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Dev Blog: Eorzean Hearts Aflutter - News

Posted by Xenor Vernix on Feb 01, 2017 - 02:58.

FFXIV News - Dev Blog: Eorzean Hearts Aflutter

New FFXIV: Heavensward info is available on the dev blog from today. Read below for all the news, taken from the dev blog.


Greetings, everyone!

Bayohne here to bring you a look at the upcoming Valentione's Day seasonal event!

Love is in the air in Eorzea, and now is the perfect chance to show it!

This year, the Valentione's Day seasonal event will introduce a lovey-dovey new emote for adventurers to use on their friends, lovers, or enemies! Get a gander at the "dote" emote:

Shower your loved ones in a wave of hearts and send their hearts aflutter in return!

Take a gander at the variances of the emote being performed by various characters:

The animation before the hearts appear is slightly different for each race as well, so look forward to trying these out with other races!
Make sure to use the emote often and spread the love throughout Eorzea!

Let's take a look at the other rewards we have planned:

Minion: Angel of Mercy

Maybe it'll help point you in the direction of that special someone?

There's also a tabletop furnishing, the charming "Paramour Vase" flower pot.

Here you can see them adorned with the pink cherry blossoms that were added in Patch 3.5.

Enjoy the soothing sounds of the event with "The Kiss" orchestrion roll.

Not long left until the festivities begin! "Please look forward to it!"
Read more about Valentione's Day event page.


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