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Posted by Xenor Vernix on Dec 08, 2018 - 02:25.

FFXIV News - Dev Blog: Better for U and I

From the Dev Blog.


Ridrina here! Have you read over all the new information that was revealed at the Fan Festival in Las Vegas? It was packed with various information, such as the new World Visit system, the second installment of Rival Wings, and more. Of course, in addition to those new features, we'll also have improvements to existing systems as well. Today we'll be focusing on those that are set to arrive in Patch 4.5!

Updates to the Mount and Minion Roulette
As I'm sure you know, we added the favorites feature in Patch 4.4. How many of you have enjoyed the ease of locating your favorite minions and mounts more quickly now? I bet you've thought to yourself "I wish I had a roulette just for my favorites!" Well, your wish is our command!

In Patch 4.5 you'll be able to make it so the roulette options will only select from those marked as favorites!

Personally, I've been waiting for this feature for a very long time! As a minion and mount collector, I'm so happy to have more organization and customization!

HUD Transparency Settings
Speaking of customization, you'll be able to set the transparency of individual HUD elements in the HUD layout settings!


It'll be useful for times you want specific UI elements displayed, just not standing out as much.


In this image, the inventory screen is set to 50% transparency, main menu at 30%, and currency at 0%. If you make it too transparent though, it may become too difficult to view the UI, so you'll want to fine tune it. The green bar in the settings menu shows the amount of transparency applied.

Filters added to the Challenge Log
We've added the following filters to the Challenge Log
・ Display All
・ Display Complete
・ Display Incomplete


This will be really useful for tracking Eureka challenge log entries!


There's also some mini-improvements coming to sound-related features.

Alarm's sound category changed from BGM to System Sounds
Added sound effect when a Ready Check is initiated

You'll be able to hear the alarm's sound even if you have the BGM turned off with this updated setting. Ready checks will be much more apparent with this change, too!

On the subject of improvements, I've heard rumors that the Screenshot Alliance is also doing something related to Group Pose... I wonder what they're planning this time around? Please look forward to it!

- Ridrina
Community Team

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Posted by Xenor Vernix on Dec 01, 2018 - 00:10.

FFXIV News - Dev Blog: Trial By Shadow - THE PRIMALS Rock Your Living Room

From the Dev Blog.

Hello adventurers!

It's been a couple weeks since THE PRIMALS rocked our world at Fan Festival 2018 in Las Vegas. I won't soon forget the euphoria of jumping around to Metal - Brute Justice Mode, surrounded by the best fans in the world!

If you haven't had the chance to see THE PRIMALS perform live yet, I've got the next best thing coming your way. Check out this promo trailer!

It's been an incredible year for our official FINAL FANTASY XIV rock band, with the release of their debut, self-titled album in May, followed by the Zepp Tour 2018 - Trial by Shadow that took place from May to June across Japan and Seoul, South Korea.


We recorded footage of the Osaka performance on June 3, 2018, and are pleased to present it on Blu-ray for your viewing pleasure! Not only does the Blu-ray feature songs performed during the show, but there's also 90 minutes of exciting behind the scenes footage that shows the "making-of" the tour, fully subtitled in English! Included as a bonus track is Oblivion with special vocals by guitarist GUNN, originally performed at the Sapporo show, but re-recorded for the Blu-ray album.


Are you ready to rock? First-run editions will also contain bonus in-game item codes for the following:
Orchestrion Roll: Oblivion (GUNN Vocals)
Orchestrion Roll: Rise (The Primals)

A quick preview of what to expect from the behind the scenes footage...


Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to bring the energy of our favorite rock band home, where you can sing and dance along to THE PRIMALS in the comfort of your own living room!


THE PRIMALS Zepp Tour 2018 - Trial By Shadow Blu-ray is scheduled for release on February 6, 2019 and is now available for pre-order on the Square Enix Store!


Until next time,

- Luxpheras
Community Team

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Posted by Xenor Vernix on Nov 29, 2018 - 00:31.

FFXIV News - Dev Blog: Like A Knife Through Butter: Designing A Legend

From the Dev Blog.

Greetings, adventurers!

Luxpheras here, still basking in the glow of a successful FFXIV Fan Festival 2018 in Las Vegas. We had such a great time with you all and hope that you've been enjoying Patch 4.45 so far. The development team has been hard at work, making excellent progress on Patch 4.5─A Requiem for Heroes.

As you may know, Part 3 of the Return to Ivalice series is scheduled for release with Patch 4.5. These alliance raids were designed with the help of Yasumi Matsuno, the creator of the Ivalice series, as well as monster design by Keita Amemiya, the creator and director of GARO.

Our last encounter in the Return to Ivalice raid series had us face off against the mighty Yiazmat in The Ridorana Lighthouse. Amemiya was tasked with bringing this monstrous foe to life in FFXIV, and we're excited to show off some of the concept art here today!

※Click on each image to see a larger version.


Here's the concept art for Yiazmat by Amemiya. You can certainly see the resemblance...

Detailed View (Front & Side)

Yoshida and the dev. team overall found themselves very impressed by the amount of detail that went into this design.

Last but not least...

The Sculpted Model

3D artists use CG model creation tools to "sculpt" the design in 3D, shaping the digital polygons to achieve life-like renditions of the original concept art.

We touched on this a bit in a previous blog, Rendered Like A Boss, but we don't actually use the full sculpt CG models in-game. Instead, we use a lower polygon model that's smaller in data size. However, the full sculpt allows us to apply a map to the lower polygon model that keeps the same texture, bumps and details of the original sculpted model.


Patch 4.5 will see an end to the Return to Ivalice series. Be sure to visit the NPCs on the Prima Vista, as they will respond differently depending on your progression in the story. While you can review information on the Wandering Dramaturge and recall past dialogue with Jenomis cen Lexentale from the Storage Node on the Prima Vista, you won't be able to revisit your conversations with crew members!


