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Dev Blog: I'm Ready for My Close-up, Mr. Manderville - News

Posted by Xenor Vernix on Jun 07, 2016 - 01:41.

FFXIV News - Dev Blog: I'm Ready for My Close-up, Mr. Manderville

Square Enix updated the dev blog today with more FFXIV: Heavensward news. Read on for the info, taken from the dev blog.


Greetings, everyone!

Patch 3.3 finally arrives tonight in the wee hours of the morning, and while adventurers are trying their hardest to suppress the overflowing hype in wait of maintenance to end, this is a great opportunity to introduce some of the new camera features that will be implemented.

First up are some of the additions to the group pose feature. Until now, group pose has supported screenshots of party members, alliance members, and pets; however, we'll be expanding the possible targets for this feature.

1. Your friend (including pets and companions)

2. Players from the same Free Company (including pets and companions)

3. Players in special areas (including pets and companions)
While in the following areas, you can use the group pose feature with any player you like.
- Ivory Chapel
- Within housing, personal chambers, and company workshops

In addition to this, we will also be making improvements to how the composition of the screenshot can be adjusted as the third-person camera angle will cover an even larger area.

Next up is the idle camera!

1. New camera patterns

Over-the-shoulder shots

A focus on the scenery

There's also a chance that the idle camera will follow its subject!
(Definitely try and check this out when you log in!)

2. Addition of a camera switching feature
A switching feature will be implement that will quickly take screenshots of a subject that is using an action within the camera angle perimeter. Meaning, that the camera's focus will shift to the person using an action if they are present in the shot.

3. Ability to use this feature during combat
Along with the aforementioned switching feature, it will now be possible to take some nice shots of intense battle scenes.

Since you need to be standing still to use this feature, perhaps it's best to not start taking artistic shots during raids! I suggest recruiting members who want to take part in an action photo shoot or such!

With all the great new additions I can't wait to see all the creative screenshots everyone takes, so definitely share on the forums and all the social media avenues.

I hear that the "screenshot alliance" has some stuff up their sleeves still, so I wonder what we'll see in Patch 3.4...

Now then, rest up, eat hearty, and prepare yourselves for the horde!



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