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Dev Blog: Wet Hot Eorzean Summer - News

Posted by Xenor Vernix on Aug 06, 2015 - 23:37.

FFXIV News - Dev Blog: Wet Hot Eorzean Summer

More FFXIV: Heavensward info appeared on the dev blog today. Read on for all the new details.


Hello, everyone!
Camate here desperately trying to work on my summer tan as the Moonfire Faire seasonal event starts next week, and I can't bear looking like the Wailing Spirit during the festivities!

Not familiar with this traditional summertime event? Well, you are in for a treat!

The Moonfire Faire was a special festival held to drive out the fiery bombards that appeared five years ago. Without a bombard in sight for quite some time, the festival was no longer necessary, but the Adventurers' Guild carried on the tradition and made it into a joyous occasion to celebrate summer.

The festival is filled with shops that sell delicious foods and goods, and adventurers the realm over gather together to have to fun in the sun! This year the festivities are set to take place in Costa del Sol, which is a location practically synonymous with summer!

In order for the festival to run smoothly, adventurers will need to lend a hand warding off party crashing pirates, getting rid of unwanted monster guests, and making sure the beaches stay clean.

You won't be able to fully enjoy Costa del Sol without proper swimwear, but we've got you covered!
Take a look at our light and breezy summertime lineup.

Here's the swimwear for the males.

And here we have the swimwear for the females.

The blue stripes are a nice look and it's the first time for a one-piece swimsuit to make an appearance.

Special for this year's event, you'll also be able to dye all of the swimwear you obtain through the Moonfire Faire!

I'm sure everyone is curious about how to obtain this awesome summertime clothing, right? You can purchase them with Faire tokens which can be obtained by participating in limited-time FATEs in Costa del Sol, turning in meals, and reeling in requested fish. There are a variety of ways to obtain Faire tokens, so choose the method that best suits you!

Oh yeah, I nearly forgot! You can also obtain a new wall-mounted furnishing, the oriental wind chime, which makes a refreshingly cool chime. Perfect for those nice summer breezes! (Warning: product not meant to withstand the gales of Garuda!)

The Moonfire Faire rolls into Eorzea on August 11! Read up on all the details and get ready to party under the sun!



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