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Posted by Xenor Vernix on Feb 08, 2019 - 13:23.

FFXIV News - Dev Blog: Au revoir - FINAL FANTASY XIV Fan Festival in Paris!

From the Dev Blog.

Bonjour, adventurers!

Have you recovered yet from the post-Fan Fest blues? We haven't, so the obvious thing to do is to recap memories and share some pictures with you!

First things first, Yoshi-P's keynote on Saturday morning was really something. Also, his Gunbreaker costume was top tier!



The stage schedule was packed with cool stuff such as panels, cosplay contest, concerts and so much more throughout the two days.







Susan Calloway and Benyamin Nuss took our breaths away with their performance.


But enough about the stage, the show floor was just as packed with Warriors of Light and fun activities! Everyone had a chance to try their skills as archers by seeing if they could hit the pom, test their might against the Bucking Behemoth or rest a little while at Rhalgr's Reach.





Attendees also had the chance to take part in the stamp rally and and trade their stamps in for some extra goodies.


And, check out the goodie bag itself!


Let's talk about the FEAST Regional Championship 2018!




They fought hard to the last fang and claw, and our champions are FeelsGladMan!
It does feel glad, doesn't it. ;)


You could really feel the love around the info counter on Sunday as we helped a happy couple get engaged!


I already mentioned the concerts, but who do you think was having more fun on Sunday - the Primals or the crowd?



FINAL FANTASY XIV Fan Festival in Paris was one of those weekends I'm sure everyone will remember forever. What was your most memorable moment of the weekend?

For me, the most memorable thing about the Fan Fest was you guys! On the behalf of the whole FFXIV team - THANK YOU!


Until next time - see you in Hydaelyn!

EU Community Team

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Posted by Xenor Vernix on Feb 08, 2019 - 00:22.

FFXIV News - Dev Blog: Taking On the Trial by Shadow

From the Dev Blog.

Greetings adventurers!

Last week, we introduced the Piano Collections FINAL FANTASY XIV on the blog, but this week we have something on the complete opposite end of the musical spectrum! We have another release that we teased about late last year in another dev blog: THE PRIMALS Zepp Tour 2018 - Trial By Shadow, which is now available for purchase!

In celebration of this release, let's cover the details once again:


Live Blu-ray "THE PRIMALS Zepp Tour 2018 - Trial by Shadow"
Release Date: February 6, 2019
Price: $54.99

This disc features the June 3, 2018 live performance held in Osaka, as well as 90 minutes of behind the scenes "making-of" footage that's fully subtitled in English!


The album also comes with bonus tracks, including a special studio recording of "Oblivion" with guitarist GUNN on vocals as originally performed at the Sapporo show.


THE PRIMALS formed in 2014, so this year is actually their 5th anniversary!

For the Warriors of Light who want to relieve the excitement of a live performance again and again,
The Warriors of Light who were too busy saving the world and were unable to attend the tour,
The Warriors of Light who want to prepare for the next Fan Fest,
And everyone who has had the chance to connect with members of the band - this Blu-ray is for you!

Let's celebrate five years of rockin' FINAL FANTASY XIV music, and get wild with the Zepp Tour album.

Pick up your copy today on the Square Enix Store!


For all the latest news, head to the Primals' official site.

Until next time,

- Sicycre
Community Team

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Posted by Xenor Vernix on Feb 06, 2019 - 21:54.

FFXIV News - Dev Blog: Shadowbringers Pre-orders Now Available

From the Dev Blog.

Greetings, everyone!

Zhexos here, back from Fan Festival in Paris! I hope everyone who was able to attend the show enjoyed it as much as I did. I also hope everyone watching live on Twitch was just as hyped from the Keynote address and other stage shows as we all were!

We've finally announced that Shadowbringers is scheduled to release on July 2nd, 2019! That's only a few months away! And to get you all prepared, we're pleased to announce that pre-orders have begun today as well!

Like our previous expansion packs, pre-ordering Shadowbringers will grant you unique rewards and a head start in early access! So without further ado, let's check out what you'll get as part of the pre-order bonuses, shall we?

Pre-order Bonus 1: In-game Items

♦ Baby Gremlin Minion


There is nothing more invigorating than venturing into unfamiliar lands with a baby gremlin nipping at your heels and bad mouthing your every move.

♦ Aetheryte Earring


An earring modeled after the aetherytes found in settlements across Eorzea. Please do not attempt to teleport to yourself.

This useful earring features attributes that will vary according to the user's class/job and current level when equipped. Additionally, the earring grants a 30% increase in EXP when worn, perfect for leveling your jobs to 70 in preparation for Shadowbringers!

* The bonus effect will only apply from level 1 through 70.
* Equippable only by Disciples of War or Magic classes and jobs.

These two in-game items are scheduled to be delivered in-game on March 1, 2019 at around 12:01 a.m. (PT) / 9:00 (GMT)! Be sure to take advantage of the aetheryte earring before the launch of Shadowbringers to get your jobs up to 70 while having a baby gremlin follow every step of your way as you prepare yourself to become the Warrior of Darkness! Maybe the gremlins bad mouthing is what makes you become the WoD...

Pre-order Bonus 2: Early Access to Shadowbringers

Pre-order FINAL FANTASY XIV: Shadowbringers at participating retailers and redeem your pre-order code during the specified period to receive early access. Early access is tentatively scheduled to begin on Friday, June 28 at 2:00 a.m. (PDT) and will allow users the ability to play Shadowbringers before the official release!

For most Warriors of Light, this would be our "real" release date, so let's all get ready and jump into Shadowbringers together!

* To be granted early access and play the new contents from FINAL FANTASY XIV: Shadowbringers, users need to be playing FINAL FANTASY XIV: Stormblood and have completed certain quests.

