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Posted by Xenor Vernix on Jan 14, 2019 - 20:04.

FFXIV News - Dev Blog: Tried and Blue

From the Dev Blog.

Hello everyone!

FFXIV's first limited job, blue mage is releasing tomorrow! As a big fan of FF5, the first FINAL FANTASY series that introduced the blue mage, when I heard blue mage I jumped up in joy! I'm here today to give a quick recap on all the information we have released thus far so you can "learn" and prepare for tomorrow!

First and foremost, blue mage's main feature is the ability to learn and mimic actions from enemies.


In order to learn, one must first witness the enemy perform a specific attack. Once you have witnessed the action, you have a chance of acquiring the ability once the enemy has been defeated. As long as you meet the requirement, you can learn blue magic spells. However, we recommend not going after monsters with too high of a level, as you may end up being KO'd before you can learn anything! As you can see in this image, they have learned a spell from a Morbol... probably smells bad.

If you'd like to collect blue magic spells quickly, and by that I mean increase the chance of learning by being able to take down enemies faster (maybe?) I recommend playing with other fellow would be blue mages! Maybe form a group and call it the blues brothers and sisters.

Blue Magic Spells


There are total of 49 blue magic spells available, with more to come in future updates. You'll need to figure out what you can learn, and where you can learn them based on the hints provided in your Blue Magic Spellbook. And if you're familiar with the blue mage from previous FINAL FANTASY games, you may remember a spell or two, which might give you a good idea of what monsters to hunt down.

There are many spells that aren't just for attacking, and combining these spells could provide ways to maximize your effects. Be sure to read the details of the spell, try it out, and figure out ways to make good use of them!

Next up is the Masked Carnivale!


For those of you who want to test the limits of your blue magic, we have the Masked Carnivale, a duty exclusive to blue mages. Here you're tasked to complete various stages prepared for you using the blue magic spells you have learned. Some of these stages are comprised of several acts, or simply put, phases. You cannot change your spells while engaged in a stage, so be sure to look over the details provided to you and think carefully on what spells you would want to set before jumping in.

Yoshi-P specifically mentioned this one can be challenging.


But for a seasoned blue mage as myself, this is nothing! I have come prepared with really strong blue mage spells!

Wait! Stop! Something ain't right!

FAILED... How, how did I end up being KO'd!?

The path to becoming a master blue mage may not be as easy as you think...

Once again, be sure to read over the details provided to you and make sure you strategize your attack or you'll end up like me here lying on the floor.


Blue mage is classified as a Discipline of Magic, so you'll be able to equip equipment and role actions for ranged magic DPS. However, unlike other jobs, a blue mage's weapons do not have any main attributes that enhance their base stats. Instead blue mages will be able to output higher magic damage than other jobs by stacking up on intelligence points, so it'll be important to prepare your gear and accessories with this in mind.

Blue mage is a very strong, fun job to play with various effects available that can only be achieved with blue magic spells. While blue mage cannot be use the matching system to match with other players, it's still possible to do certain content with pre-made parties. Jump in with a party full of blue mages to see what happens!

When we tried blue mage in the testing environment, there were moments where even we were challenged, asking ourselves "Wait... can we learn this by fighting this monster? Or does that spell come from that one...". Testing out each newly acquired spell was indeed a lot of fun. ! If you haven't seen the last Letter from the Producer Live, Yoshi-P was spitting out fishes like crazy! So be sure to check that out while you wait.

Blue mage is set to release tomorrow, January 15th. There's no maintenance before the release this time, so be sure to keep an eye out on when it goes live!

Good luck and see you in-game dressed in blue!

Community Team

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Posted by Xenor Vernix on Jan 04, 2019 - 03:29.

FFXIV News - Dev Blog: Picture Perfect in Patch 4.5!

From the Dev Blog.

Hello, /gpose enthusiast and community team member Ridrina here!

Today I'd like to go into detail on some of the new group pose features coming in Patch 4.5 that you may have seen previewed in the latest Letter from the Producer LIVE!

