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Dev Blog: PvP on the Horizon - News

Posted by Xenor Vernix on Jun 07, 2017 - 03:18.

FFXIV News - Dev Blog: PvP on the Horizon

More FFXIV: Heavensward info appeared on the dev blog today. Read on for all the new details.


Greetings, everyone!

Zhexos here. Now that the media tour embargo has been lifted, the floodgates of information have been released. I'm sure everyone is as excited as I am and preparing to take back Ala Mhigo in Stormblood, which is coming in less than two weeks now!

However, I'm not here to talk about that today! Today, I will be delivering information related to P-v-P!

As Yoshi-P mentioned in the last Letter from the Producer LIVE, we're going to see big changes coming to PvP in Patch 4.0.

Here's a recap of the upcoming major changes:

As you can see from the above, PvP will be majorly revamped in Patch 4.0.
I'm sure it's hard to grasp everything with just the above information, so let's go over some of the changes to give you all a better idea!

PvP Specific Hotbar
First up is the PvP hotbar mode! When you enter PvP content, or areas like the Wolves' Den Pier, your hotbar will now automatically switch to the new PvP hotbar mode. With this new feature, we don't need to place PvP actions into our PvE hotbars, or copy over from hidden hotbars to switch between PvE and PvP anymore. This is definitely a nice feature!

Here's how it'll actually look in-game.

First, let's teleport from Kugane to the Wolves' Den Pier.

And voila! The hotbar is automatically switched to PvP mode!

Job Actions
As we saw in the revamp details, PvP will have nine PvP-specific actions per job, two selectable actions, and Adrenaline Rush.

Just as an example, let's go over white mage job actions!

List of White Mage Actions

Just from looking at the action names and icons, they look like our standard spells; however, they are actually quite different. For example, let's check out Protect.

In PvP, Protect has been changed to an ability which can be used instantly. If you use this at the right timing, you'll be able to protect your team member right before they're hit by burst damage and KO'd.

The new job gauge system will also have unique effects in PvP as well. For white mage, the healing lilies will reduce the recast time for some of the actions.
(Please note this is different in PvE!)

Using Cure II will grant a lily 100% of the time, so you'll need to decide if you want to stack the lilies, or use one of the abilities while having a certain stack of lilies to be able to use it again quicker.

The recast reduction from healing lilies doesn't only affect Protect, but will also affect actions such as Benediction and Fluid Aura as well.

White mages will need to strategize and decide when to use each of their actions to help maintain or change the outcome of the match.

As you can see from above, although they share the same action name as those used in PvE, they have completely different effects for PvP. To some, it may even feel like they're playing a different job.

PvP-specific Additional Actions
Next, let's check out the additional actions for PvP.
There is a total of seven additional PvP-specific actions shared by all roles, and players can select up to two actions.

List of PvP-specific Additional Actions

From Patch 4.0, the Sprint ability will no longer be available in PvP. Instead, players will need to decide if they would like to set the new Bolt ability, which functions similarly.

Will you set the Bolt ability so you can chase your running opponents, or will you use it to fall back from being KO'd? Maybe, it will be better to pick up other skills, which may benefit more depending on the opponent, or the type of match you're going to engage in. Figuring out which abilities will be best for the situation, and trying to figure out what the opponent team have on their skillset will be the key to winning.

PvP-specific Traits
Next up is the PvP traits! These are also shared by all roles. There is a total of nine traits available, and players can select up to three traits.

List of PvP-specific Traits

Every one of these traits looks useful, so it's going to be difficult to decide which three to take with you.

Here are some of the traits:

If I was playing WHM, I would probably want to take...
Increased MP Regeneration, which will give me a stable MP regeneration,
then Increased Action Speed, so I will be able to cast spells faster,
and finally take the Increased Resistance Duration so I would be more resistant overall.
This is my setup, so you may bring in different traits for a different build.
(Please note that in PvP the resistance system has also been adjusted as well.)

I hope that gave you a good idea of how the PvP has been changed in Patch 4.0! By simplifying PvP actions, not only did we lower the hurdle required to start participating in PvP, but now we'll be able to adjust each of the actions so they fit in better with PvP. It is now more important to decide which actions and traits you will want to select, and also strategizing when to use them.

I've been told by our teams in Japan that PvP is much more fun, and I can't wait to get into the new PvP with all of you!

Oh, and I almost forgot, beginning in Patch 4.0, players will be able to earn PvE experience points in PvP! Yes, you read that correctly, PvE experience points in PvP! So now you can hop into PvP while leveling your PvE jobs!

Before I go, here's a peek at some new PvP gear coming in Patch 4.0!

- Zhexos
Community Team


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