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Posted by Xenor Vernix on Mar 05, 2012 - 08:48.

FFXIV News - Job System

Today, Square Enix posted a new FFXIV article on the Lodestone. Read below for all the information, taken from the Lodestone.

" * The following changes are scheduled for the 1.21 patch release.
* Features are under development and subject to change or postponement to a later patch.
  • Patch 1.21 will include a new job system.
  • Purpose of the job system

    In FINAL FANTASY XIV, the core of the growth system is the Armoury system. It is a broad ranging "horizontal" system in which players develop other classes and thereby strengthen and grow their main class.
    In contrast, the new job system is a character growth system that will narrow the focus on growing and strengthening the main character class. The system starts at level 30, and features a sequence of special quests available at certain levels that unlock systems, abilities, and job-specific equipment. The series of job quests will not involve extremely difficult tasks such as fighting primals. Rather, they will be new game elements intended to boost character growth and motivate players.

  • Acquiring a job

    Patch 1.21 will include seven jobs with their own dedicated quests.

    To take on the special quests, player characters must have reached level 30 in their main class (and level 15 for one other specified class). Class and level requirements for each series of job quests are shown in the table below:

    Job NameConditions
    PaladinGladiator level 30 and conjurer level 15.
    MonkPugilist level 30 and lancer level 15.
    WarriorMarauder level 30 and gladiator level 15.
    DragoonLancer level 30 and pugilist level 15.
    BardArcher level 30 and conjurer level 15.
    White MageConjurer level 30 and gladiator level 15.
    Black MageThaumaturge level 30 and pugilist level 15.
    * These conditions are in place to ensure that players seeking to master these new jobs have fully experienced the Armoury system—the core of character growth in FINAL FANTASY XIV.

  • How to switch between class and job

    When you complete a certain quest, you will receive a "soul crystal." Select Gear from the main menu to equip the soul crystal to the specific job slot. Once you have equipped the soul crystal, you will switch to that job.

    * Soul crystals are classified as key items. They can be equipped on the Gear menu, but they do not count against your inventory limits.
    * You can also change jobs with text commands.

  • Learning job-specific actions

    With Patch 1.21, five job-specific actions will be added for each job, which are unlocked as the character completes the aforementioned quests. The first job-specific action is learned when the character acquires the corresponding soul crystal. Job-specific actions can only be used with the associated job.
    * Job-specific actions that have already been learned are automatically equipped when the player switches to that job.

  • What happens after a job change→
    1. Job-specific actions

      Players will be able to use job-specific actions.

    2. Using other class-specific actions (by class)

      When switched to a job, characters can still use the actions they learned for the base class. For example, when playing a paladin, gladiator actions will be automatically equipped and available for use.

      For other class-specific actions, only actions from certain classes can be equipped by certain jobs, as per the table below:

      Available Class-specific Actions
      White MageGladiator/Pugilist
      Black MagePugilist/Archer
    3. Using other class-specific actions (number)

      When characters switch to a job, they can only equip half (rounded down) of the other class-specific actions. For example, a level 35 gladiator can normally equip seven class-specific actions from other classes, but a level 35 paladin can only equip three.

      LevelNumber of Class-specific Actions
      30 to 3463
      35 to 3973
      40 to 4484
      45 to 4994
    4. Changes to base parameters

      When the player changes jobs, base parameters change automatically.
      * Attribute points that have been allotted for the main class are carried over to the job without change.

    5. Different rules for equipped gear

      When switched to a job, characters can equip job-specific gear. Existing gear that can be equipped by the base clas

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