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White Mage

Plenary Indulgence - White Mage (WHM)

The Plenary Indulgence action is earned by the White Mage job at level 70.

It has a cast of 0 seconds, a recast of 60 seconds, an MP cost of 0 and a TP cost of 0.

FFXIV - White Mage - Plenary Indulgence Plenary Indulgence 70
Cast 0
Recast 60
MP 0
TP 0
Range 0 yalms
Radius 30 yalms
Requires WHM
Description Restores own HP and the HP of all nearby party members. Potency varies with current Confession stack.
1 Confession: 150
2 Confessions: 300
3 Confessions: 450
Party members (including self) are granted a Confession each time you heal their HP via Medica, Medica II, or Cure III.
Confession Duration: 10s
Can only be cast when at least one party member (including self) has a Confession granted by you.