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Dev Blog: Finished Furnishings - News

Posted by Xenor Vernix on Dec 27, 2018 - 03:43.

FFXIV News - Dev Blog: Finished Furnishings

From the Dev Blog.

Hi, everyone! Sicycre here with an overview of some of the new furnishings planned to be implemented in Patch 4.5!

What's gotten me extremely excited about these furnishings in particular is that they were the winnings designs by our players in the Furnishing Design Contest so along with the actual in-game screenshot of the furnishings, we have the initial art concepts to supplement our furnishing tour!

■冒険者の画材 (by: S.H)


Check these painters' supply tools! You know, with the Modern Aesthetics - Curls hairstyle, a nice canvas, and inspiration from your latest adventures, you too can start making, "happy little accidents!"

■Steppe Kitchen (by: Shake)


Here we have an Azim Steppe-style kitchen set! I have to say this is one of my favorites already, simply because there is food involved. The little ram design on the left makes this furnishing 10/10 for me. "Wool" buy again.

■園芸師の乾燥ハーブ (by: かめかめ)


If you're a fan of agriculture, why not add some greenery to your estate walls with this to give it some spice! This would probably go nicely with the Azim Steppe-style kitchen set, don't ya think?

■ランプマリモランタン (by: シェルディー)


This unique lamp contains a rare luminescent moss called the Lamp Marimo. Fishers out there may already be aware of this moss. Maybe it might help to place these next to an aquarium or other aquatic-themed furnishings!

■憧れの畑セット (by: ニル)


Now you don't have to bury those lalafe--I mean, popotoes in the ground anymore because you can now place this fully grown veggie patch anywhere on your yard!

■ゆるふわファットキャットソファー (by: プッコ)


Must we say anything else other than FAT CAT COUCH?! It's big, soft, and I'm sure it's super comfortable, too! If you're a cat lover, now is your time to rise up and create some cat themed area in your estates or you know, fill your room with a bunch of these couches. Either way, I'm sure many will enjoy having this one of a kind couch!

■丸太タワー (by: むぎ)


I absolutely adore this wooden display stand! Not only can you display different table-top furnishings on it but we can DEFINITELY see cat minions using this as a potential cat post! /thumbsup

I sincerely cannot wait to get my hands on some of these new furnishings, I personally think I need to think about how I want to change up my estates with these amazing pieces.

With all that said, I hope you are looking forward to Patch 4.5 as much as I am! Thanks for checking these out with me and let's enjoy the upcoming patch together.

- Community Team

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