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Dev Blog: Looking Heavensward at E3 (Part 2) - News

Posted by Xenor Vernix on Jun 17, 2015 - 09:41.

FFXIV News - Dev Blog: Looking Heavensward at E3 (Part 2)

Today, Square Enix posted a new FFXIV: Heavensward article on the dev blog. Read below for all the information, taken from the Lodestone.


Greetings, everyone!
Bayohne here again with another update from the floor of E3!

We've successfully completed the first day of the show, so let me give you a brief wrap-up on what went down!

At the start of the show we revealed our FINAL FANTASY XIV: Heavensward launch trailer! You know we always put a lot of effort into these, and this is no exception! Since these are fully voiced in four languages, I'd like to share all four versions of the trailer here on the blog!





Those familiar with our E3 presence each year will probably remember our giant E3 trailer set up! Here's a shot of the launch trailer on the big screen! It's extremely impressive.

Here's a shot of the Square Enix booth when entering from the right.

FFXIV: Heavensward is dead center in the booth with 32 kiosks!

Yoshi-P and Koji Fox (a.k.a. Fernehalwes) have been doing interview after interview in the media room. Isn't that Heavensward art behind them nice?

During interview breaks, Yoshi-P would walk around the SE booth and pose for pictures and sign autographs for the fans.

We even had one fan that showed off the amazing Odin artwork that he got tattooed on his back, along with his tattooed Yoshida signature! HARDCORE!

Yoshida and Foxclon also hosted the preliminary patch note reading after the show had closed, going over the recently released patch notes!

THREE days until early access begins! I CAN'T TAKE THE WAIT ANYMORE!

Be sure to check out our special E3 edition of Duty Commenced today where we'll be playing Heavensward and showing off the new jobs, areas, and more!

- Bayohne


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