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Below is a list of all Fiber in FFXIV: Heavensward.

The information listed includes their stack size, the price you can sell to an NPC for, a description of the item and any info relating to stats that they may have. Fiber are mainly used by Weavers to create various kinds of cloth.

The Fiber items are sorted by name, however you can sort them by any of the columns by clicking on the headers. Under the headers are search boxes that allow you to filter results.

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Fiber   Cloth   Feathers

Items ()Stack DescriptionNPC
Aetherochemical Fiber1 Super-strong fiber created using recently rediscovered Allagan aetherochemical techniques.650
Ala Mhigan Burdet1 A composite fabric made using Gyr Abanian materials and Garlean know-how.32
Ala Mhigan Weave1 Cloth woven using traditional techniques that date back to the Fifth Astral Era.1
Antique Rug1 Someone, many decades past, paid a considerable sum for this expertly woven floorpiece.53
Apkallu Down1 Down feathers taken from the breast of a young apkallu.6
Arachne Velveteen1 Thick cloth woven from the web of the chimerical monstrosity Arachne.28
Arachne Web1 The wire-like web of the Allagan chimerical miscreation, Arachne.14
Azim Cotton Boll1 The white of Azim cotton is so bright that some compare it to staring at the sun itself.18
Blessed Fletchings1 Arrow fletchings crafted from the large, rigid feathers of an eagle and then blessed by an anointed Halonic priest.96
Blissful Shroud1 A long sheet of translucent cloth taken from the robes worn by the Lady of the Bliss. In addition with being unnaturally lightweight, the shroud tingles the skin when touched.39
Bloodgrass1 A bundle of dried bloodgrass stalks for use in thatching.2
Bloodhemp1 A common grass found growing throughout Othard. From its stalks, bloodhempen yarn is created.6
Bloodhempen Cloth1 Several yalms of undyed, bright-red bloodhempen cloth wrapped around a short wooden distaff.31
Bloodhempen Yarn1 Coarse yarn spun from bloodhemp fiber.31
Boutique Batiste1 No real gentleman of fashion would be caught dead wearing a shirt or─heavens forfend─pants made from anything else.1
Bright Flax1 This flowering plant, hardy enough to grow in harsh climes, has a stalk that can be used in the spinning of a naturally white yarn.7
Bright Linen Cloth1 Several yalms of undyed white fabric.44
Bright Linen Yarn1 Sturdy yarn spun from bright linen.35
Byakko's Mane1 The brilliant white mane of the Far Eastern white tiger of legend. He probably won't miss it.40
Camel Hair1 Thick, brown hair of a Near Eastern monstrosity known as the camel. Dubious reports from sailors claim the beast stands thrice as high as a chocobo, can speak the tongues of man, and has massive humps upon its back which may contain water, wine, or even gold.360
Camlet1 An expensive fabric woven from camel hair. Imitations are common, though this piece appears to be legitimate.0
Caprice Fleece1 Hair shorn from the pixies' lovingly─in some sense, at least─raised flock.50
Carbon Fiber1 A powerful man-made fiber originally developed by alchemists of the Garlean Empire.22
Cashmere Cloth1 Several yalms of cashmere cloth wrapped around a short wooden distaff.23
Cashmere Fleece1 Lustrous white wool sheared from a species of mountain goat prized for its fleece.13
Celestial Kimono Remnant1 This length of fabric was cut from the Lady of the Moon's own kimono.40
Chimera Mane1 The bristly mane of a biologically engineered monstrosity.22
Chimerical Felt1 Several yalms of soft undyed felt created by matting down several layers of hair taken from chimera manes.37
Cloth Cointe Quaint1 No real lady of fashion would be caught dead wearing a skirt or─heavens forfend─a dress made from anything else.1
Cloud Cloth1 Soft, light cotton woven from rare cloud cotton bolls.40
Cloud Cotton Boll1 The cloud-like flower of a cotton plant native to the Diadem.5
Cotton Boll1 The fibrous flower of the cotton plant. Grown in abundance in the Black Shroud for Gridania's textile industry.1
Cotton Canvas1 A roll of sturdy canvas woven from cotton.2
Cotton Stuffing1 Processed cotton fiber commonly used in padding.1
Cotton Yarn1 Light yarn spun from cotton.1
Crawler Cocoon1 The sticky cocoon of a giant crawler.21
Damascene Cloth1 This cloth was woven using a long and complicated process. It is a traditional fabric from the south of Othard.1
Dancing Wing1 A gossamer fae wing, liberated from its owner in the Dancing Plague.1
Dew Thread1 Sticky thread spun from diremite webs.2
