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E3 Letter From the Producer Roundup - News

Posted by Xenor Vernix on Jun 14, 2013 - 00:00.

FFXIV News - E3 Letter From the Producer Roundup

We made a lot of notes during the live letter from the producer this evening and here is what we found.

Arcanist will be the first class to branch off into two jobs; these being Summoner and Scholar. Both of which will be available at launch.
Arcanist will have different types of Carbuncle to summon.
Summoner will be able to summon miniature versions of the primals such as Ifrit, Titan etc. These will be called Egis, which were in FFXII. Egis will have their own role, for example Titan will be a tank, Ifrit will be a tank/attacker and Garuda will be a spell caster.
Scholar will have a pet - a fairy. The job will be a healer which specialises in regen type spells. The fairy will heal.

Watch a short video introduction of the new class and jobs below.

Yoshi-p aims to have further jobs introduced before the first expansion. We think these will branch off from other currently existing classes but perhaps they will add Musketeer too?

Talking of that first expansion, we will not be seeing Ishgard until then. The ARR story will have a build up to the opening of Ishgard, you will have to play the game to find out more.

Within a year the PS4 version and DirectX 11 versions will be released. The DX11 version is of course a free upgrade to PC players.

Fishing is changing. It will be more relaxed and more about personal achievements, IE catching big fish than it is about gathering items of high value. This seems a bit strange to us but then fish was mostly useless in 1.0 anyway.

Skirmish will return and feature super bosses and legendary monsters from other Final Fantasy titles. This has us excited!

The token system for engaging in end-game content was explained. It will be tiered, each with its own shopping list. Which tier you earn from which content will depend on the difficulty of the event.

The downtime between phase 4 and early access is only 1-3 days. There will be around 40 areas available at launch with up to 80 from patches.

Quest battles appear to have stepped up in difficulty, with antidotes being important after level 4. These items will come as quest rewards too.

Magitek armour will be customisable with players being able to craft parts. Chocobo barding may also be craftable.

The relic weapon quest is being made less of a time sink. They said "easier" in the letter however this is probably the wrong word. The Hamlet Defence stage is being eliminated which will significantly reduce the time involved to get a relic, but as this was the easiest part it shouldn't make the over all quest easier. You'll still have to defeat Ifrit Extreme for example.

Houses will have permission settings on who can enter and separate permissions for who has access to the item chest. These permissions are things like free company only, free company allies only, friend lists or everyone.

The difference between the primals within instances and those within FATE is that everyone can join the fight in FATE, it's not party based like the instance fights. Odin will use his famous move Zantetsuken and kill everyone nearby if he is not defeated in time. Apparently Odin is small for a reason. It has been said that the more he is defeated the stronger he gets so maybe this suggests his size could grow too?

Chocobos will have points and level up. We're not entirely sure what this is about, possibly related to chocobo breeding.

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