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Dev Blog: Hollywood Red Carpet Cosplay Walk - News

Posted by Xenor Vernix on May 31, 2018 - 10:18.

FFXIV News - Dev Blog: Hollywood Red Carpet Cosplay Walk

From the Dev Blog.

Greetings, everyone!

There's less than a month now until the FINAL FANTASY XIV Orchestra Concert 2018 -Eorzean Symphony- in Los Angeles!

If you've been busy with Patch 4.3, you may have missed the fact that we recently announced the Hollywood Red Carpet Cosplay Walk event during the last Letter from the Producer LIVE!


On Saturday, June 16, we'll be rolling out the red carpet in front of the iconic Dolby Theatre, on the world's most famous boulevard: the prestigious Hollywood Walk of Fame!

And by carpet, we don't mean some little door mat! Take a look:


The carpet starts around where you see the red arch marked with a yellow arrow, and it's planned to stretch all the way into the hall of the theatre.

We're so excited for this unique opportunity to show off your amazing cosplay on Hollywood's legendary red carpet!

To participate in this grand event, there are only two conditions:
- You must possess a FINAL FANTASY XIV Orchestra Concert 2018 -Eorzean Symphony- concert ticket for either the June 15 or 16 performance
- Come dressed in a FINAL FANTASY XIV cosplay

As for the cosplay, you can be fully decked out like Yoshida:


Or you can keep it casual with a more simple FFXIV approach like Soken:


Speaking of Yoshida and Soken, you may have a chance to see their familiar faces on the red carpet, joined by Susan Calloway!

Taking part in the event
While on-site registration may be available depending on availability, we highly recommend pre-registering ahead of time! This can be done here.

Once you're registered, all you have to do is show up with your concert ticket and some identification and you're set! A dressing room will be available free of charge as well, so come on down, dress up, and show us your passion for FFXIV!



Schedule of Events
3:00-4:30 PM: Pre-registration check-in and on-site registration (capacity permitting)
3:30-5:00 PM: Dressing and prepping in the dressing room
5:00-6:00 PM: FINAL FANTASY XIV cosplayers walk the carpet, followed by the concert's special guests
6:00-7:00 PM: All ticketed attendees can walk the red carpet

6:00-7:00 PM: All ticketed attendees can walk the red carpet

That's right! Even if you don't come in cosplay, all attendees with tickets to the event will be able to walk the red carpet. (We definitely encourage you to cosplay though!)

That's crazy, right!? So if your heart is there but you aren't the cosplaying type, you can still come down at 5 PM to check out all the cosplayers as they walk the red carpet, and then you can also experience it yourself starting at 6 PM!

Finally, even if you won't be attending the concert, you're still welcome to check out everyone's glamourous cosplays if you'll be in the area!

We look forward to seeing all of our Warriors of Light!


You can find more details on the Hollywood Red Carpet Cosplay Walk event here.

Tickets for the concert are still available as well! Be sure to purchase your tickets today if you haven't yet!

- Zhexos
Community Team

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