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Dev Blog: Carby's Squeak Squad - News

Posted by Xenor Vernix on Jun 29, 2015 - 22:04.

FFXIV News - Dev Blog: Carby's Squeak Squad

More FFXIV: Heavensward info appeared on the dev blog today. Read on for all the new details.


Greetings, everyone!
Camate here, taking a quick breather from the excitement of Heavensward with my two pals Topaz and Emerald.

A tank that can summon Carbuncle egis? What is this sorcery? Well, you got me. I didn't add any arcanist abilities to my repertoire of skills for tanking, and if you look closely you'll notice that they aren't even egis at all--they are minions!

You might have caught a glimpse of these cuddly Carbuncle plushes on Letter from the Producer LIVE Part XXII and in previous blogs, but you'll be happy to know that each one comes with its very own in-game minion item.

The master of accessories and fashion, Yoshi-P, decided that the next cool thing is going to be wearing Carbuncle plushes on your arm, and here he is styling it up ahead of the times to come.

The Topaz and Emerald Carbuncle plushes will first be available at Japan Expo in Paris and San Diego Comic-Con, but keep a look out for their arrival to the Square Enix Online Store soon!



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