, that is balanced and doesn't make me wait 100 hours to do something or pay with some premium currency. And I've found the servers to be way more reliable and the updates to be more plentiful.

Apr 02, 2014 - 05:41:32 | Location: Unknown, United States

And before you yell at me, I can see the reason behind some of the points made, but a lot of them are just angry ranters telling people to not exercise their first amendment rights and openly share their distaste for a subscription model. Imagine if you were playing Chrono Trigger and every 30 days some guy in a suit breaks into your house, steals the game and tells you to pay 10 bucks if you want it back. Or you're playing a game you got for 15-20 bucks on Steam and every 30 days it gets uninstalled until you pay 10 bucks. Yes I know it's a reasonable amount of money, but a large part of the 14-21 year-old male demographic of the video game industry does not have a credit card or disposable income. SE is a big time publisher with a good track record, a big fanbase, and probably a lot of money. Notch made tons of money after making Minecraft, did he use a subscription model? No, he didn't. If a small indie developer can make as much money as Notch did without the subscription fee, then there is no excuse for a corporate giant like SE to adopt this model. It is a total cashgrab, and that goes for all MMOs that use this model.
Apr 02, 2014 - 05:29:00 | Location: Unknown, United States

I hate that people are ranting on and telling people to stop complaining about the subscription fee.

Reality Check: Not everyone has disposable income. And you're saying that we want everything in the world to be free just because we complain a bit about a subscription fee for a game we already paid money for. If you look on places like Steam, Good Old Games, or even the local game store, you'll see that virtually none of the games out there charge a subscription fee. Big time publishers stay alive without making a subscription fee and just having the customer buy the game once and be able to play it as much as they like after. SE is a big time publisher, so they can most certainly stay alive without the subscription fee. Many of their games sold well without the subscription model, and the fact that people are defending this bullcrap is ludicrous. I know it's not a lot of money, but like I said many people don't have the expendable income to maintain an account. The game would do just fine if it just charged you once to get the game and let you play it without pestering you about the subscription after 30 days.

To those of you saying to just not play the game if they don't like the subscription, stop it. We WANT to play this game, but the fact that we can't because we didn't cough up more money irritates us, and rightfully so. I'd love to play this game and support the developers in all the ways I can, but the fact that I can't play the game that I got after giving the developers my trusted money upsets me. And if you think that makes me a bad person, then go jump off a cliff, I don't care.

nighthawk507 [Anon]
Feb 24, 2014 - 21:34:36 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

well as for why i complain is because i make 720 dollars a month for all bills it comes to almost that i barly can eat and when i can afford to get a game i expect it to be included everything not a subritpion fee
nighthawk507 [Anon]
Feb 24, 2014 - 21:29:14 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

this dont make sence you pay for the game why should there be a fee to play like final fantasy xiii you should have a single player mode like most games have
A Nonny Mous [Anon]
Feb 02, 2014 - 05:51:01 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

i prefer subscription based games simply because of the fact that there isnt some super fancy useful item that i can never get because i havent paid 10 bucks for every single item in existance. its probably cheaper for many of us in the long run too. i know it is for me.
Feb 01, 2014 - 06:23:14 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

Ever heard of online passes, Square?
Should have done those instead of subscriptions.
I'm not paying a fucking subscription to play.
Jan 29, 2014 - 19:46:17 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

Let me just jump in here real quick. I keep seeing yall say Evey MMO charges a monthly fee. Well that isn't true. I play Guild Wars and I don't pay a monthly fee. Never have they do not charge, but they do give u the option to buy things with real money (micro transactions). SE could have done the same thing but they are greedy. How dare they ask us to buy the game and pay every month. That's ridiculous! You can continue being abused and use but not me. GUILD WARS check it out. buy it then that's it.
justaname [Anon]
Jan 09, 2014 - 02:10:07 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

I honestly cannot believe people are complaining about being charged a monthly service fee. Look at WoW, that game has charged a fee since its creation and it has been around for years. Now when SE asks for one, it's suddenly "the death of the MMO" and "the fall of the industry." If you want the truth, many free to play games want you to spend money. They want you to spend a lot of money to get the best out of the game. Sure, you may say "I don't need any of that premium stuff." See how long you keep that up when you are left behind by players who pay. A subscription nullifies that. Everyone is on equal ground. You can never be at an advantage or disadvantage based on how much money you throw at the game. Really, SE is not asking for much considering how much you get out of it. If you don't like the fee, don't play. Meanwhile, myself and others will be enjoying this fantastic game. Have fun on the sidelines.
WTF [Anon]
Jan 07, 2014 - 17:32:00 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

LOL the more comments I read the more funny you guys are. Game is doing very very well...You cant have this level of development without a sub fee...unless you think they should work for free.

