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Dev Blog: Dungeons and Developers - News

Posted by Xenor Vernix on Oct 23, 2015 - 20:37.

FFXIV News - Dev Blog: Dungeons and Developers

New FFXIV information is available on the dev blog from today. You can read the news in the quote below.


Happy Friday, everyone!

Yoshi-P and crew have just concluded their final checks on the new dungeons coming in Patch 3.1. And when I say they checked them, I mean they got down and dirty into the trenches and went deep into the dungeons themselves.

Introducing the crew of the dungeon deep dive!

Paladin: Lead Designer Takeo Suzuki
Dragoon: Assistant Director Hiroshi Takai
Black mage: Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida
White mage: Project Manager M

Instanced dungeons are the type of content that will be experienced by a variety of different players through the Duty Finder, so to ensure proper balance during the final check, instead of having only hardcore battle team members, this special squad was chosen.

■Pharos Sirius (Hard)■

Back to Pharos Sirius!

I hear there is a somewhat tricky part along the way, but the team feels that it was balanced perfectly.

■A Moment for a Breather■

After the intense action found inside of Pharos Sirius (Hard), the team needed a quick break to catch their breath from all the excitement before heading into the next dungeon.

■Saint Mocianne's Arboretum■

The team supposedly had a bit of trouble at first, but it's pretty natural that if it's your first play through every boss will feel strong and you'll wipe...
(Project Manager M assures us it was not the healer's fault!)

I guess the initial version of the dungeon was quite difficult because Yoshi-P was getting heated telling the team that this shouldn't be a 4-person raid! However, the dungeon underwent some adjustments afterwards, and ultimately it was balanced just right to be fun.

There is going to be a load of information about Patch 3.1 coming this weekend during the Letter from the Producer LIVE Part XXV, so be sure to tune in or read the summary on the forum!



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