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The Last Word – Storm over Gridania - News

Posted by Xenor Vernix on Apr 27, 2011 - 23:17.

"The heavens seem hell-bent on inundating Gridania of late. While the Twelveswood is no stranger to willful weather, something is afoot that sits ill with this reporter. Driven by an inner disquiet, I set out on a mission to give shape and form to intangible trepidation.

Ere long, I pick up the trail of irregularity, catching curious whispers on the wind that deaspected crystals have been circulating. Yes, you read true: these crystalline manifestations of aetheric energy are turning up utterly divested of aspect. Even a wee tot could tell you that such a thing is an affront to the very laws of nature.

Perchance this development does not suffice to chill spines, the frightful rumors being propagated by a camp-bound transient could well prompt folk to run for the hills. This shady figure is said to manifest with nary a warning, preach feverishly of impending doom, and then vanish like a phantom only to reappear elsewhere. Though the ramblings of this seemingly touched soul are largely lost to gibberish, such is the zeal with which they are delivered, more than a few citizens are like to be taken by fear.

Far be it from this reporter's intent to incite panic, but if history has taught man aught, it is that we dismiss portentous signs at our peril. Are these incidents merely isolated occurrences? Or are they a dire warning of disaster? This I leave to you, our informed readers, to ponder.

Kipih Jakkya"

Source: The Lodestone

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