Must be kids? Cause 12-15 a month for entertainment is about as cheap as anything you will find. Sorry if you don't like MMOs but want to play...but this is how it is unless they suck so bad that they have to make it f2p...Square is awesome, and if it was f2p from beginning I wouldn't play as just look below to see the types f2p games attract..I get enough /whining at work, don't need it during my gaming time. Thanks
HerpaDerp [Anon]
Jan 05, 2014 - 20:36:04 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

I don't understand how people can complain about subscription fees except that maybe they've never played other MMOs and/or are 15 living at home with their parents and don't have to pay regular bills.

Seriously, you expect everything in the world to be free? Your whining about having to pay one fee and that's it is like saying you should only pay to have your hair cut once in your life and then you should always be able to get it cut again for free. Or car insurance. Or any bill that you have to pay continuously for that matter. It keeps growing, just as MMOs do, and needs constant upkeep. To expect people to work for free for the rest of YOUR life is ridiculous and extremely small-minded.

While I wish that things didn't cost so much, either, I definitely don't expect them to be free and understand why they would cost a recurring fee.

Get a life. If you don't like it don't play, it'll free up server room so the rest of us don't have to experience lag from those that don't understand economics.
Quit Whining [Anon]
Jan 03, 2014 - 09:45:03 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

Come on guys, why jump online to complain about having to subscribe?

If you don't want to subscribe - complain to someone who cares. We were all informed at the beginning it was a subscribe to play MMO.

If people pay and whine - ignore or block them from bothering you.

If you like pay once and play ideals, go ahead, we get where you're coming from, but nobody wants to hear the sob stories. -_-

Pay and play or don't people, it's not the end of the world!

Just an opinion not an attack okay. > for the over-reactive.
Umyeah [Anon]
Dec 30, 2013 - 22:08:39 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

People who complain about the price of a SERVICE, in this case, a form of entertainment, are the equivalent of the New York Jewish Guy complaining over the price of a cup of coffee, or even worse, how everything tastes or is in some way THAT much better... Yes.... In New York. Pay your bills for a service that isn't essential to your survival. If you can't afford to pay, you can't afford to play. 'Nuff said. Enjoy.
Dec 30, 2013 - 14:12:19 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

Really? All these whiners on this comment section make me just cringe. First off this game really isn't any harder than any other subscription mmo for bettering your character. If you want full ilvl 90 gear then yes its going to take time, skill and patience (or being carried and a lot of luck). If you're the type of person that just wants to have all the best and be top in no time, then a pay to win game might be more your style, again your going to spend real money to get there, just it's much faster. Another option is something like guild wars 2. Free to play monthly, and have the same gear as everyone else in no time.
For people like me though I enjoy the process of getting the gear, to me the gear is just a tool I want so I can do the raids I ENJOY better. I spend maybe a few hours a week capping my myth tomes, running the new CT for some gear. All of it is fun to me and I upgrade my character constantly. Also.. since they just patched the game with nearly an expansion worth of content! I am happy to pay my bit in order to have a game that is updated as such.
NoobHere [Anon]
Dec 29, 2013 - 16:55:27 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

When i buy the game, Do i still have to pay for the subscription fee?

Chillvan [Anon]
Dec 23, 2013 - 10:40:31 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

You guys are really just annoying... just ranting for the sake of it.
The game is actually very entertaining and the few bucks for monthly subscription are totally worth it in my opinion if the 2.1 patch is any indication for the size of future patches and which should be due every 3 months.
If you look at your "awesome" F2P and B2P games, you'll see that the only content they are putting out is new shit which you can buy in stores!
SE did it right with FFXIV, i wouldn't play this game if it went to this plain stupid pay to win model. Also I want to be able to get everything in the game without actually having to buy a specific item.
So stop ranting and go to the official boards of your saviors like TERA, GW2 and whatever game you'll get bored with within 4 weeks!
Dec 18, 2013 - 16:22:17 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

Keep the subs. They are what make the game grow. If you dont like subs or cant aford them then go play a f2p game or give up gaming. Dont think people know how much work and money go into these kinda games. These are not COD games etc. These are game that grow over the years. I dont play f2p games as most are pay to win. Pay to play gmes are always the best. FFXIV is a awesome game and i'll be happy to pay the tiny monthly sub to play it
Martin [Anon]
Dec 17, 2013 - 13:54:22 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

to the people who keep saying things like "why you crying about a few pounds a month" or "lmao you obviously haven't played many other MMO's theres always a fee"

well firstly i'm paying the subscription myself, not mummy and daddy, which is probably your case

secondly its more likely we have played more MMO's than you as we are aware they are not usually as expensive as this, hence the reason we are complaining in the first place, please try to keep up or don't comment.
Martin [Anon]
Dec 17, 2013 - 13:39:06 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