If you haven't already, chat with them all before Patch 4.5 is implemented!


What more awaits us in the story of the Return to Ivalice...? Please look forward to it!

Until next time,

- Luxpheras
Community Team

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Posted by Xenor Vernix on Nov 14, 2018 - 18:26.

FFXIV News - Dev Blog: FINAL FANTASY XIV - The Best, on sale now!!

From the Dev Blog.

Hello there everyone,

My name is Yamada, and I am in charge of communications for our music publishing department.

Jumping straight into it, I would like to present the newly released "FINAL FANTASY XIV - The Best!" album. Do you have your copy yet?!

As the content of the album was voted on by Warriors of Light from all around the world, this really is the players' choice of the best tracks from the game!


The album contains the full top 50 tracks that ranked in the Fan Favorite Music Poll that we held in July and August earlier in the year, as well as the track "Answers" that was not included in the vote!

You can also enjoy the three chiptune tracks on the album created by FFXIV Sound Director Masayoshi Soken during the commemorative 14 hour live broadcast.
Check out the dedicated website for full details of the track list!

And in the booklet you will find...
A special interview with Producer and Director, Naoki Yoshida and Sound Director, Masayoshi Soken!


The interview also includes Yoshida and Soken's ten favorite tracks from the game. Which pieces will these two pick out as their fondest memories...?

This 12 page booklet is packed with the creators passion for creating the music of FFXIV and a look back over 5 years, with some fascinating tales from behind the scenes.

It contains a huge volume of content, with over two hours of conversation and almost no cuts, for an undoubtedly satisfying read!
(*The interview also contains a full English translation covering a total of 7 pages...)


And there is even more! The first run contains an item code that allows you to download the orchestrion music for "Wayward Daughter (Chiptune Version)" and "The Worm's Tail (Chiptune Version)" from the Extra Tracks section of the album.
*Please note that this item code does not allow you to obtain the orchestrion music for "Rights".

This "best of" album condenses the most delightful moments from the music of FFXIV and commemorates 5 years of the game. It is an amazing package that I would thoroughly recommend to both the core of veteran Warriors of Light who already own all the other soundtracks, and upcoming neophyte Warriors who have recently taken their first steps in Eorzea but don't know which soundtrack to buy yet.

Enjoy the music!

Music Publishing

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Posted by Xenor Vernix on Oct 30, 2018 - 22:57.

FFXIV News - Dev Blog: And It Burns, Burns, Burns

From the Dev Blog.

Greetings, adventurers!

Patch 4.45 approaches, bringing with it the Forbidden Land, Eureka Pyros. A sneaky project manager went undercover to investigate what's to come next Tuesday, using their elite stealth skills they developed in Pagos.

Here's what they revealed!

Before heading into Pyros...

As per usual, there are some requirements for entering these forbidden lands. In order to explore Pyros, you'll need to have completed the Eureka Pagos story.

Additionally, as with Anemos after the release of Pagos, an experience buff will be applied when entering Pagos after Patch 4.45 is released. So if you're almost there but not quite, you'll be able to get to Pyros in no time!

Onwards, to Pyros!

As per usual, you can enter The Forbidden Land, Eureka Pyros by speaking with Rodney at Pier #1 in Kugane. Once you've prepared the body and mind for the challenge ahead, speak with definitely-not-a-Thancred-impersonator and head on in!

What lies within? Will it be a winter wonderland, with the icy atmosphere of Pagos?


Perhaps not... because last I checked, Pyros is ancient Greek for...



Phew, breathing becomes difficult when you're surrounded by thick clouds of hot air. It would seem that the monsters inhabiting this area have found their own ways to adapt...


Pyros Diary, Page 32... The chimeras have yet to discover that I am not one of them.

But I digress.

Introducing the new Logos Action system

Let's talk about the new systems coming with Pyros.

A Logos action is a new type of duty action available in Eureka Pyros, available to you regardless of role restrictions. These can only be used in Pyros and the next iteration of Eureka, but you'll be able to use them as soon as you enter Pyros!

With these new actions, you could revive or heal as a black mage, provoke and mitigate damage as a ninja, or maybe...

Could I live my dream as the ever elusive white mage tank? I can't wait to find out!


Hmm... but how? Allow me to explain further.

Logos actions will require crystals known as logograms. You'll be able to obtain these unidentified crystals in various ways and bring them to the NPC Drake, who has come all this way from the North Shroud to Eureka Pyros on business.


Drake will appraise these logograms, which you will then store in your Logos Manipulator.


The Logos Manipulator will serve almost as a blender. Select the logograms you wish to use as materials in the Logos Manipulator and...


Extract an action!


The action you extract will then be added to the list of acquired Logos actions.


You won't be able to use the Logos action quite yet, though. In order to access this newfound power, you'll need to click on the Logos Action Window, and assign it as a duty action.



You'll be able to store up to three Logos actions at a time! You can also overwrite your selected duty action so that you can try out something else. With so many combinations available, you'll be able to create rather creative roles for yourself in Pyros.

Feeling insatiable? Power-hungry? Is a single duty action per slot not enough? Of course it isn't, you're the Warrior of Light. We've got you covered.


As you progress in the Eureka Pyros story, you'll be able to improve the logos manipulator so that you produce two logos actions simultaneously!



The two extracted actions will be registered as a pair when you select them as a duty action.

With three sets of multiple Logos actions, the possibilities are nearly endless! Try out all sorts of builds as you adventure through Pyros, finding what works best for you.

A proven Warrior of Light who can wield the power of these logos actions...

Just what is it that could await such a formidable hero at the Ring of Fire...?


Until next time!

- Luxpheras
Community Team

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