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Changes to the Battle System and More - News

Posted by Xenor Vernix on Feb 01, 2011 - 21:43.

Patch 1.15a, which is set to go live Wednesday, February 2, will contain a number of changes in line with the wealth of player feedback we have continued to receive, such as the way in which skill and experience points are awarded based on party composition or enemy rank, and the addition of a number of new text commands.


Skill and Experience Point Awards

Several balancing changes will be made that will bring greater benefits than ever before to multi-player battle. Party bonuses will be adjusted to award larger amounts of skill and experience points based on party size. Further changes will also ensure that greater differences between player and enemy rank will yield greater rewards as well. The amount of skill and experience points available from enemies ranked lower than a player will be reduced, but defeating enemies ranked higher than oneself will now yield greater amounts.

For players engaging in solo battle, the amount of skill and experience points currently awarded after rank 20 falls off sharply. To address this, we will be implementing changes that will better balance the amount available between ranks 20 and 23.

3-D Battle Text

The placement of 3-D battle text, such as damage and healing values, will be adjusted to prevent the overlapping of separate numbers. In addition, battle text will be color-coded in the following manner.

Final Fantasy XIV - 3D Battle Text

Message TypeFont Color
Damage dealt by youYellow
Actions by you that miss or are evadedYellow
Status effects caused by youYellow
Healing to selfBlue
Damage dealt by enemiesRed
Actions by enemies that miss or are evadedRed
Status effects caused by enemiesRed
Healing to enemiesBlue
Damage dealt by othersWhite
Actions by others that miss or are evadedWhite
Status effects caused by othersWhite
Healing to othersBlue

Text Commands

/display head (subcommand on/off)

The /display head text command can be used to toggle the graphic display of a piece of equipment currently equipped in the head slot.
/display head on – Display head gear.
/display head off – Hide head gear.

* This command cannot be used while in active mode.


The /clock feature is being implemented to allow players to easily confirm the amount of time remaining until the reset of several in-game timers, such as the reissue of guildleves or the regeneration of anima.

Use of this command will display the current time (Earth time), together with the following information.
Time remaining until guildleve reissue
Time remaining until anima regeneration
Time remaining until next behest

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