*Click on the screenshots to see larger versions.

▼The ways you can use group pose will be expanded.


What does that mean exactly? You'll now be able to use group pose under the following status conditions!

・Roleplay Status [Those instances where you're controlling an NPC, like Alphinaud or Y'shtola.]
And more!

So that means you can use group pose even when you've been turned into an Odder Otter in Heaven-on-High, or playing as Alphinaud in that one battle instance. Always remember, safety first! Make sure you're only posing for screenshots once your party has cleared the room or your tank may become incapacitated too!

▼A "manual focus" option will be added to the Depth of Field setting.

Up until now, Depth of Field is centered around the targeted object and everything else becomes blurred. You will be able to adjust this with the new "manual focus" setting.

"Manual focus" allows you to adjust the distance of which the Depth of Field will focus on.

For instance, you could focus on the character in the foreground.


Or you could focus on the rival character in the background instead.


It may seem a little complicated at first, but it's quite simple once you give it a try.
We recommend playing around with the slider when this feature comes out!

▼You can now change emotes while in group pose mode.



Imagine the ease of not needing to exit and re-enter group pose every time you wanted to try out a new emote? Bless.

That's right, you will now be able to switch up emotes for your character while in group pose mode.
*You will not be able to change the emotes for other characters, however

There have been so many times where I got the setting, weather, filter and lighting jussst right, only to think to myself "hmm, I should try /joy instead" and lost all of that progress. Never again!

▼A confirmation popup will appear when leaving group pose mode.


This was added in response to a request we received during the 5th Anniversary event.

You ever have one of those moments where your screenshot session is going so well - "This is perfect! So cute!", then your finger accidentally presses the wrong button and you exit group pose? Your character just standing there, devastated...

Having experienced such moments, I feel this is a great addition!


This concludes some of the features being added to the group pose feature in Patch 4.5!

Time to prepare some new glamours, we look forward to seeing all of you up your gpose game! These features, along with Patch 4.5 arrive next week on Tuesday, January 8th!

Community Team

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Posted by Xenor Vernix on Dec 27, 2018 - 03:43.

FFXIV News - Dev Blog: Finished Furnishings

From the Dev Blog.

Hi, everyone! Sicycre here with an overview of some of the new furnishings planned to be implemented in Patch 4.5!

What's gotten me extremely excited about these furnishings in particular is that they were the winnings designs by our players in the Furnishing Design Contest so along with the actual in-game screenshot of the furnishings, we have the initial art concepts to supplement our furnishing tour!

■冒険者の画材 (by: S.H)


Check these painters' supply tools! You know, with the Modern Aesthetics - Curls hairstyle, a nice canvas, and inspiration from your latest adventures, you too can start making, "happy little accidents!"

■Steppe Kitchen (by: Shake)


Here we have an Azim Steppe-style kitchen set! I have to say this is one of my favorites already, simply because there is food involved. The little ram design on the left makes this furnishing 10/10 for me. "Wool" buy again.

■園芸師の乾燥ハーブ (by: かめかめ)


If you're a fan of agriculture, why not add some greenery to your estate walls with this to give it some spice! This would probably go nicely with the Azim Steppe-style kitchen set, don't ya think?

■ランプマリモランタン (by: シェルディー)


This unique lamp contains a rare luminescent moss called the Lamp Marimo. Fishers out there may already be aware of this moss. Maybe it might help to place these next to an aquarium or other aquatic-themed furnishings!

■憧れの畑セット (by: ニル)


Now you don't have to bury those lalafe--I mean, popotoes in the ground anymore because you can now place this fully grown veggie patch anywhere on your yard!

■ゆるふわファットキャットソファー (by: プッコ)


Must we say anything else other than FAT CAT COUCH?! It's big, soft, and I'm sure it's super comfortable, too! If you're a cat lover, now is your time to rise up and create some cat themed area in your estates or you know, fill your room with a bunch of these couches. Either way, I'm sure many will enjoy having this one of a kind couch!