I played my free trial, it was a fun game, i really enjoyed it but if you seriously think i am going to pay £8.99 a month to play it, your out of your mind £4.99 a month is about standard, if it was that then maybe i'd play some more, but i am not paying £107.88 a year just to play your game, if you want the true final fantasy fans then i suggest you lower your monthly rates, but if your fine with the mindless MMO fans then keep on as you are, seems you don't care about your true fans anymore anyway, your just out for the money now, very disappointed in you SQUARE ENIX. Wont be buying any future final fantasy games now, might aswell class this franchise as dead now.
blegh [Anon]
Dec 11, 2013 - 16:29:09 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

I'm an in the middle type. Yes FTP would be fantastic and would help us (the people who can't always afford £9/Month) save some money, BUT that said it is nigh-on impossible to keep a game this large running with as many servers as it has and still pop out decent updates, patches etc without PTP. Although lowering the monthly cost would probably help both parties out considerably, Enix would get more custom due to a comparatively cheap sub, players could save a bit and maybe put some money aside for donating? (just an idea) or, if you want to go down this increasingly popular route, spending in a microtransaction store for cosmetics, character services, items etc. Personally i don't mind the £9/Month as i have a way to save it and be able to continue playing, but i do think that when they decide to slow up on the support for the game (not stop just reduce the resources) they should drop the price as by then the player count will be pretty much as high as it will be and new titles will be the source of income.
mancjedi [Anon]
Dec 10, 2013 - 12:56:34 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

Kinda hypocritical of people calling Square Enix cheapskates when they refuse to pay a reasonable amount of money for a subscription. My local Game does 60 day subscriptions for around £15. That's cheaper than World of Warcraft. FFXIV also doesn't try to rip you off with microtransactions, and the money helps them increase stability, upkeep servers and patch where appropriate.

There are very few good MMOs, and you have to pay for the best ones, because the best ones require a significant amount of money to upkeep. If this game were F2P, it would be even more half-assed than FFXIV's original build.
Tonto of rag [Anon]
Dec 08, 2013 - 03:02:13 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

It's not worth it my wife and I played FFXI for 6 years and its too much. They should charge 3-4 dollars a month. They charge so much then make items so hard to get because they want you to keep playing. Meanwhile because you can't get the right gear you can't level up to get the stats to get new gear with a worse drop %. Then people who act like they are god of the internet treat you like crap because you didn't use the right ability when the whole team got slaughtered because your team was built wrong. Final fantasy is dumb bullshit I will send you my address you can send me 13 bucks a month and ill kick you in the nuts. That's the same deal you have with SE .
ChocoboTurd [Anon]
Dec 06, 2013 - 22:00:55 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

The real cheapskates are Square enix, you people are becoming as bad as the people who make COD and Battlefield. Just pushing B.S in everyones face, clueless idiots will pay and protect, and the GOOD fans who LIKED the final fantasy series will pay because they are loyal. *shakes head* Very disrespectful of EA, activision AND NOW SQUARE ENIX!? Christ, the game industry will continue to fall it seems.
Kazuhira [Anon]
Dec 06, 2013 - 03:24:19 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

Most here say either free to play, or pay to play (Subscription) but honestly? This game should of been BUY to play. When your already paying for the game itself, AND paying internet bills, it would make so much more sense rather than to "Respect the fans and make it pay to play" honestly it is the utmost disrespectful thing to me, seeing as I play playstation 3 and us users having to wait ever so long just to get this game (Which we all know how that turned out) and then coming at us with this was just a sorry excuse to get money. Shame on you Square Enix. If you needed money so bad, and wanted to make a better release than you did then the most you could of done is held it back the 1st time around, and realized these things yourselves instead of turning a stab in the back, into profit.
ex-fanatic [Anon]
Dec 03, 2013 - 16:18:59 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

first of,
monthly fees are BS.
why in the world have you guys given up on the biggest game story lines of all the games in the world!?
look at ff7 , 8 , 9 , 10... ......maybe add 12 with a bad sense of ... cant find the words...
you even stopped caring while even bringing up the thought of ffX-2 imo
HD ,online and monthly fees
Autarch [Anon]
Dec 01, 2013 - 20:26:06 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

No one is going to have fun playing this game if there is a monthly fee. Square, your downfall is approaching. You need to act quickly.
seriously [Anon]
Nov 29, 2013 - 00:48:56 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

Why is everyone whining about a few. it helps make the game better by funding patches and more content. if you didnt expect a fee on an MMO youre an idiot
CheesePotato [Anon]
Nov 23, 2013 - 17:12:58 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

If you've came here to complain about the sub or w/e, go play Tera. It's F2P and will keep you busy for a good while- assuming that you're intent on reaching endgame. Here's a video of a lancer
lol [Anon]
Nov 22, 2013 - 22:27:26 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

