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Caravan Security - News

Posted by Xenor Vernix on Sep 15, 2011 - 18:46.

"Patch 1.19 will see the introduction of caravan security duty.

This series of repeatable Grand Company duties tasks players with escorting a caravan of chocobos bearing supplies to nearby hamlets.

Undertaking Caravan Security

Only those who have pledged their full allegiance to a Grand Company can undertake caravan security. To do so, simply speak to the NPC representing your organization stationed at the following aetheryte camps:

• The Maelstrom: Camp Bloodshore
• The Order of the Twin Adder: Camp Tranquil
• The Immortal Flames: Camp Horizon

The caravan will come under attack en route to its destination. Players must fend off the hostile creatures and see the caravan safely to the hamlet within the allotted time limit. Those who complete the task will earn company seals based on the amount of cargo delivered intact.

FFXIV - Caravan Security

• The caravan will come to a halt when enemies appear, and will only resume its march once all enemies are defeated.
* Only participating players can attack duty-specific enemies.
• Chocobos may flee the caravan if they incur too much damage.
• Chocobos that flee will stop a certain distance away from the caravan, but not before losing a unit of cargo.
• Players can coax a chocobo back to the caravan by interacting with it.
• Feeding chocobos their favorite foods recovers their health.
• All chocobos must be present in order for the caravan to resume its march.

Abandoning Caravan Security

Players can abandon caravan security by speaking with the caravan master NPC and selecting the appropriate option."

Source: Lodestone Forum

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