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Dev Blog: Introducing Pre-orders for Dawntrail

by Xenor

Greetings, this is Okieeomi from the Community team.

Have you all pre-ordered our upcoming expansion, FINAL FANTASY XIV: Dawntrail?

You may have seen some players already in-game sporting the pre-order bonuses such as the Wind-up Zidane minion or Azeyma’s Earrings. A huge shout out to those who have already pre-ordered!

We’ve already seen some questions like, “Which version should I get?” so today we’ll go over what each version has to offer!

Product Line-up

Our line-up for Dawntrail can be broken down into four distinct packages.
* Click the images to enlarge.

20240404_AC_02.pngBut depending on the platform you play on, your checkout cart may look a little different!

If you’re the ultimate collector, then you’ll want to pick up Dawntrail and ALL of the in-game bonus items and physical goods associated!

Windows® and Mac version users will want to pick up the Collector’s Edition which will include the game, the goods, and the in-game items.

PlayStation®5|PlayStation®4, Xbox Series X|S, and Steam version users would pick up the Collector’s Box from the Square Enix Store, and then purchase Digital Collector’s Edition from your respective platform that you play on.

But let’s say you’re not after everything, and you just want Dawntrail and the in-game bonus items~

Then you can happily pick up the Digital Collector’s Edition and be on your way.

Finally, if you simply want to play Dawntrail and don’t want the bonus items, we’ve got you!

The Standard Edition is the one for you!

Physical Bonus Goods

These will be included in the following products:

  • Collector’s Edition
  • Collector’s Box

* Click the images to enlarge.


Dawntrail Special Art Box

JP20240404_hm_04.jpgA unique art box with a shimmering golden base, evocative of a fabled city of gold. It features a Dawntrail illustration by artist Yoshitaka Amano.

Expertly Crafted Viper Figure

JP20240404_hm_05.jpgJP20240404_hm_06.jpgAn impressive high-quality figure that showcases the Warrior of Light as a viper. Including the base, the figure measures approximately H 9.65″ x W 4.52″ x D 5.90″ (H 24.5cm x W 11.5cm x D 15cm).

Adventurer’s Cloth Map

JP20240404_hm_07.jpgThe latest version of the FFXIV world map, which includes new locations debuting in Dawntrail. Printed on high-quality cloth, measuring approximately 16.53″ x 29.52″ (42cm x 75cm).

The Unending Journey

JP20240404_hm_08.jpgJP20240404_hm_09.jpgA ruled notebook inspired by a favorite journal of adventurers, measuring approximately 5.90″ x 4.33″ (15cm x 11cm).

Adventurer’s Pen Case

JP20240404_hm_10.jpgJP20240404_hm_11.jpgA roll-up pen case to hold writing instruments and other small items essential to your adventures. Unfolded, the pen case measures approximately 8.26″ x 9.44″ (21cm x 24cm). 


In-game Bonus Items

These will be included with the following products:

  • Collector’s Edition
  • Digital Collector’s Edition

We also have a video showcasing the Ark mount for those curious how it will look in-game!

This version of the Battle 1 music from FINAL FANTASY IX is great!

Pre-order Bonuses

These will be included when pre-ordering the following products:

  • Standard Edition
  • Collector’s Edition
  • Digital Collector’s Edition

Wind-Up Zidane Minion

JP20240404_hm_13.jpgThis miniature version of FINAL FANTASY IX’s Zidane makes for an ideal adventuring companion─so long as you keep an eye on your valuables.

Azeyma’s Earrings

JP20240404_hm_14.jpgEarrings crafted in the image of the radiant sun, symbol of the goddess Azeyma.

These earrings will be useful for players who still need to level up their jobs to 90 before Dawntrail as they provide the user with attributes that vary according to your class/job and current level when equipped. Plus, when worn, the user’s EXP earned when defeating enemies is increased by 30%!

* The bonus effect will only apply from level 1 through 90.
* Equippable only by Disciples of War or Magic classes and jobs.

The Wind-up Zidane and Azeyma’s Earrings can be redeemed immediately upon purchase.
For instructions on how to redeem your pre-order bonuses, visit our pre-order page.

Early Access to Dawntrail

Pre-order FINAL FANTASY XIV: Dawntrail at participating retailers and redeem your pre-order bonus code during the specified period to receive early access.

Early access is tentatively scheduled to begin on Friday, June 28, 2024 at 2:00 a.m. (PDT) and will allow users to play Dawntrail before the official release!

To be granted early access and play the new content from FINAL FANTASY XIV: Dawntrail, players must have finished the FINAL FANTASY XIV: Endwalker Main Scenario Quests.

We still have a bit of time before we embark on our new adventures in Dawntrail, but until then- be sure to pre-order your copy of Dawntrail today so you don’t miss out!

– Community team

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