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Dev Blog: Introducing the Fan Festival 2023-2024 Official Merch Round 2!

by Xenor

Greetings, everyone!

Zhexos here and today, I’d like to introduce the second round of merchandise to commemorate the Fan Festival 2023-2024 events! The next wave of merch is available for pre-order ahead of the Fan Festival 2023 in London!

Ancient’s Mask


Presenting a reproduction of the mask worn by the ancients!

The adjustable cord will allow you to wear the mask just like an ancient or simply wear it around your neck… also just like an ancient! We’d love to see you all wearing it in the crowd at future events, like the upcoming Fan Festival! That said, please be mindful that your vision may be obstructed while wearing the mask, so please exercise caution when maneuvering while wearing the mask.

Silver Pendant – Elpis Flower Silver and Gold-plated



Next, we have a pendant featuring the iconic Elpis flower, replicating the delicate flower design.

Whether you’re selecting a silver or a gold-plated pendant, this would be a wonderful gift for any Warrior of Light (even if it’s just yourself)!

Emet-Selch, Hythlodaeus, and Venat Figures



Next up we have figures of three iconic characters from Endwalker. We have adjusted the printing method for the faces of these figures compared to previous offerings. We used a printing method that blends in with the skin coating in an effort to reproduce their detailed eyes.

This method is primarily used for figure prints of characters from live action films and this is the same method we opted to use to faithfully reproduce our characters. The masks are intricately detailed and have a shinier finish to differentiate their texture from the rest of their attire.

Square Tote Bag – Loporrit



This tote bag features a blue color inspired by the Loporrits! Both the Loporrit and the tiny carrot designs add a nice, cute touch. This adorable tote bag also features a wide gusset and inner pocket that allows you to carry a multitude of items!

Plushie Keychain – Ambystoma and Little Troll



Continuing from our first round of Fan Festival 2023-2024 merchandise, we now have these two adorable Ambystoma and Little Troll added to our plushie keychain collection. To draw attention to the keychain, the color of the plastic clip was selected to match well with the plushies themselves.

Speaking of matching well, these keychains pair up well with the Loporrit tote bag!

Status Effect Pins



Here are some newly created pins featuring some of the status effect icons! Select the pins that reflect your mood and put them on your jacket, bag, or other accessories to make sure everyone knows your current status!

Fluffy Leisurewear – Loporrit


Feel warm and fuzzy both inside and out with this fluffy leisurewear! It’s cozy but still easy to move around in, so long as you can resist the urge to curl up into a ball of comfort forever! The coat is designed a tad larger than usual for ease of wear, and the shorts are held up by elastic. Wear them with the Fluffy Slippers for the ultimate fuzzy combination!

Fluffy Slippers – Fat Cat, Moogle, and Namazu


These fluffy slippers will definitely keep you warm during the cold season! They’re fluffy on both the outside and inside so you can wear them bare foot and your feet will still be nice and warm. There are different slippers that feature Fat Cat, Moogle, or Namazu minion doodles, with the color being selected to accompany these minions.

Nail Stickers – Minion Doodle



Look at these nail stickers featuring adorable minion doodles! Along with the nail wraps, they also feature nail art stickers to customize your nails even further! As a heads up, to avoid wrinkles from appearing, we recommend using a size smaller than your nail. You can always cut any excess with scissors as well.

These are so adorable and I’m sure they’d be amazing conversation starters among friends, family, or fellow Warriors of Light!

1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzles




These jigsaw puzzles feature illustrations by the famed Yoshitaka Amano. They’re approximately 20.08 in (510 mm) by 28.94 in (735 mm) in size and should be a fun activity to do while you’re waiting for your duty to pop.


We had a lot to showcase, so thanks for making it through it all with us! These products are scheduled to start shipping in October 2023, so be sure to pre-order today!

That’s all from me today, I gotta go fill up my cart!

– Community Team


Visit the Square Enix Store to view the new merchandise.

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