■丸太タワー (by: むぎ)


I absolutely adore this wooden display stand! Not only can you display different table-top furnishings on it but we can DEFINITELY see cat minions using this as a potential cat post! /thumbsup

I sincerely cannot wait to get my hands on some of these new furnishings, I personally think I need to think about how I want to change up my estates with these amazing pieces.

With all that said, I hope you are looking forward to Patch 4.5 as much as I am! Thanks for checking these out with me and let's enjoy the upcoming patch together.

- Community Team

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Posted by Xenor Vernix on Dec 14, 2018 - 20:01.

FFXIV News - Dev Blog: Singing in the Starlight

From the Dev Blog.

Happy Holidays, adventurers!


Join me for a preview of the Starlight Celebration, which is set to begin on December 17th! If you're like me, when you think of winter you imagine snow covered landscapes, gift exchanges, colorful lights and of course, cheery melodies from carolers! Well in order to play the part, you have to dress like one too.

On that note ♫ (see what I did there?) let's take a look at this year's event items.


Adorn yourself in these beautiful (and dyeable!) choir outfits. There's a new orchestrion roll to add to your collection, too! I'm sure some of you already have background music selected to supplement those vocal chords.


A variety of merry furnishings can also be acquired throughout the event, and donut worry, festive treats for the table are included! And we have even more of a snow-covered theme this year with the Snow Covered Sentinel and Evercold Starlight Snowman. Unfortunately, those Twinkleboxes have been opened already, as we had to inspect them in case Zhexos tried to sneak in any subligars.

You can decorate your houses with your friends and Free Company members, take a stroll through the city-states to enjoy the decorations or simply pose for festive screenshots! We hope no matter what you choose to do, that you enjoy the Starlight Celebration!

Finally, be on the lookout for details of a starlight themed comic contest that will run throughout the event period!

We also hope you join us on the next episode of Duty Commenced for our own holiday celebration on Wednesday, December 19th. See you then!

Community Team

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Posted by Xenor Vernix on Dec 08, 2018 - 02:25.

FFXIV News - Dev Blog: Better for U and I

From the Dev Blog.


Ridrina here! Have you read over all the new information that was revealed at the Fan Festival in Las Vegas? It was packed with various information, such as the new World Visit system, the second installment of Rival Wings, and more. Of course, in addition to those new features, we'll also have improvements to existing systems as well. Today we'll be focusing on those that are set to arrive in Patch 4.5!

Updates to the Mount and Minion Roulette
As I'm sure you know, we added the favorites feature in Patch 4.4. How many of you have enjoyed the ease of locating your favorite minions and mounts more quickly now? I bet you've thought to yourself "I wish I had a roulette just for my favorites!" Well, your wish is our command!

In Patch 4.5 you'll be able to make it so the roulette options will only select from those marked as favorites!

Personally, I've been waiting for this feature for a very long time! As a minion and mount collector, I'm so happy to have more organization and customization!

HUD Transparency Settings
Speaking of customization, you'll be able to set the transparency of individual HUD elements in the HUD layout settings!


It'll be useful for times you want specific UI elements displayed, just not standing out as much.


In this image, the inventory screen is set to 50% transparency, main menu at 30%, and currency at 0%. If you make it too transparent though, it may become too difficult to view the UI, so you'll want to fine tune it. The green bar in the settings menu shows the amount of transparency applied.

Filters added to the Challenge Log
We've added the following filters to the Challenge Log
・ Display All
・ Display Complete
・ Display Incomplete


This will be really useful for tracking Eureka challenge log entries!


There's also some mini-improvements coming to sound-related features.

Alarm's sound category changed from BGM to System Sounds
Added sound effect when a Ready Check is initiated

You'll be able to hear the alarm's sound even if you have the BGM turned off with this updated setting. Ready checks will be much more apparent with this change, too!

On the subject of improvements, I've heard rumors that the Screenshot Alliance is also doing something related to Group Pose... I wonder what they're planning this time around? Please look forward to it!

- Ridrina
Community Team

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