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Dev Blog: Picture Perfect in Patch 4.5! - News

Posted by Xenor Vernix on Jan 04, 2019 - 03:29.

FFXIV News - Dev Blog: Picture Perfect in Patch 4.5!

From the Dev Blog.

Hello, /gpose enthusiast and community team member Ridrina here!

Today I'd like to go into detail on some of the new group pose features coming in Patch 4.5 that you may have seen previewed in the latest Letter from the Producer LIVE!

*Click on the screenshots to see larger versions.

▼The ways you can use group pose will be expanded.


What does that mean exactly? You'll now be able to use group pose under the following status conditions!

・Roleplay Status [Those instances where you're controlling an NPC, like Alphinaud or Y'shtola.]
And more!

So that means you can use group pose even when you've been turned into an Odder Otter in Heaven-on-High, or playing as Alphinaud in that one battle instance. Always remember, safety first! Make sure you're only posing for screenshots once your party has cleared the room or your tank may become incapacitated too!

▼A "manual focus" option will be added to the Depth of Field setting.

Up until now, Depth of Field is centered around the targeted object and everything else becomes blurred. You will be able to adjust this with the new "manual focus" setting.

"Manual focus" allows you to adjust the distance of which the Depth of Field will focus on.

For instance, you could focus on the character in the foreground.


Or you could focus on the rival character in the background instead.


It may seem a little complicated at first, but it's quite simple once you give it a try.
We recommend playing around with the slider when this feature comes out!

▼You can now change emotes while in group pose mode.



Imagine the ease of not needing to exit and re-enter group pose every time you wanted to try out a new emote? Bless.

That's right, you will now be able to switch up emotes for your character while in group pose mode.
*You will not be able to change the emotes for other characters, however

There have been so many times where I got the setting, weather, filter and lighting jussst right, only to think to myself "hmm, I should try /joy instead" and lost all of that progress. Never again!

▼A confirmation popup will appear when leaving group pose mode.


This was added in response to a request we received during the 5th Anniversary event.

You ever have one of those moments where your screenshot session is going so well - "This is perfect! So cute!", then your finger accidentally presses the wrong button and you exit group pose? Your character just standing there, devastated...

Having experienced such moments, I feel this is a great addition!


This concludes some of the features being added to the group pose feature in Patch 4.5!

Time to prepare some new glamours, we look forward to seeing all of you up your gpose game! These features, along with Patch 4.5 arrive next week on Tuesday, January 8th!

Community Team

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