Uh....MMO's have always cost a sub fee, that's how they pay people to constantly work on new content. This isn't new, this has always been the industry standard, with the exception of Guild Wars 1 at release. All the other MMOS that have gone free to play (meaning to monthly fee) went that route because they would of otherwise failed, however they DID NOT begin free to play.
I actually prefer subbed games as it keeps the WoW kiddies out more or less.
DDO [Anon]
Nov 22, 2013 - 09:22:03 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

@Mad Consumer

lol that gave me a good laugh. You obviously have not played many other games have u? there are tons of other mmo companies that squeeze money out of their players. Don't like it, don't play it. Stop complaining, no one cares about you.
None [Anon]
Nov 21, 2013 - 11:06:14 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

You guys that are crying about a monthly fee really need to grow up and pull your heads out of your asses. The MMO genre has been around for a long time now and subscription fee is just part of the package. EVERY single MMO of note, INCLUDING this game's predecessor had subscription fees.

That fee doesn't just go to pay for coke and hookers. It goes towards keeping the servers for the game running and general upkeep. It also goes towards the development of new content.

If you do not like the idea behind a monthly subscription fee to play a constantly changing online game, then by all means, do not play. Please, don't play. You lack the maturity and the foresight to be someone that the other layers would want to interact with anyway and we're better off without you and you won't be missed.

Go back to playing your yearly Call of Duty and sports games, because, you know, THOSE aren't release from money-grubbing bastard companies or anything.
Mad Consumer [Anon]
Nov 19, 2013 - 01:32:36 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

The game is good but now they are asking for to much. No game what so ever should require a monthly fee. Square Nix has just become a group of money hungry producers .
Leo [Anon]
Oct 15, 2013 - 16:20:56 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

@pissedoffnow Are you serious? Go play Maple Story then, or one of the other crappy FtP MMO's, you'll be back once you realize if you want to have any fun you need to BUY in-game weapons with REAL money.
pissedoffnow [Anon]
Oct 11, 2013 - 01:39:33 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

this is absolutely ridiculous. I though the game was cheap and that I was getting a good deal, but only now realising that you HAVE to pay a fee to play on line too is ridiculous , I was going to buy the game today too but now I'm not getting it because of the fee, call me cheap but that's me.
why spend money on a game and HAVE to pay a monthly fee too when I can play DCUO which was free to download and most of the content doesn't nee a subscription
Deacon Frost [Anon]
Sep 27, 2013 - 10:01:57 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

Firstly, I can confirm what the guy before me said, in case anyone comes across this. My wife plays on the PS3 while I play on the PC. However, the PS3 locks you down -- once you've registered a Square Enix account on it with your PSN login, you can't change your login ID. Seems like a bit of a pain, but I heard that it had to do with trying to make it harder to sell on characters.
Aqua [Anon]
Sep 16, 2013 - 21:37:05 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

@PNoy: Yes both PS3 and PC players are playing on the same servers at the same town and can interact like players in any online game. If you want to be able to play your character on both PS3 and PC and switch between them you will need to purchase the game twice, one copy for each system, and like both purchases to you account.
PNoy [Anon]
Sep 13, 2013 - 20:11:07 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

I read in one of the comments that this game is crossformat console. Does that mean i can play my account/character either on PC or Ps3? Also, does that mean PC players can play/interact with Ps3 players? Sorry total newbie... planning to buy the game.

Anyone please answer, thanks!
Sep 04, 2013 - 03:22:18 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

Bobbg: You got your money's worth from FFXI, so nothing for you for FFXIV. Welcome to the real world. Still, if you do get something, let me know. I'd like to discount for buying every FF game since VI.
Sep 03, 2013 - 07:39:40 | Location: Durham, United Kingdom

Laxus SE said they plan to allow world transfers for a fee about a month after launch, so perhaps by the end of September you'll see something.
Bobbg [Anon]
Sep 03, 2013 - 07:21:33 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

What About us that played the Original online FFXI game no discount?
I played on Titan until that world ended. about 8 years.
Laxus [Anon]
Sep 03, 2013 - 06:38:45 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

So my only question is if there will possible be a fee you can pay that would allow you to switch to a different server with a character? I ask since all this traffic and AFK players making it impossible to get on to any EU or NA servers I am playing on a JP server and was hoping that all this work would not go in vain since all my friends and my other character are on a NA server.
Zane [Anon]
Sep 02, 2013 - 15:40:13 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

I can honestly say I don't rate this game. Taking it back and getting a refund.
CheeseCake [Anon]
Aug 30, 2013 - 04:59:23 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

now I have 2 service account (Old one from Beta->EA and new one that i accident create this new service)
do i need to buy new game for active my old service account or just cancel service on new one will get key back?

i fear that if im cancel service account the key will gone with it..

sorry for my bad english :x
Zee [Anon]
Aug 29, 2013 - 21:12:43 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

Let me know when a lifetime sub option arises, I can pull off a couple hundred dollars in a lump sum, but I have a family and can't necessarily enroll in yet another monthly bill. Certainly not when there are so many truly great free to play games.
utot [Anon]
Aug 29, 2013 - 08:54:28 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

I have this on pc and ps3. This game will be played for a long time for sure. This is the first crossformat console to pc. Well its expensive but still people buy it. If you don't want to pay the fees don't get it period. Don't say anything that will turn against you and look like a cheapskate. We don't care and we are enjoying the game.

