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Roegadyn - Races

The Roegadyn are a maritime people whose largest concentrations are found in the northern seas, by way of which they came to Eorzea. Known for their brawny builds and piercing eyes, the Roegadyn are the largest and most rugged of Eorzea's races. They possess enormous, muscular builds and are known for the cultural emphasis they place on competition and unflinching courage, though tender, introspective individuals can also be found.

Roegadyn in and around the Limsa Lominsa area typically belong to the Sea Wolf clan, a maritime people who earn their keep on or by the sea, be it as sailors, fishermen, or pirates. Comparatively fewer in number are the Hellguard, who are known for their more earnest demeanours, and can often be found working as body guards and smithies.

Hellsguard Clan

FFXIV Races - Roegadyn - Hellsguard The Hellsguard are a Roegadyn clan with body and mind tempered by the unforgiving heat of the volcanic regions they inhabit. Believing these mountains of flame to be gates to the underworld, their line has for centuries stood vigil to prevent the passage of souls back to the realm of the living.

As the harsh environs of their homelands produce little sustenance, the second and third born are often sent fourth from their mountain villages, with many and more making their way to the great cities. It is there that their sheer girth and steely demeanours place them in high demand as soldiers and sellswords, allowing the young of even the largest families to surpass their elder siblings in prosperity.

Starting Attributes: STR: 20, DEX: 17, VIT: 21, INT: 20, MND: 22, PIE: 20

Sea Wolf Clan

FFXIV Races - Roegadyn - Sea Wolf Long ago, no vessel or coastal village was safe from the fury of the Sea Wolves and their maritime brand of brutality. The mere mention of the clan was enough to strike fear into the hearts of any who drew their livelihood from the sea. The Sea Wolves originally hail from the islands of the far north seas, where they still subsist as fishermen and women.

It was not until the large-scale deployment of Limsa Lominsa's armada that the Sea Wolves' appetite for piracy diminished. Now, it is not uncommon to see them employed as sailors or naval mercenaries on all manner of vessels. They are typically open-minded, and blessed with a healthy sense of humour and booming laughter, which can be heard echoing around the alehouses of most ports.

Starting Attributes: STR: 22, DEX: 18, VIT: 23, INT: 17, MND: 21, PIE: 19