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Dev Blog: Moogletourism - News

Posted by Xenor Vernix on Nov 08, 2017 - 21:32.

FFXIV News - Dev Blog: Moogletourism

More Final Fantasy XIV Info appeared on the dev blog today. Read on for all the new details.


Summer was exciting for FFXIV players (hello Stormblood!) and for a certain delivery moogle who decided to leave the Square Enix London office and take a trip around Europe.

This is the blog version of a #latergram of Kuplipo's Moogletravels!


It all started after our European Fan Fest, when Kuplipo realised he wanted to see more of the world outside Square Enix London office and Frankfurt. As we all know, it's very hard to say "no" to that cute little creature... so we decided to help him out and send him on adventure!

His first stop wasn't too far either - it was with Hollie Bennett from PlayStation Access.



As all good things must do, his visit with Hollie had to come to an end, but then he was off to enjoy the summer in France.

Darkfuneral972 was a gracious host, taking our delivery moogle to the beach and letting him test his wings on streaming FFXIV.



Next stop was Spain: the magical land of... sun and siesta. Kuplipo's host was Elena Minervae and she showed him all the good bits of Madrid and introduced him to some seriously yummy looking ice cream.



The delivery moogle just didn't seem to get enough of the warm European summer, so he decided to check out Italy next. Jgor took him on a day trip to see the sights and even let Kuplipo pretend to be a statue!



Summer was at its peak, and Kuplipo decided to see what the great Nordics are really like, so he went to see Tuatime, in Finland! The moogle was happy to adventure in Suomenlinna (sea fortress in Helsinki) and he even managed to score a date looking at the sunset by the sea. ♥



After Finland, it was all about Germany! ZaaapLP took our moogle with open arms and introduced him to horses and countryside!



At this part of the story, something weird happened. Kuplipo found himself in France again! Maybe it was the urge to eat croissants, or him really wanting to taste some of that wine... Sadly, he still refuses to tell us, so we'll never know.

During his second trip to France, MikotoXI took care of him and they enjoyed what seemed to be a lovely French breakfast together. Also, what would have #moogletravels been without some moogletourism?



Kuplipo said his goodbyes (for real this time) to France and travelled to his final stop on Moogeltravels, Northern Ireland. Being an amazing host, PsychePlays decided to make sure that the last stop would be very memorable! Our moogle got to appear on streams, adventure through Bangor on a day trip and he even, briefly, decided to become a machinist.



When the little fellow came back to the Square Enix office, he had acquired quite a lot of loot!


Thank you so much to everyone involved with helping Kuplipo in his travels! He can't stop talking about everything he saw and the wonderful people he spent time with, all over Europe.
He is already planning his next adventures!

You can check Kuplipo's whole journey by searching #moogletravels on Twitter!




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