Cloud [Anon]
Aug 28, 2013 - 13:56:05 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

Just purchased on PSN last night and all the NA servers are full so it chose a EU server for me, however i got stuck on the Character creation screen when i was done editing.
Should i just try back in a week or a few months?
Metal [Anon]
Aug 28, 2013 - 10:22:32 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

So basically, I'm supposed to pay almost 15$ every month I want to play a game that itself costs 15$.

No deal, guys. Sorry. I'm not expecting this to be free to play. I'm expecting this to have a reasonable subscription price.
Aug 27, 2013 - 21:57:01 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

the game should have cost more 99 quid with 2 years sub
Aug 27, 2013 - 04:55:30 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

Did anyone seriously think this would be a FREE-TO-PLAY game? Really you did? Hey in that case I have some ocean front property in Nevada to sell you half price.

Come on guys FFXI was pay to play and i played that game for years. Please dont be stupid this game was always gonna be that way and SE never said anything to make you think diffrent.
jose lages [Anon]
Aug 26, 2013 - 19:18:17 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

please help or reply to my email please ITS URGENT

iam portuguese so i have a little difficult to understand some words sometimes.
This the catch, so i will buy the game and i will have my 1 month free, and then i buy the 180 subscription and then i just buy another subscrition at the end of the 180 days ?

my email
Aug 26, 2013 - 02:17:03 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

People that hate the sub, well stop being cheap. If you want a good game with less retards just downloading the game for free then making your life hell because hey its free and i got nothing to lose i will just keep downloading it and fucking with people. FFXI had a much more serious aspect to it then any other MMO i have ever played. don't get me wrong sure you sometimes get the idiots still but no where near. If you don't want to pay for it thats your choice and you can go play your free mmos while i enjoy my beautiful sub game.

and for the guy thinking they won't get much playing. they have 20+ servers and are having to expand them because guess what they are all filling up so quick they didn't expect it.
pjcnet [Anon]
Aug 25, 2013 - 02:26:45 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

You may say you're getting a game for free, but not really, you are getting the same game remade / improved and despite paying for the game you were unable to play it for a whole year while waiting for the new version to come out.

Yes it is a kick in the teeth when you bought the original game from day 1 not to be given legacy status, it's also a kick in the teeth to be effectively told to buy the game twice if you want to play the game during early access. I bought the game in 2010 when it was worse than terrible and far below the minimum quality one would expect for an MMO as Square Enix even admitted, yet people who bought the game only very recently are the only ones getting the early access.

Also how are you supposed to set up a subscription to play it on the 27th August as there is no information or instructions anywhere, plus I couldn't even find a download link to the client either on the official site and I've had to search elsewhere for it.
Sephiroth [Anon]
Aug 22, 2013 - 20:22:32 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

FFXIV beta was amazing. Monthly payments are normal when it comes to FF games. Look at FFXI and how many people play it and how great of a game it is compared to other free online games where u spend more money just to get some "items" or get ahead. This is one great game, and there's a reason behind that. SE has done a great job fixing it into AAR and people, please don't complain. If you don't want to pay, don't. For everyone else who's loving this game, SEE YOU THERE!
Urthlom [Anon]
Aug 22, 2013 - 16:32:50 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

C'mon really?! I was looking forward to this game so much until i found about this. Like seriously guys? Subscriptions? Everyone already know's subs don't get you as much customers! Just look at WoW the use of subscriptions have made their player count much lower over the past year. Even they're thinking of going to a free-to-play! If anything just do some in game shopping things with good items to insure that people buy extra stuff, don't use subscriptions!!
Aug 22, 2013 - 11:41:50 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

Free to play games are more expensive then sub based games, so stop crying!
GT459 [Anon]
Aug 21, 2013 - 09:26:30 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

Well I am glad its subscription based - subscription based MMO's tend to be better...also SE, SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!
5 [Anon]
Aug 21, 2013 - 01:53:18 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

I like all final fantasy games but having to pay a monthy fee that sucks. I don't think they r going to have the people play the game as much as they think. the game should be free to play you all ready paid for it
Han [Anon]
Aug 20, 2013 - 19:30:31 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

