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Dev Blog: They Do Travel in Herds - News

Posted by Xenor Vernix on May 08, 2015 - 21:28.

FFXIV News - Dev Blog: They Do Travel in Herds

New FFXIV information is available on the dev blog from today. You can read the news in the quote below.


Greetings, everyone!

Camate here making my blog debut as I fill in for Bayohne who is scared of flying (I kid, he loves it)! I'll be your captain this afternoon, so sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. Today, we'll be ditching the roads and soaring through the skies on a route you'll find in Heavensward on the back of a flying mount.

Let's just turn the corner here and... Whoa! A whole herd of adventurers on dragon flying mounts! In order to check for server stress, the development team needed to recruit the help of a whole bunch of staff to perform tests, which is what you are seeing in this picture here.

The development team didn't want to be left out of the fun, so many of the team members also participated in the test. All the images I'm showing off today are actually from the development team members who participated. It's not very often we can take such a large amount of screenshots of elements such as this while content is in-development, so it's quite the treat!

Cruising along to our next location, we have a nice bird's-eye (dragon's-eye?) view of a battle occurring on the ground below. There's so much going on I can't even tell who is friend and who is foe...

Flying V formation, everyone! (Maybe it didn't quite work out...)

Even while on the ground the group moves as one.

It's a nice feeling to break away from the pack every now and then to fly free solo.

But today is a day to move forward through these lands as a herd!

Get your aviator goggles ready, because it's almost time to take to the skies and head Heavensward!

- Camate


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