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Final Fantasy XIV: An Online Beginner’s Guide to Success

by Xenor

Starting Final Fantasy XIV online is a massive undertaking. The good news is we are here to make it
faster and easier. There are hundreds upon hundreds of gameplay available, which may make the
game feel daunting.

Once you begin, you will encounter countless questions and quests as you embark on your
adventure, even before the next expansion arrives. In this guide, we will explain some of the most
important decisions and questions you’ll make as you start your journey.

Starting FFXIV

The base game, A Realm Reborn, is difficult to promote. It is a hard sell to tell newbies that the first
50 hours are going to be a little slow before the game truly gets going. Even though the current
version has been trimmed down somewhat, it can still seem on the slow side. Those who don’t mind
being patient will discover a huge game and community waiting for you!

Finding friends to play FFXIV with will make the experience even more fun. Understandably, not
everyone is going to have pals to play the game with. Those looking to play solo need to bear in mind
the FFXIV community are incredibly welcoming to newcomers. In fact, new players have a sprout
icon next to their usernames. You’ll find pro players are more than willing to help the newbies get up
to scratch.

How to Create Characters

Creating your character in FFXIV is the single most important decision you will make. This is because
you will spend countless hours with it! There are several options to pick from. The first of these is
Race. This will determine how you look. However, it will not have a big impact on your stats. Make
sure to choose a race that looks interesting to you.

Another thing to think about is clan. This provides minor differences between each race. Although, in
the end, these will not matter much. Finally, the gender you choose will not offer any difference in
how each race performs. However, be warned that Viera are only female, and the Hrothgar is only
male. After you’ve made up your mind, you can get to work designing your character. Make sure to
pick a birthday and patron deity. Once your character is ready, you will need to select a data centre. If you’ve spent endless hours creating your character, you may want some time away from the
game. You can check out OnlineCasinos and find games that will get you ready and eager to go for
some FFXIV fun!

How to Pick a Class

Picking your starting class is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make to start with. Your class
determines the play style you will encounter for hundreds of hours of play time. Also, what class you
pick at the start of the game will dictate where your story starts.
Later on in the game, you can switch classes. In fact, you’re able to play every type of class using one
character. However, to begin with, you should opt for one class archetype and stay with it until you
find your feet and get more comfortable with the game.

Understand Icons and Quests

As you navigate through Final Fantasy 14, you will meet plenty of characters who each feature
different icons over their heads. Because of this, it won’t be clear who you should accept quests

from. When beginning the game, always concentrate on the quests found in your main scenario
guide. This will be visible at the top left of your screen.
Those who have a job/class quest, this will be found below your main story quest. If you’re not sure
where to find this, you’ll see a red exclamation mark that cannot be missed. Should all else fail, the
quests noted here will always bring your story forward.

Learn About Trials, Dungeons, Raids, and Online Play

While you have the freedom to play huge parts of the main story quests alone, you will need to
complete trials, dungeons, and raids with other players. These cooperative moments happen often
throughout the game and are key for moving the story forward.
Trials, dungeons, and raids match players based on what role they have. For example, most
dungeons that commence in the story require a team of one healer, one tank, and two DFS players.
In a nutshell, dungeons are story misses which take place in specific areas. See them as maps or
levels in other video games. Trials are difficult boss encounters which require a group to overcome.
Finally, raids are combat encounters. These require several parties to partner up to overcome them.

Tips and Tricks

To get the most out of FFXIV and to ensure your stress levels stay at a minimum, we have plenty of
tips and tricks you can use to your advantage. The first of these is interacting with Aetheryte for fast
travel. Whenever you venture into a new territory, you will need to get everywhere on foot. At the
start of the game, you’ll do plenty of running around. This is understandably annoying. However,
once you find Aetheryte crystals, these act as fast travel points.

Before beginning any dungeon or quest, make sure to eat some food. You can find food from
numerous vendors all over each town and settlement. Doing so gives you the Well Fed buff for 30
minutes. This status effect boosts all XP gained by 3%. While this isn’t exactly lots, it’s a best practice
to perform before continuing your adventure. As you level up, you will unlock new skills to use in the
game. Before using them, it’s always best to learn exactly what they do first. If you don’t, you could
make a wrong move, and disaster strikes!

With Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.3 having just been rolled out, players of the franchise are sure to pick
up their controllers again and get stuck back in. If you’re a Final Fantasy fanatic, the guide above
should help you get to grips with the game and ultimately, better your play and help you get the
most out of the game.

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