When do we need to start paying for sub fee's when game launches? A month after release or right after start game?
KIRA [Anon]
Aug 20, 2013 - 19:28:50 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

Lol for the tards who are bitching about paying monthly and preferring FREE MMO. REALLY??? Yea free MMO's come at a retarded price; with everything in game costing 5$+. So in reality your spending hundreds to win vs FFXIV where you buy the game and everything is obtainable without paying out the ass to win. Sure, monthly fee should be wavered for a few months to attract customers, but can't make everything perfect. So comparing FFXIV to those dumbass FTP MMO's is beyond idiocy.
someone [Anon]
Aug 18, 2013 - 00:23:57 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

I don't like the paying per month thing not at all.. they should make the game free then more people will buy the game that why I decided not to purchase it anymore and play free online games.. buying the game already a lot of money but paying per month also its alright
Herp [Anon]
Aug 16, 2013 - 08:20:29 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

I can see this now... "I'm legacy because I stuck with the game!" "You're an idiot because you continued to PAY for a failed game!"

Awesome. Turning off whatever global chat they have and adding a new section to my ignore list right beside the "WOW CLONE" tards. Who cares. You played FF14 in it's ridiculously failed state. I played other games that were just as fail instead. Bragging about either or insulting each other just shows you're a 12 year old that should simply go back to CoD where that kind of behavior is appreciated...

As for the real players out there, I'll see you in game! Where we fight monsters and not a chat box!!!
Sigh [Anon]
Aug 14, 2013 - 06:06:33 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

Omg guys do some friggin reading. It was clearly stated many times that legacy members get the pc version of arr for free. Learn to read!!! Too many whiners saying they don't want to have to pay for it again before reading that legacy gets it for free. If you didn't pay for/support 1.0 when it was out for at least 90 days; then you don't deserve to get legacy status. Simple as that. Get over it.
BS [Anon]
Aug 13, 2013 - 16:42:43 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

Damn bullsh***t as always... Why i have to pay more bcause im from europe? $14.99 is still LESS than €12.99. I can buy 3 good 0,5L beers for that difference -,-' There is always the SAME SH*T! Steam is biggest of them all!!! they think €=$ and there is no possibility to change the currencies D: Not to mention that in my country there is no option to RAF in WoW. Fu***n stupid! D:
Aug 08, 2013 - 22:30:10 | Location: Unknown, United States

because they cant have you make a lifetime contract to pay for the game so it would have to be one lump some now which they would end up losing money with in the long run
Nelvafrel [Anon]
Aug 08, 2013 - 21:18:14 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

Cut the crap about "I don't care about being legacy". You pay 5$ less/month, and you know it.
Aug 08, 2013 - 00:27:05 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

why is there no lifetime subscription option =/
Idioteva [Anon]
Jul 28, 2013 - 17:14:52 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

I know I would like to pay for 90 or 120 days but I only want one character. Is there possible to have an option like that to be made available?
Jul 16, 2013 - 04:27:43 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

So if I subscribe for 6 months all i get is the ability to make 7 other characters? I think i like the old pricing chart from lodestone >.< 1 character on the 6 month plan worked out to $7.99 a month. that would be outstanding. I would much prefer a lower monthly fee for a 6 month contract over the ability to make more characters.
Jul 15, 2013 - 14:46:13 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

who really gives a crap about the Legacy status? I'm Legacy and I don't care. I'm probably not going to receive any of the Legacy bonuses because I'm going to reroll a character on a non-legacy server so i can play along side my wife and other friends. It's just a game, don't take it so serious as life itself.
Jul 14, 2013 - 21:45:22 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

This game is totally worth a sub, has a great story, and cinematics, gw2 is total garbage graphics suck game play suck the entire game is junk of course its free to play, Starwars was on a monthy sub but guess what game was worse that gw2 they had no choice but to make it a pay to play thats right you cant really play the game without paying something. Same goes for CRAPA or TERA both those games you will end up paying more than you would with a monthly sub for a complete game. So cry all you want FFXIV ARR will do very well as long as they use the sub money to put out constant updates.
Jul 14, 2013 - 21:38:22 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

The game is even more amazing now, I loved the first try now its just finished and more open world, the detal does seem a little dumbed down but still looks amazing and runs beautifully. Cant wait for the release, does anyone know what to do with a canceled account I want to resub with my old account that i canceled but how do i do that?
Jul 14, 2013 - 20:17:21 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

still cheaper then wow, has way better game play and story line, not babyfied like most mmo have come.
Btw Yoishi wasn't one made ffxiv originally he took over after it flop and has rebuilt it why think it called "a realm reborn" he fix all the wrong in the game. I don't mind paying monthly fee why, simple answer. F2p your account not cover for hacking. were p2p has that cover over your account.
Jul 13, 2013 - 09:13:07 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

The game is pretty decent but not worth a monthly fee, how do companies still not get it?, relying on fanboys? With the Old Republic and TERA failing at that being far superior games... and then GW2 offering an incredible game with no subscription SE still thinks this game will hold a monthly fee like they are WoW quality? I just don't get it... They could easily sell this game for full retail $60 with no subscription just like a regular game with online multiplayer and make far more money than just with fees...
Jul 12, 2013 - 23:14:25 | Location: Durham, United Kingdom

They are giving us the game for free though Anonymous Jul 12th.