Diremite Web1 A thick sticky web used to entangle exceptionally large prey.2
Doman Weave1 Hempen cloth woven using age-old methods passed down for countless generations by Doman clothiers.48
Dotharli Cloth1 The dyeing techniques used to color this bolt of cloth are unique to the Dotharl.0
Dress Material1 Pre-cut linen used in the sewing of a spring dress.23
Duskblooms1 A flowering plant with tiny purple blooms.50
Duskcourt Cloth1 Finely woven cloth with that distinctive duskbloom hue that says, “wealthier than you.”7
Duskglow Cocoon1 This variety of silkworm cocoon is prized by textile makers for its warm iridescence.[BR][BR]※Only for use in Namazu beast tribe quests.[BR][BR]※Not included in the gathering log.0
Dwarven Cotton1 This thick-yet-supple variety of cotton is the traditional cloth of the dwarven people─which makes it the best cloth, as far as said people are concerned.48
Dwarven Cotton Boll1 Flowers of the coincidentally short-stalked dwarven cotton plant are used by the people bearing the same name to create everything from undergarments to beards.7
Dwarven Cotton Thread1 Versatile thread spun from dwarven cotton bolls.39
Eikon Cloth1 Finely woven cloth blessed by a primal.53
Eikon Fiber1 Tightly spun thread blessed by a primal.25
Ethereal Cocoon1 As difficult to lay hands upon as bubbles on the water, from these cocoons can be spun a rare type of silk.21
Falconer's Hemp1 A double-weave variety of hemp used by falconers to protect themselves from the sharp talons of their raptors.40
Farreach Canvas1 Originally conceived by inhabitants of the sparsely settled Farreach to withstand the gale-force winds ceaselessly blowing on the Bloodbrine Sea, this rugged sailcloth is one of few materials suited to air travel.33
Felt Lining1 A roll of woolen felt used as insulation in building construction.10
Flannel1 Sturdy cloth woven with two varieties of thread─wool and cotton.60
Flax1 Commonly growing in the highlands of Coerthas, the stalk of this fibrous plant is used to create a linen yarn.2
Fleece1 Soft white wool sheared from a sheep.5
Frost Cotton Boll1 A soft and fluffy variety of cotton named for its resemblance to morning hoarfrost.12
Garlean Fiber1 A lightweight fiber far more durable than any woven in Eorzea.9
Glass Fiber1 Thinly spun glass remarkably resistant to high temperatures.22
Halgai Mane1 The regal mane of a halgai.34
Hallowed Ramie Cloth1 Several yalms of ramie cloth purified with holy water and wrapped around a short wooden distaff.36
Hannish Wool1 An improved variety of Thavnairian wool conceived by the Radz–at–Han Weavers' Guild.2
Hempen Yarn1 Coarse yarn spun from moko grass fiber.1
Hingan Flax1 A distant cousin to the flax found in the highlands of Coerthas, the stalk of this fibrous plant is used to create a yarn known in Hingashi as “true linen.”19
Hive Forewing1 Plucked from the Lord of the Hive's back, this remarkably light wing pulses with uncontrollably powerful aetherial energies.96
Holy Linen1 This length of true linen has been blessed by one or more religious figures of varying holiness.1
Holy Rainbow Cloth1 Several yalms of rainbow cloth purified with holy water and wrapped around a short wooden distaff.33
Indigo Cloth1 This fabric makes clothing both durable and difficult to notice dirt and stains upon. ...Not that anyone is advising never washing your trousers, mind you.1
Intricate Silver Brocade1 A luxurious fabric woven from silver thread, featuring raised patterns more beautiful than anything ever seen in the realm.19
Iridescent Cocoon1 This worm-spun cocoon reflects a rainbow's worth of colors in the light.7
Jute1 Native to the islands of the south seas, the fibrous stem of this plant can be used to weave cloth.3
Jute Yarn1 Light yarn spun from jute.7
Kudzu Cloth1 Several yalms of undyed kudzu cloth wrapped around a short wooden distaff.33
Kudzu Thread1 Thick, fibrous yarn spun from kudzu vines.33
Kudzu Vine1 If allowed to grow unchecked, a single kudzu plant can cover an acre of forest in less than a single summer, blocking the sun from the plants it envelops. A large swath of the outer Black Shroud currently finds itself being slowly suffocated by the invasive weed.6
Linen Canvas1 A roll of sturdy canvas woven from linen.8
Linen Yarn1 Stiff yarn spun from flaxen fiber.3
Lorikeet Down1 Soft plumes plucked from a lorikeet.40
Luminous Fiber1 Glass fiber strengthened using alchemic components.27
Magicked Oilcloth1 Linen cloth treated with magicked oil. When wrapped about ore or metal, it prevents the slow yet gradual diffusion of elemental charge from the material.360
