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Weapon and Tool Parts - Item Database

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Below is a list of all Weapon and Tool Parts in FFXIV: A Realm Reborn.

The information listed includes their stack size, the price you can sell to an NPC for, a description of the item and any info relating to stats that they may have. Weapon and Tool Parts are mainly used by Blacksmiths, Armorers, Carpenters and Goldsmiths to create weapons and tools.

The Weapon and Tool Parts are sorted by name, however you can sort them by any of the columns by clicking on the headers. Under the headers are search boxes that allow you to filter results.

Hover over or click on an item name for more info and any stats.

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Items ()Stack DescriptionNPC
Aged Mortar Pieces1  40
Aged Pestle Pieces1  40
Aged Spear Shaft1  8
Allagan Aetherstone - Body Gear1  107
Allagan Aetherstone - Foot Gear1  107
Allagan Aetherstone - Hand Gear1  107
Allagan Aetherstone - Head Gear1  107
Allagan Aetherstone - Headgear1  107
Allagan Aetherstone - Leg Gear1  107
Allagan Aetherstone - Weaponry1  125
Astrolabe Clinometer1  100
Aurum Regis Cylinder1  211
Avenger Grips1  88
Baghnakh Frame1 A pair of iron frames to which baghnakh talons and grips are attached.5
Black Odoshi Cord1  8
Bloody Bardiche Head1  79
Bloody Bow Rim1  79
Bloody Cesti Covers1  69
Bloody Grimoire Binding1  69
Bloody Knife Blades1  79
Bloody Lance Head1  79
Blue Odoshi Cord1  8
Brass Spear Butt1 Spiked brass casing attached to the end of a spear shaft.5
Bronze Hammer Butt1 Bronze casing attached to the grip of a hammer.5
Bronze Pommel1 A bronze sphere attached to a sword's hilt for balance.5
Choral Attire Augmentation1  129
Darksteel Breastplate1  100
Darksteel Couters1  100
Darksteel Gauntlet Plates1  100
Dimension Blade Fragment1  100
Drachen Armor Augmentation1  129
Elm Hatchet Haft1 A stout hatchet haft made of elm.2
Elm Pickaxe Shaft1 A long pickaxe shaft made of elm.2
Evoker's Attire Augmentation1  129
Faded Tome1  88
Feather Clasp1 An iron clasp for attaching feathers to clothing and armor.5
Fighter's Armor Augmentation1  129
Flawless Astrolabe Clinometer1 An astrally charged clinometer used in the creation of astrolabes.203
Flawless Avenger Grips1 A pair of tempered darksteel grips used in making avengers.203
Flawless Darksteel Breastplate1 A darksteel breastplate, usually coupled with a matching backplate and worn over another piece of body armor, completing the set.203
Flawless Darksteel Couters1 Darksteel elbowguards used in the creation of heavy armor.203
Flawless Darksteel Gauntlet Plates1 A pair of darksteel plates used in the construction of gauntlets.203
Flawless Gryphonskin Elbow Pads1 Pieces of hippogryph leather padding used on hand armor to provide extra protection to the elbows.81
Flawless Gryphonskin Knee Pads1 Pieces of hippogryph leather padding used on leg armor to provide extra protection to the knees.81
Flawless Gryphonskin Shin Guards1 Pieces of hippogryph leather padding used on foot armor to provide extra protection to the shins.81
Flawless Gryphonskin Shoulder Guards1 Pieces of hippogryph leather padding used on body armor to provide extra protection to the shoulders.81
Flawless Mailbreaker Blade1 A sturdy darksteel blade used in the creation of mailbreakers.203
Flawless Obelisk Head1 A narrow darksteel head used in the creation of obelisks.203
Flawless Rampager Head1 A double-edged darksteel axe head used in the creation of rampagers.203
Flawless Rose Gold Clasps1 Tiny rose gold clasps used to secure earrings to the wearer's ear.203
Flawless Sarnga Limb1 A flexible bow limb carved from spruce used in the creation of Sarnga.97
Flawless Suspended Trillium Flower1 A trillium flower, preserved via alchemical agents. Used in the creation of trillium canes.78
Flawless Vanya Silk Crakow Lining1 A large piece of vanya silk cloth used to line crakows.78
Flawless Vanya Silk Glove Lining1 A large piece of vanya silk cloth used to line gloves.78
Flawless Vanya Silk Hat Lining1 A large piece of vanya silk cloth used to line a hat.78
Flawless Vanya Silk Robe Lining1 A large piece of vanya silk cloth used to line a robe.78
Gallant Armor Augmentation1  129
Gobwalker Shielding1  229
Gordian Gear1  90
Gryphonskin Elbow Pads1  88
Gryphonskin Knee Pads1  88
Gryphonskin Shin Guards1  88
Gryphonskin Shoulder Guards1  88
Healer's Attire Augmentation1  129
High Allagan Aetherstone - Body Gear1  107
High Allagan Aetherstone - Foot Gear1  107
High Allagan Aetherstone - Hand Gear1  107
High Allagan Aetherstone - Head Gear1  107
High Allagan Aetherstone - Headgear1  107
High Allagan Aetherstone - Leg Gear1  107
High Allagan Aetherstone - Weaponry1  125
Iron Axe Ferrule1 A small iron clasp used to prevent an axe's head from breaking off the haft.65
Iron Giant Core1  229
Iron Giant Scrap1  229
Iron Halberd Butt1 Spiked iron casing attached to the end of a halberd shaft.5
Kabuto Mask1  23
Kingly Whisker1  102
Large Gordian Gear1  96
Leather Shin Guards (Black)1 Pieces of soot-black buffalo leather padding used in leggings to protect the wearer's shins.2
Mailbreaker Blade1  100
Misericorde Blades1  100
Moggle Mog XII's Whisker1  48
Mossy Stone Axe1  100
Mossy Stone Bow1  100
Mossy Stone Cannon1  100
Mossy Stone Claws1  100
Mossy Stone Daggers1  100
Mossy Stone Globe1  100
Mossy Stone Greatsword1  100
Mossy Stone Rod1  100
Mossy Stone Spear1  100
Mossy Stone Staff1  100
Mossy Stone Sword1  100
Neo Aetherstone - Body Gear1  107
Neo Aetherstone - Foot Gear1  107
Neo Aetherstone - Hand Gear1  107
Neo Aetherstone - Headgear1  107
Neo Aetherstone - Leg Gear1  107
Ninja Garb Augmentation1  129
Obelisk Head1  100
Rampager Head1  100
Rose Gold Clasps1  100
Rubber Sole1  2
Sarnga Limb1  88
Scholar's Attire Augmentation1  129
Steel Mainspring1  229
Steel Wheel Bearing1  229
Suspended Trillium Flower1  79
Temple Attire Augmentation1  129
Tiny Crown1  3
Vanya Silk Crakow Lining1  79
Vanya Silk Glove Lining1  79
Vanya Silk Hat Lining1  79
Vanya Silk Robe Lining1  79
Weathered Tome1  88
White Raven Armor Fragment1  129
Wizard's Attire Augmentation1  129

Metal   Ore   Stone   Gemstone   Parts

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