The price chart is correct. Here is the official sources:

The 180 day figure is a monthly cost so you pay that fee * 6. I agree it is confusing but it is in the same format as the sources above. I may change the way the prices are displayed here to get rid of the confusion.
Jul 12, 2013 - 11:27:16 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

The thing that bugs me though is the fact that it was their fault for releasing and unfinished game in the first place. So why would we have to pay for their mistakes, what ever the reason. Don't get me wrong though I love SE games and I think I would go as far as saying am a fan boy but it doesn't change the fact they srewed up alone and we didn't do it to them. So they had to do what they HAD to do. Get rid of the employes that did the wrong and make it better or start over and build a better reputation. When something is defective for everyone and they have recalls on those iteams. They should have just done that, release it when it was fixed.
Jul 11, 2013 - 00:09:52 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

as much as i'd like to believe this chart, i'd like to see an official link for the fees :-/
Jul 09, 2013 - 22:39:01 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

Am not happy since I bought the collectors edition day 1 and kept up with the game for quite some time. Joined the military when it was going to a subscription free and knew I wouldn't be able to play. By the time I got computer access again it was too late to get the status.

Thanks a lot.
Jul 02, 2013 - 00:39:10 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

People complaining about not getting legacy are the same people who are gonna bail out anyways within the first week and go back to there WoW or they will kick and scream till they start playing and then you will never hear from them again. besides not everyone who bought the game deserves the damn legacy title seeing how the game was going for a friggin penny at your local gamestop for a while there.
Jul 02, 2013 - 00:12:11 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

this price chart look like is all wrong
Jun 29, 2013 - 22:12:27 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

So if legacy you get original campaign too or just a chocobo mount, your name, and lower subscription fee?
Jun 29, 2013 - 02:00:59 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

I bought the CE edition and payed up until they cancelled subs in january, does that mean I qualify for legacy or did I have to re-sub to get legacy? Just curious i'm fine either way.
Jun 27, 2013 - 17:08:07 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

so I am a little confused here, 8 characters for 3 months is the same cost at 1 character for 1 month? or is that 12.99 for 180 a monthly fee?
Jun 27, 2013 - 01:21:14 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

Will there be any form of legacy bonus to the FFXI peeps?
Jun 26, 2013 - 06:29:43 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

If I have legacy but i want to make a new character will any of the digital items be available to my new character?
Jun 24, 2013 - 21:13:41 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

I think all the people complaining about Legacy should stop. I didn't get Legacy, either, but I'm not against those who did. They paid money when the company needed it. They continued supporting the game when everyone else gave up on it, and continue to be loyal today. It's only a few dollars difference, and they get a mount. It's not a big deal, and certainly not the end of the world. Does it make the game less fun to play? Nope.
Jun 24, 2013 - 16:47:14 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

So when does Legacy 2 start?
Jun 21, 2013 - 20:41:02 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

Hmm so much money a month D: I'm really looking forward to the game but I didn't want to get into a monthly fee MMO with usual prices anymore. hmm that's really a hard decision >.
Jun 19, 2013 - 11:12:46 | Location: Unknown, United States

If this is $10 or more a month im cancelling my 2 copies. I could live with $7.
Jun 16, 2013 - 22:25:57 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

can you pay from the Playstation store*
Jun 16, 2013 - 22:24:06 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

How do you pay subscription fees on your ps3? can you pay from the ps star
Jun 16, 2013 - 07:56:25 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

I think is fair that EVERYONE that got the v 1.0 sure receive the ARR for free, otherwise was a waste of money, is simple as that. w/e you played the game or not. PPL made a purchase, is not fair to loose $60+ and pay again. not talking about the monthly fee, just the money I have to spent again.
Jun 16, 2013 - 02:56:34 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

Even if you did not subscribe the 3 months for legacy, if you bought the original game, you get the reboot free as well as the preorder items & early access. I did the beta on the original, and avoided the main game when I heard about the after launch, and that was a decision that I made as it was others' decision to stick with the game then and they earned their rewards. There is no need for regret, or envy, this is square's way of thanking people for giving this second chance because without those people a realm reborn would likely not be here today and the company could have been harmed on their reputation. Wouldn't you want to thank those people too if you worked for square? Don't you want to as a person who plays and enjoys square-enix games and likely has since your childhood like some of us? Those people helped ensure we got the game we're getting, and higher quality in many future games because of their support. Be objective & think outside of your own field of perception before you make judgments. It's a sign of wisdom.
Jun 09, 2013 - 01:34:40 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