Maiden Grass1 A bundle of dried maiden grass stalks for use in thatching.3
Manzasiri Hair1 The long brown hair of a steppe manzasiri.34
Mariner Cotton Cloth1 Favored by sailors, this bundle of cotton cloth is resistant to wrinkles even when wet.14
Moko Grass1 A common grass found growing throughout Aldenard. From its stalks, hempen yarn is created.1
Multifaceted Cotton Cloth1 This multi-purpose cloth, created through collaborative efforts by the Mean's various facets, is soft, supple, and durable.40
New World Macrame1 Colorful textile created by knotting together several lengths of coarse thread.1
Odin's Mantle1 Removed from the back of the elder primal Odin, this heavy mantle is fit for a god.57
Oroniri Cloth1 The dyeing techniques used to color this bolt of cloth are unique to the Oronir.1
Ovim Fleece1 Long, lustrous hair shorn from an ovim.38
Ovim Wool1 Resilient fabric woven with the hair of the mountain-dwelling ovim.47
Ovim Wool Yarn1 Coarse yarn spun from ovim fleece.38
Perfect Cloth1 A better balance of warp and weft has not been seen for centuries.102
Pixie Cotton1 A soft fabric woven from pixie floss.46
Pixie Floss1 Unbelievably delicate cotton thread.37
Pixie Floss Boll1 The brilliantly white flower of an unusual variety of cotton plant.7
Rainbow Cloth1 Several yalms of undyed rainbow cloth wrapped around a short wooden distaff.30
Rainbow Cotton Boll1 A rare variety of cotton which produces fibers that change color depending on the angle at which light strikes them.5
Rainbow Thread1 Multicolored yarn spun from rainbow cotton.15
Ramie Cloth1 Several yalms of undyed ramie cloth wrapped around a short wooden distaff.34
Ramie Thread1 Strong, absorbent yarn spun from ramie.17
Ravana's Forewing1 Plucked from the Lord of the Hive's back, this remarkably light wing is impossible to tear despite its thinness.90
Red Moko Grass1 A less-common variety of moko grass found growing predominantly in the northern mountainous regions of Aldenard.7
Rhea1 A variety of ramie better suited to the climes of Far Eastern Othard.9
Rhea Cloth1 Cloth woven from the plant rhea. Due to the complexity of the spinning process, there are very few clothcrafters in the world who can produce this weave, making it extremely rare. Most known samples are in the possession of Far Eastern royalty.39
Ruby Cotton Boll1 The fibrous flower of a rare cotton plant that only grows under the Ruby Sea. As such, Eorzean scholars insist that the flora is in no way related to normal cotton, and is instead a unique variety of sea kelp.6
Ruby Cotton Cloth1 Several yalms of undyed ruby cotton cloth wrapped around a short wooden distaff.32
Ruby Cotton Yarn1 Light yarn spun from ruby cotton.32
Rush Grass1 A durable sweet-smelling grass native to the Far East and used in the weaving of baskets and floor mats.3
Scarlet Tailfeather1 A fiery red plume that previously adorned the auspice Suzaku.1
Sewing Thread1 A spool of light, airy thread spun from frost cotton fibers.11
Silver Brocade1 A luxurious fabric woven from silver thread, featuring raised patterns.18
Skybuilders' Cocoon1 While there seems to be an endless supply of these in Yanxia, why anyone would actually want them is unclear. They have a taste to match their appearance, in other words, revolting.6
Skybuilders' Cotton Boll1 This cotton must be very special indeed for you to bring it all the way from Lakeland in the First. You can only hope that the skybuilders appreciate you going the extra malm. And traveling to another world.7
Skybuilders' Flax1 It is a well known fact among botanists that the flax in the South Shroud is superior to every other kind, for reasons far too complicated and boring for anyone else to care about.3
Skybuilders' Hemp1 Though this hardy plant can grow almost anywhere, the snow-blasted precipices of Ishgard have so far proven too steep a challenge for it to overcome. This particular specimen was harvested in lower La Noscea, an environment far more conducive to plant life─or any sort of life, for that matter.2
Skybuilders' Straw1 Why the skybuilders would specify that their straw be brought from the Dravanian forelands is anyone's guess. Perhaps the smell helps their chocobos sleep more peacefully?5
Skybuilders' Vine1 Quite why a particular type of vine that can only be found in the Azim Steppe is necessary to the skybuilders' plans has yet to be explained. Perhaps they are planning to surprise you with a work of surpassing genius? Or perhaps not.6
