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Dev Blog: Gotta Gather ‘Em All: Yo-kai Watch is Back!

by Xenor

Lali-ho! This is Kiwikopo from the Community team.

Have you heard? The Yo-kai Watch collaboration event is making a return to Eorzea!

Even if you’ve already completed the event previously, there’s going to be a brand-new reward for veterans, so be sure to hop into the action!




 ☆ Event Period ☆

From Wednesday, April 24, 2024 at 1:00 a.m. (PDT)
until Patch 7.0 maintenance

 ☆ How to Participate ☆

1. Accept the quest!

Begin the quest by speaking to the Poor-heeled Youth at Ul’dah: Steps of Nald (X:9.2 Y:9.1).


Complete the quest and you’ll receive a Yo-kai Watch and Yo-kai Medallium. Now you’re all set to go collect Yo-kai Medals!

* If you’ve already completed this quest, you don’t need to do it again. You can start collecting medals by simply equipping the Yo-kai Watch.
* The Yo-kai Watch can be repurchased from the Calamity salvager in each city-state.

2.  Collect Yo-kai Medals to obtain minions!

02.png▲ Komasan has arrived in Ul’dah! o/

There are three important points to remember when collecting Yo-kai Medals.

★ You must have your Yo-kai Watch equipped.
★ Take part in FATEs in the applicable areas:

A Realm Reborn: La Noscea, the Black Shroud, Thanalan
Heavensward: All regions
Stormblood: All regions

★ The FATE must be completed with a gold or silver rating.


▲ Be sure to have your Yo-kai Watch equipped while taking part in FATEs!

Deliver your gathered Yo-kai Medals to the Wandering Executive at the Gold Saucer (X:5.2 Y:6.9) and he will introduce you to various Yo-kai!

Once you befriend these Yo-kai, you’ll be able to summon them as minions! Aren’t they just oh-so-irresistibly cute?


▲ Hey, Whisper, what can you tell me about a Yo-kai with a human face and a dog’s body?

3.  Collect Legendary Yo-kai Medals to obtain Yo-kai weapons!


Next step would be to obtain weapons designed after your favorite Yo-kai by collecting Legendary Yo-kai Medals. Earn Legendary Yo-kai Medals by participating in FATEs in certain areas while accompanied by the Yo-kai of the weapon you’d like to acquire!

For instance, if you would like the Cane of the Shrine Guardian (the adorable Komasan weapon showcased above), you’d need to follow these steps:

★ Summon the Komasan minion.
★ Take part in a FATE where you can obtain Legendary Komasan Medals.*
★ Complete the FATE with a gold or silver rating.

* Legendary Yo-kai Medals will be obtainable from FATEs in certain regions. Each Yo-kai has their own specific regions, so be sure to read up on them in the Yo-kai Medallium!


▲ The Yo-kai Medallium will be accessible under “Duty” > “Collection.”

Remember, you MUST have the correct minion summoned and participate in FATEs in the correct location to receive the Legendary Yo-kai Medals you want!




But that’s not all–the more Yo-kai you befriend and the more weapons you collect, you’ll be able to obtain even more rewards! Let’s take a look…


From right to left we have the following mounts:

Whisper-go: Obtain 13 Yo-kai minions
Whisper A-go-go: Obtain 13 Yo-kai weapons
Jibanyan Couch: Obtain 17 Yo-kai weapons

The Yo-kai Watch Framer’s Kit will also be added with this iteration of the event.


Bedazzle your adventurer plate with these lovable little Yo-kai!

It’ll be yours once you’ve obtained all 17 Yo-kai minions!




I think that pretty much covers everything for now!

All the different Yo-kai minions and weapons can be viewed on the event’s special site, so be sure to check it out.

Hope you have a wonderful time gathering them all! o7

– Community team

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