Never mind... is if you paid 3 months :D
Jun 09, 2013 - 01:20:09 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

So to clarify this (because I didn't understand), legacy is whoever played the game for at least 90 days regarding if the account was active or not at that date (June 30th, 2012), or you had to have your account active and that account must have at least 90 days to that date? I'm asking because I played for like 6 months at first, stopped, then returned for like 1 month and leave the game before starting to charge. I just wanna know, I'll play the game, doesn't matter if I'm a legacy or not (I just got told that I can play with my old character too ).
Jun 02, 2013 - 17:04:41 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

I don't think people understand what's happening regarding legacy. I don't think people are looking at the overall picture.

Firstly lets make it clear that for those that bought the original boxed FFXIV 1.0 game. You DON'T have to buy the game again for ARR, you simply log into ARR with your original account details. That's it, there's no other fee except the subscription after the first free month.

Now, during the mass media slating of FFXIV 1.0 across the world (and rightly so) and the numerous forum threads saying how atrocious it is and at how SE is dead. The company was in a serious position and baring in mind SE is Japanese, the head of the company came out and publicly said how much FFXIV has damaged their image AND they ended up making some big choices in the removal of the team, including Tanaka, one of their oldest serving employees, and appointed a new team.

Despite all this, the legacy members are people that didn't cancel their subs during this period and continued to give SE money (at least 3 months worth) while the game was in an abysmal state.

Surely anyone with half a brain can appreciate the reason for SE wanting to give something back to these people during that critical part of its life. Saving an extra $ or two per month is not exactly giving them money, they've already paid much more than that. And a free Chocobo mount is never going to out-pimp anyone else, there will no doubt be WAY better mounts that you can only obtain in-game, regardless of your Legacy status or not.
Jun 01, 2013 - 19:28:10 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

So for the 180 subscription is it $12.99 every 6 months or $12.99 every month, and just paid in bulk every 6 months? There's quite a bit of debate everywhere I've looked trying to get an answer for it.
May 24, 2013 - 13:12:48 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

Do Legacy members have to pay for the new version of the game or will they have access with their original accounts used during ffxiv v1?

May 23, 2013 - 18:21:29 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

For the one complaining about the legacy situation, I have a feeling that SE will not lose customers because of this. I'm a legacy and even if I wasn't I will still want to be part of this game. Looks amazing and they have work hard enough to not give them a second chance. This "I'm not going to play because all this legacy" is just BS. I'm 100% sure that even YOU will be playing it. But don't worry , I know you will not say anything because them you EGO will get hurt again.

Stop complaining and be freaking proud that some people out there decided to stick around to give SE hopes for a better game that YOU will be playing. You decided not to waste your time/money in a game that was horrible, well that's not something that I will argue against. So don't come with the old story to back you about not paying the game because it was crap. That was your choice and no one blamed/blaming you for that.It was horrible and boring at first but some just decided to keep playing and SE wanted to reward them for their support on their bad times. That's is all. I find it very kind and motivating. You will probably end up receiving other bonus that new people in the future will not get. Even if you preorder you will get stuff that others will not. People should complain about that too??

Now just grow up and find more meaningful topic to discuss about because right now it just sound childish and even jealous.

Wow it seems like people just becomes kids sometimes....
May 08, 2013 - 18:35:11 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

Most of the players who are legacy weren't just paying during the elotted time, they were actually playing the game and taking part in it's legacy that the particular umbral era was leaving behind, they've fought, laughed, struggled, survived the chaos all while continuing to support Square Enix while they were making improvements and rebuilding the game, and therefore makes them legacy players. You did not, you hauled ass and didn't even bother to come back when they emailed you and made vast improvements to 1.0, therefore you are not Legacy. Deal with it.
May 05, 2013 - 20:26:36 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

Not going to pay a higher monthly premium than people with "legacy" just because they were around during the selected subscription time. I bought the boxed version and supported you guys then, I'm a part of the legacy even if you don't think so. Everyone who bought the game then is a part of the legacy. You're only going to lose players because of this. If anything legacy should be granted to anyone with an ffxiv registered ID before reborn and the mount would be for the people who meet your subscription date. This is just insult to injury otherwise.
Feb 25, 2013 - 19:37:59 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

Same here...
Feb 23, 2013 - 12:28:10 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

I am proud to have been swindled out of not paying 60 dollars to Square Enix despite having bought their failed product from day one, and will have to continue to pay a premium now.