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Dev Blog: Echoes of the Maiden’s Rhapsody

by Xenor

Hail adventurer, 

This is Sicycre from the Community team.

The Maiden’s Rhapsody is a returning collaboration event with our FINAL FANTASY MMO predecessor, FFXI! It’s also an opportunity to learn a bit about the world of Vana’diel before the FFXI-themed alliance raid series arrives in the upcoming Dawntrail expansion.

It’s been about two years since the event was last held so I’m sure those playing it for the first time will be happy to rise to the occasion. Personally, I’m leaping with joy for those who will be seekers of this quest for the first time! So, pardon me if I insert a few (too many) FFXI references throughout the blog! 


Event Period
From Monday, January 22 at 12:00 a.m. 
to Monday, February 5 at 6:59 a.m. (PST) 

How to Participate
To begin the quest, speak with Remumu in Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (X:11.6 Y:11.2)


Event Items
▼ Equipment: 
Amatsu Hachigane / Amatsu Togi / Amatsu Tekko / Amatsu Haidate / Amatsu Sune-ate Minion: Ryunosuke


The Amatsu set is an even match replica set worn by Iroha, a maiden from a faraway land that you meet during the event. This iconic red-and-white armor can be worn on any job, so you can mix and match with similar pieces to give yourself an Eastern-style makeover!

And if you happen to make some notorious glamoured gear sets in conjunction with any treasures you may find during your adventures–like an Emperor Hairpin, Scorpion Harness, etc.–then please share some screenshots with us!

If none of those suggestions fit your style though, it’s fine if you’re the type who just wings it and creates a new glamour set, too! 

Seasonal Event Replay

Unlike the past iterations of this event, if you’ve already completed it but wish to experience it again, you can do so by using the Seasonal Event Replay feature!

You can learn more about the Seasonal Event Replay feature on our special site.

We hope you enjoy this mysterious story that chains the worlds of FFXI and FFXIV together!


As for you adventurer, you have done well... reading through this whole blog.

We hope you look forward to the Echoes of Vana’diel alliance raid series coming in Dawntrail! I know members of our team are quite bubbly about its upcoming release.

-Community Team  


Visit the Maiden’s Rhapsody special site.

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