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Patch 1.18: Miscellaneous Adjustments - News

Posted by Xenor Vernix on Jul 14, 2011 - 23:12.

In patch 1.18 there will be some changes made to the death penalty and raising of KO'd party members. This means there will be some new spells introduced that give the raised player different death penalty effects depending on the spell used. The ranks of Raise and Resurrect will also be lowered. Additionally, the surplus SP system will be removed, something that many of the playerbase have hated since the game's launch. The full details are quoted below.

Removal of the Fatigue System

Fatigue is the means whereby playing for prolonged periods of time progressively yields less and less skill and experience points, eventually reaching a point where neither can be obtained. Patch 1.18 will see the removal of this system, meaning players will no longer be subjected to a reduction in skill and experience point awards even after long hours of play. In light of this change, accumulated surplus points will also be done away with.

Death Penalty and Raising

The introduction of instanced raids will be accompanied by a wide range of revisions to areas such as the death penalty, Raise spells, and the Return command.

Death Penalty
The penalty for being KO'd, namely the effects of Weakness and Brink of Death, will be revised as follows:

Players who are raised will be afflicted with the Weakness status, which has the following negative effects:

25% HP reduction
25% MP reduction

Brink of Death
Players who are KO’d when under the effect of Weakness and are subsequently raised will be subjected to the Brink of Death status, which inflicts the following negative effects:

50% HP reduction
50% MP reduction
50% attack power reduction
50% magic potency reduction
50% defense reduction
50% magic defense reduction

A further penalty will apply to equipment durability for players who revive themselves via the Return command.

As part of balance adjustments accompanying the introduction of instanced raids, and in order to improve the usability of Return as a mode of transport, Raise and Resurrect will receive changes to their effects, as well as the rank at which they are learned. New Raise spells will also be introduced.


Learned: Rank 14 (instead of 38)
Recast Time: 5 min. (instead of 60 sec.)
MP Cost: 101 (instead of 0)


Learned: Rank 14 (instead of 38)
Recast Time: 5 min. (instead of 60 sec.)
MP Cost: 101 (instead of 0)

Raise II -New-
Restore the breath of life, reviving a KO’d target. Weakness and Brink of Death effects last for 1 minute.

Learned: Conjurer, Rank 38
Cast Time: 10 sec.
Recast Time: 2.5 min.
MP Cost: 186
Exclusive to conjurer.

Rebirth -New-
Restore the breath of life, reviving a KO’d target. Target suffers no Weakness or Brink of Death effects.

Learned: Conjurer, Rank 50
Cast Time: 10 sec.
Recast Time: 30 min.
MP Cost: 231
Exclusive to conjurer.

Alongside the above-mentioned reduction in the rank at which Raise is learned, the following adjustments will be made to Return in order to improve its usability as a mode of transport.

Anima consumption will be reduced to zero.
A recast time of 15 minutes will be imposed.
* The above recast time is not imposed on players who are KO'd.

Source: The Lodestone

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