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Materia Reform - News

Posted by Xenor Vernix on Apr 11, 2012 - 11:47.

FFXIV News - Materia Reform

Today sees another Lodestone update for FFXIV. We have quoted the new info below.

" * The following adjustments, scheduled for patch 1.22, are in development and subject to change.

Patch 1.22 will usher in a wide range of reforms to materia:
  • The following materia varieties will be added:

    NameEffectBody Part
    Swiftwall MateriaBlock Rate +Hands
    Sound of Suffering MateriaEnfeebling Magic Potency +Hands
    Sanguinary Might MateriaCritical Attack Power +
    HP +
    Stellar Might MateriaMagic Critical Potency +
    MP +
    Sound of Serenity MateriaHealing Magic Potency +
    MP +
    Savage Aim MateriaCritical Rate +Legs
    Evenflow MateriaStore TP +
    Accuracy +
    Sound of Certainty MateriaEnhancement Magic Potency +Head
  • The bonus attributes granted by the following materia will be adjusted:

    Touch of Rage Materia IEnmity: +1 — 2Enmity: +1 — 10
    Touch of Rage Materia IIEnmity: +3 — 4Enmity: +11 — 15
    Touch of Rage Materia IIIEnmity: +5 — 8Enmity: +16 — 20
    Touch of Rage Materia IVEnmity: +9 — 12Enmity: +21 — 25
    Touch of Serenity Materia IEnmity: -1Enmity: -1 — 4
    Touch of Serenity Materia IIEnmity: -2 — 3Enmity: -5 — 8
    Touch of Serenity Materia IIIEnmity: -3 — 4Enmity: -9 — 12
    Touch of Serenity Materia IVEnmity: -5 — 8Enmity: -13 — 16
    * The attributes of materia already existing in-game will automatically change to reflect the above following release of patch 1.22.

  • The following unique/untradable items will be made convertible into materia:
    Claret Coif / Claret Breeches / Helm of the Lone Knight / Mitts of the Lone Knight / Verdant Hora / Astaroth Cane / Canopus Bill / Canopus Shield / Templar's Falchion / Verdant Shortbow / Canopus Guisarme / Verdant Scepter / Alpine War Jacket / Warlock's Buckler / Solid Scale Mail / Revolutionary's Bliaud / Bladedancer's Jackboots / Warlock's Pattens / Ifrit's Claws / Ifrit's Blade / Ifrit's Battleaxe / Ifrit's Harpoon / Ifrit's Bow / Ifrit's Cane / Ifrit's Cudgel / Murderous Mogfists / Morbid Mogblade / Malignant Mogaxe / Melancholy Mogfork / Mischievous Mogbow / Malevolent Mogwand / Maleficent Mogstaff / Torturer's Monocle / Torturer's Duckbills / Warden's Barbut / Warden's Gauntlets / Brigand's Acton / Brigand's Gloves / Poacher's Hat / Poacher's Tunic / Ascetic's Halfrobe / Ascetic's Tights / Warden's Dagger / Charred Axe / Tidesplitter / Joukil's Guile / Unbreakable Knuckles / Tenfinger Tallstaff / Heart of House d'Arlendre / Waning Sun Pelta
  • Players will be able to request others to meld materia on their behalf in the same manner as seeking repairs. Upon selecting either a piece of gear or materia in the inventory interface, you will be presented with the “Materia Request“ option. Making the request incurs a fee commensurate with the required level of the item to which materia will be melded, payable in gil to the player who accepts the request.

    * In addition to the abovementioned fee, players must also provide a suitable catalyst.
    * This method allows only the melding of the first piece of materia to any given item.

  • -----
    To hold a discussion and/or submit feedbacks on this topic, please use "dev1358" as a tag. "

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