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Dev Blog: 14 Hours of Memories - News

Posted by Xenor Vernix on Oct 08, 2015 - 21:11.

FFXIV News - Dev Blog: 14 Hours of Memories

A new FFXIV: Heavensward post has appeared on the dev blog. The new information is quoted below.


Greetings, everyone!
Bayohne here with a fond look back at the 14-hour anniversary stream event we held in August!

Take a gander at a brief recap of the excitement (insanity?) of the event!

(You can read more about the event on our previous blog post!)

If you remember, Asst. Director Takai was trying to collect as many minions as he could in 14 hours. He tried really hard...

I guess Foxclon decided to cosplay as a morbol...? (No one told him to do that by the way.)

The paissa cake was a huge hit! Luckily it wasn't Squonk, or else they wouldn't have been able to cut it!

Oh...oh no...

Don't worry, his sacrifice was not in vain!

The entire team is putting their all into the third year of FINAL FANTASY XIV, so be sure to cheer them on!
- Bayohne


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