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Dev Blog: Summer School Class of XIV Part 2 - News

Posted by Xenor Vernix on Jul 07, 2016 - 21:29.

FFXIV News - Dev Blog: Summer School Class of XIV Part 2

Today, Square Enix posted a new FFXIV: Heavensward article on the dev blog. Read below for all the information, taken from the Lodestone.


Greetings, everyone!

The team has returned safely from their adventure down in Guadalajara, and they had a blast attending Campus Party. The previous blog on Campus Party gave a brief look at what this event was all about for those who were unfamiliar, but this time we'll be focusing on what Yoshida and crew were up to.

The main event was the keynote that took place on Saturday, July 2.

Did anyone happen to check it out? It was, in fact, broadcast live on Twitch, and if you did miss out, the video has been archived!

As mentioned in the previous blog, Foxclon was amazed at the size of the keynote area, and the above picture definitely demonstrates the scale of this event. Yoshida said that it was his first time delivering a speech on a stage of this size, and he seemed quite nervous.

The attendees were mainly college students from Mexico and other parts of Central/South America, and everyone listened intently to Yoshida's keynote. After the speech concluded, they opened up a live Q&A session, which had an interesting twist!

Did they draw questions from a box? Select attendees at random who raised their hand? Nah! They told Yoshida to throw the microphone into the audience, and whoever caught it was given the chance to ask a question!

Though a bit hesitant at first, Yoshida obliged, and the crowd amassed to grab it.

They only got through three questions until time ran out, but Yoshida really wanted to answer more questions.

Many of the people who gathered at the show and attended the keynote were those who were involved with the development of future games, and the team was moved that there were so many questions seeking Yoshida's advice.

Yoshida had a quick breather after the keynote, but then it was straight into an interview with the organizer.

The person to the right of Yoshida is Jose. He handled all of the interpretation for both the keynote and interviews. He actively plays FFXIV and can speak Spanish, English, and Japanese!

Besides the keynote and interviews, there were broadcasts from YouTube and Twitch streamers that took place at the FFXIV booth.

Nadia here is just starting out in FFXIV, and she streamed herself playing for a bit.

Yoshida also joined "Al Capone," who was showing off gameplay with his own character and held a live Q&A session. Despite his gangster sounding name, I hear he is extremely kind, and he is also one of the largest YouTubers in the Mexico gaming community.

The interviews never really stop for Yoshida...

Despite his hectic schedule, Yoshida always finds the time to mingle with players at every event.

Naturally when meeting fans, they always want something signed!

Many brought copies of FFXIV and the Collector's Edition, but there were one rare item...

What is this that he is signing?

I don't think Yoshida could have imagined that someone would bring this to an event in Guadalajara - Bomberman 64!

It was FFXIV's first time attending Campus Party, and the passion of the attendees created a great energy. The team would definitely like to attend again given the chance!

Bonus Content Part 1

If you saw the stream or had a keen eye in the pictures above, perhaps you were curious about the shirt Yoshida was wearing for the keynote.

This was actually made especially for the keynote by none other than Maehiro. They had been talking about it the night before Yoshida's trip, and he managed to make it that night.

Bonus Content Part 2

While Yoshida was waiting to hop up on stage to deliver the keynote speech, a person from the venue told him that he would be able to scope out what the stage looks like better from the back of the stage. Taking this person's advice, Foxclon and Yoshida headed to the back of the stage to check it out, but they ended up making a cameo appearance on the stream!



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