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Quest Additions and Adjustments - News

Posted by Xenor Vernix on Mar 02, 2011 - 20:18.

Patch 1.16, set to go live on Thursday, March 3, will introduce several new sidequests to Eorzea. To go along with this, there are also a number of changes to make the questing experience smoother, as well as adjustments to the degrees of difficulty for many local levequests.


Sidequests are a new category of quests that are being added to the game. These will be made available through various NPCs located in each of the three cities, given that a player first fulfills certain class/rank prerequisites. The content of these endeavors vary greatly from one another, and we will continue to add further sidequests in future patches.
NPCs offering sidequests are easily distinguishable by the presence of an exclamation point (!) icon above their heads. The same icon is also displayed at sidequest NPC locations on the map and minimap. In the future, we plan to extend this feature to other quest NPCs, such as those offering class quests.

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* The term "sidequests" is the new official designation for what were previously referred to as "miniquests" in several Letter from the Producer posts.
** Only sidequest NPCs within a certain distance of the player will have the ! icon displayed over their head.

Local Levequests

The objectives of certain local levequests are currently somewhat difficult to complete due to disparities between the synthesis rank of their requested items and the approximate rank needed to reach the associated aetheryte. To address this, patch 1.16 will contain adjustments to the recommended ranks, degrees of difficulty, and item types and amounts requested of these levequests.

* Levequests undertaken prior to version 1.16 will automatically be adjusted upon server restart following the patch.

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