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Dev Blog: FFXIV: The Cologne Wars - News

Posted by Xenor Vernix on Aug 08, 2015 - 21:17.

FFXIV News - Dev Blog: FFXIV: The Cologne Wars

A new post full of FFXIV: Heavensward information has now been released by Square Enix. The information from the dev blog is quoted below.


Good day, this is your gamescom correspondent Kahuna speaking.

We expected it, but not to this extent - adventurers are invading the gamescom in Cologne en masse. Droves of adventurers stormed the halls on Thursday and Friday, some of them even before the official opening of the show floor - the Battle Challenge booth had some adventurers queuing for the "I BEAT BISMARCK" shirts 5 minutes before they even opened the doors. We have no idea how they did it, but please be aware that over-utilizing the aether currents could prove dangerous!


Of course, the highlight of the week for many was the Fan Gathering at the Roonburg. Hundreds of you stormed the venue, which could also have been home to an underground club in Ul'dah. The free drinks barely touched the bar counters, and of course Yoshida wouldn't miss this event for anything!

For almost an entire hour, he signed, took pictures with attendees and held a short speech, thanking everyone for their support and them being here on this amazing evening. But you guys had something for him - you let all of us know how you felt about the Heavensward storyline by gifting him a special shirt, which Yoshida put on right there on stage to the cheers of the crowd. You partied until the early morning hours, and it was absolutely glorious to see all of you there - thank you so much for your support!


Our two booths (the Battle Challenge booth, where you can win the I Beat ... T-Shirts, and the Battle Arena booth, where you can win the brand new "Battle Master" T-Shirts) were also erupting throughout the day when Yoshida and Foxclon visited them. And yet again this was nothing compared to the cheers of the crowd that the whole of Hall 9 was hearing during the "Play with Yoshida" stage shows - challenges were successfully completed with the master himself.


We're now off to the last two days of this year's gamescom - expect to hear everything about it early next week!

Until the next time,


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