PlayStation® Store Exclusive Pre-order Bonuses

Furthermore, when you pre-order from the PlayStation® Store, you'll receive the following exclusive pre-order bonuses as well!

♦ Exclusive PSN Theme

* The theme will be delivered to purchasers when early access begins.

♦ Exclusive PSN Dark Knight Avatar


Once you receive your pre-order code, head on over to the redemption site at to obtain your pre-order bonuses!

Also, be sure to bookmark and check out the teaser site for the latest information for Shadowbringers!

- Zhexos
Community Team

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Posted by Xenor Vernix on Jan 29, 2019 - 03:03.

FFXIV News - Dev Blog: Sealed with a /dote

From the Dev Blog.

Greetings, adventurers! Do you feel the love in the air?

Valentione's Day is around the corner, bringing ardor and affection to the lands on Thursday, January 31 at 12:00 a.m. (PST)!

As always, take a gander at this year's event artwork!


I love the style of this piece!

There are also new event items to suit a variety of tastes.


I would certainly be impressed if someone prepared a spread like that for me! So much detail and my mouth is already watering. Does anyone else eat dessert first...?

I didn't think so. Let's zoom in on that entrée!

■ Valentione Lobster Platter

That is definitely one well plated shellfish, lobster being one of the more popular romantic dishes! However, if pizza is the true way to your heart, we've also got you covered. Personally, I would like to note that there is no pineapple to be found on this pizza... as intended.

■ Valentione Cake Pairing

A Valentione's meal could not be complete without something sweet! Polish off your meal with a nice cake and some drinks.

■ Stuffed Mammet

Who said mammets couldn't be pretty in pink? For this mammet, it's always Wednesday. Just look at that heart-shaped pom!

Perhaps you don't love things all sugar and nice, but prefer a little spice instead? Well, we have a few "pointy" rewards available as well!

■ Gigas Greatsword

■ Tonberry Knife

Any culinarians out there ever go into Wanderer's Palace thinking, "I bet those knives would make cooking so much easier"? Well, now it can be yours as your very own off-hand, we just ask that you stick to chopping ingredients only!

As always, do check out all the details on the The Valentione's Day special site.

- Ridrina
Community Team and hopeless romantic extraordinaire

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Posted by Xenor Vernix on Jan 14, 2019 - 20:04.

FFXIV News - Dev Blog: Tried and Blue

From the Dev Blog.

Hello everyone!

FFXIV's first limited job, blue mage is releasing tomorrow! As a big fan of FF5, the first FINAL FANTASY series that introduced the blue mage, when I heard blue mage I jumped up in joy! I'm here today to give a quick recap on all the information we have released thus far so you can "learn" and prepare for tomorrow!

First and foremost, blue mage's main feature is the ability to learn and mimic actions from enemies.


In order to learn, one must first witness the enemy perform a specific attack. Once you have witnessed the action, you have a chance of acquiring the ability once the enemy has been defeated. As long as you meet the requirement, you can learn blue magic spells. However, we recommend not going after monsters with too high of a level, as you may end up being KO'd before you can learn anything! As you can see in this image, they have learned a spell from a Morbol... probably smells bad.

If you'd like to collect blue magic spells quickly, and by that I mean increase the chance of learning by being able to take down enemies faster (maybe?) I recommend playing with other fellow would be blue mages! Maybe form a group and call it the blues brothers and sisters.

Blue Magic Spells


There are total of 49 blue magic spells available, with more to come in future updates. You'll need to figure out what you can learn, and where you can learn them based on the hints provided in your Blue Magic Spellbook. And if you're familiar with the blue mage from previous FINAL FANTASY games, you may remember a spell or two, which might give you a good idea of what monsters to hunt down.

There are many spells that aren't just for attacking, and combining these spells could provide ways to maximize your effects. Be sure to read the details of the spell, try it out, and figure out ways to make good use of them!

Next up is the Masked Carnivale!


For those of you who want to test the limits of your blue magic, we have the Masked Carnivale, a duty exclusive to blue mages. Here you're tasked to complete various stages prepared for you using the blue magic spells you have learned. Some of these stages are comprised of several acts, or simply put, phases. You cannot change your spells while engaged in a stage, so be sure to look over the details provided to you and think carefully on what spells you would want to set before jumping in.

Yoshi-P specifically mentioned this one can be challenging.


But for a seasoned blue mage as myself, this is nothing! I have come prepared with really strong blue mage spells!

Wait! Stop! Something ain't right!

FAILED... How, how did I end up being KO'd!?

The path to becoming a master blue mage may not be as easy as you think...

Once again, be sure to read over the details provided to you and make sure you strategize your attack or you'll end up like me here lying on the floor.


Blue mage is classified as a Discipline of Magic, so you'll be able to equip equipment and role actions for ranged magic DPS. However, unlike other jobs, a blue mage's weapons do not have any main attributes that enhance their base stats. Instead blue mages will be able to output higher magic damage than other jobs by stacking up on intelligence points, so it'll be important to prepare your gear and accessories with this in mind.

Blue mage is a very strong, fun job to play with various effects available that can only be achieved with blue magic spells. While blue mage cannot be use the matching system to match with other players, it's still possible to do certain content with pre-made parties. Jump in with a party full of blue mages to see what happens!

When we tried blue mage in the testing environment, there were moments where even we were challenged, asking ourselves "Wait... can we learn this by fighting this monster? Or does that spell come from that one...". Testing out each newly acquired spell was indeed a lot of fun. ! If you haven't seen the last Letter from the Producer Live, Yoshi-P was spitting out fishes like crazy! So be sure to check that out while you wait.

Blue mage is set to release tomorrow, January 15th. There's no maintenance before the release this time, so be sure to keep an eye out on when it goes live!

Good luck and see you in-game dressed in blue!

Community Team

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