Skysteel Cloth1 The most advanced technology of the Skysteel Manufactory went into the creation of this bolt of cloth. According to Biggs, equipment made from this material will allow its user to smell a person's thoughts from a malm away.1
Snurble Tufts1 Long bristly fur taken from a snurble.6
Spectral Cocoon1 Spun by a rare breed of silkworm, this ghostly white casing is said to ward off baleful spirits.[BR][BR]※Only for use in Qitari beast tribe quests.[BR][BR]※Not included in the gathering log.0
Splendid Broombush1 To keep a place looking splendid, you must have tools equally as splendid. This broombush can be used to sweep away even the most stubborn dust.[BR][BR]※Only for use in Qitari beast tribe quests.[BR][BR]※Not included in the gathering log.0
Splendid Flax1 This fibrous plant makes splendidly sturdy rope.[BR][BR]※Only for use in Qitari beast tribe quests.[BR][BR]※Not included in the gathering log.0
Splendid Hemp1 This hemp can be woven into splendid paper that can stand the test of time Qhoterl Pasol's masterpiece will have to endure.[BR][BR]※Only for use in Qitari beast tribe quests.[BR][BR]※Not included in the gathering log.0
Splendid Water Ivy1 This length of ivy is splendid for adding a touch of home to the Stopple.[BR][BR]※Only for use in Qitari beast tribe quests.[BR][BR]※Not included in the gathering log.0
Stained Cloth1 A beautiful piece of cloth that appears to have been dragged through the mud, dipped in sheep offal, and then forgotten in a latrine.32
Stalk of Ramie1 A variety of swift-growing grass native to the Near East. The stalks can be dried and processed into thin threads which, when spun together, can be woven into a cloth not unlike hemp.5
Star Cotton Boll1 A rare variety of cotton which produces nitid fibers that, when struck by light, coruscate like the very stars in the heavens.36
Star Velvet1 Tufted fabric with extremely short pile rendering it smooth to the touch. This rare velvet's thin fibers grant it a unique glossiness from which it earns its name.63
Stardust Cotton Cloth1 Several yalms of undyed stardust cotton wrapped around a short distaff.51
Stardust Cotton Yarn1 Glimmering yarn reminiscent of a comet's tail.41
Steppe Serge1 Several yalms of undyed steppe serge wrapped around a short wooden distaff.34
Stormcloud Cotton Boll1 Extended exposure to the extreme aetherial currents found on and near the Diadem have somehow altered the fibers of this otherwise ordinary cloud cotton.5
Stormcloud Cotton Cloth1 Several yalms of undyed stormcloud cotton cloth wrapped around a short wooden distaff.82
Straw1 Earless stalks of wheat.1
Sturdy Vine1 A durable vine harvested on the Azim Steppe.[BR][BR]※Only for use in Namazu beast tribe quests.[BR][BR]※Not included in the gathering log.0
Synthetic Fiber1 Alchemically crafted fiber both thin and durable. Used for holding together pieces when creating models.550
Taffeta Cloth1 A soft and effulgent cloth originating from the southern lands.18
Taoist's Wool1 Despite supposedly being woven countless generations past, this cloth appears as it was crafted yesterday.36
Thavnairian Cotton1 A traditional Near Eastern weave that keeps its wearer cool while protecting her from the harsh rays of the sun.40
Thavnairian Wool1 A coarse woolen cloth made from large gauge yarn. A historically important cloth in Thavnair's textile trade.2
True Linen1 Several yalms of undyed true linen wrapped around a short distaff.50
Twincoon1 A massive cocoon spun by not one, but multiple highland erucas.6
Twinsilk1 Though exhibiting a similar luster as normal silk, twinsilk is far more durable and resistant to discoloring.34
Twinthread1 A thin lustrous thread woven from countless silken strands pulled from a rare highland twincoon.34
Waterproof Cloth1 This durable fabric is backed with a layer of rubber, making it far less permeable to water than typical garment materials.1
Waterproof Cotton Cloth1 This soft cloth has been treated with a thin layer of resin to repel water.14
Whisperfine Fleece1 Fine white wool sheared from a breed of sheep prized for the softness of its coat.1
Whitefrost Cotton Boll1 Despite their delicate appearance, the fibers of the whitefrost cotton flower are deceptively durable.5
Wool Top1 Raw, soft sheep wool combed, bound, and braided. Can be spun into yarn or pressed into felt.1
Woolen Yarn1 Heavy yarn spun from sheep fleece.4
Worsted Yarn1 Soft, water-absorbent yarn spun from multiple varieties of hair sheared from beastkin of the Azim Steppe.34
Yanxian Cotton Boll1 These whimsical cotton flowers, found only in Yanxia, glimmer faintly like stars in the night.20

Fiber   Cloth   Feathers