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Rumour: Campaign Code for Final Fantasy XIV with FFXIII? - News

Posted by Xenor Vernix on Nov 06, 2009 - 20:47.

A rumour is circulating around the web that early copies and pre-orders of Final Fantasy XIII in Japan will come with a Final Fantasy XIV campaign code. As this is unconfirmed we are unsure what the code will be used for. Speculation is that it may be a beta invitation but it could be for something entirely different as campaign codes in Final Fantasy XI are used to give players special in-game items.

Final Fantasy XIII is released in Japan on December 17th but we should have the details on this code if it exists before then.

The French Final Fantasy site FFWorld have posted some scans which appear to indicate that the rumour is true, but there are no confirmed details as to what the code is for.

Update 2:
It has been revealed that the campaign code bundled with Final Fantasy XIII in Japan will allow players to obtain a secret item within Final Fantasy XIV. There is no news as to whether the code will be in European and North American releases of the game.

Source: FF World

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