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Dev Blog: Look at Me, I’m the Kappa Now

by Xenor

Greetings, this is Voltenyne from the Community team!

Something tells me you could use a break from FATEs. So settle in, and it’ll be my pleasure to present a preview of the upcoming Make It Rain Campaign!


Event Period
From Wednesday, May 15, 2024 at 1:00 a.m.
to Friday, May 31, 2024 at 7:59 a.m. (PDT)

Earn 50% More MGP!
During the event, you’ll earn 50% more MGP from GATEs and the Gold Saucer’s various activities! This event bonus will stack with “Jackpot” company actions OR a Gold Saucer VIP Card, which I highly recommend for earning as much MGP as possible!

Campaign Attendant
The Campaign Attendant will be setting up shop at Gold Saucer (X:5.3 Y:6.3), right in front of the main counter’s Mini Cactpot Broker. She’ll offer a discount on a number of the Gold Saucer’s usual prizes; for example, the Moogle’s Paw Machine and Cuff-a-Cur Machine furnishing items, which normally cost 300,000 MGP, will be available for 200,000 MGP each!

Note that this discount is only available from the Campaign Attendant but NOT the usual Prize Claim, even if he offers some of the same rewards!


20240510_MakeItRain_3.pngThe Campaign Attendant will also be offering some unique new items, so let’s take a look!

▼ Cactuar Dining Table

20240510_MakeItRain_4.pngA long green table with a cactuar motif. Mind the spikes, or you’ll have the same facial expression as the table!

(…Who built this thing?)

▼ Senor Sabotender Chronometer

20240510_MakeItRain_5.pngDecorated with twin Senor Sabotenders, this ornate mechanism can be placed in your yard to tell the time.

But the chronometer’s mostly for decoration, because you already know what time it is: time to visit the Gold Saucer! YEAHHHHHHH!

20240510_MakeItRain_6.pngIt also glows softly at night.

Event Quest
To begin the quest, speak with Quevain at Ul’dah: Steps of Nald (X:9.4 Y:9.2), right outside the Aetheryte Plaza.

Complete the quest, and you’ll obtain the latest in Eorzean fashion…

20240510_MakeItRain_7.pngEvent Quest Reward

▼ Imp Attire

20240510_MakeItRain_8.pngWear this outfit and you too can become a water imp, known in Japanese mythology as “kappa”!

This outfit replicates all of a kappa’s defining features: a duck-like beak, beady eyes, and…

20240510_MakeItRain_9.png…a sturdy shell!

There’s also a plate-like organ on their head, which always has to be filled with water or they’ll die.


20240510_MakeItRain_10.pngSpeaking of dyeing, the imp attire can be colored with whatever dye you desire! Coordinate with your friends to spice up (terrorize?) your roulettes as a colorful kappa quartet!

Whether you’ll be enjoying the Make It Rain Campaign at your own leisurely pace, or aggressively queueing into every GATE for that sweet MGP, I hope you’re ready for a ton of fun in the Gold Saucer!

(Now, which retainer had my Metallic Green Dye…?)

– Community team

Visit the Make It Rain Campaign special site.

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