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Below is a list of all Ore in FFXIV: Heavensward.

The information listed includes their stack size, the price you can sell to an NPC for, a description of the item and any info relating to stats that they may have. Ore are mainly used by Blacksmiths, Armorers and Goldsmiths to create various kinds of metal.

The Ore items are sorted by name, however you can sort them by any of the columns by clicking on the headers. Under the headers are search boxes that allow you to filter results.

Hover over or click on an item name for more info and any stats.

Metal   Ore   Stone   Gemstone   Parts

Items ()Stack DescriptionNPC
Adamantite Ore1  14
Aurum Regis Ore1  15
Aurum Regis Sand1  5
Black Mor Dhona Slag1 A blackish volcanic rock prevalent near Silvertear Lake.3
Black Mor Dhonan Slag1  1
Black O'Ghomoro Slag1  1
Black Sagolii Slag1  1
Black Tinolqa Slag1  1
Blue Abalathia Slag1  1
Blue Abalathian Slag1  1
Brown Abalathia Slag1  1
Brown Abalathian Slag1  1
Brown O'Ghomoro Slag1  1
Brown Sagolii Slag1  1
Brown Tinolqa Slag1  1
Cobalt Ore1  4
Copper Ore1  1
Copper Sand1  1
Darksteel Ore1  5
Electrum Ore1  4
Electrum Sand1  4
Fine Sand1  1
Furite Sand1  0
Gold Ore1  5
Gold Sand1  5
Green Tinolqa Slag1  1
Grey Abalathia Slag1  1
Grey Abalathian Slag1  1
Grey Mor Dhona Slag1 A greyish volcanic rock prevalent near Silvertear Lake.3
Grey Mor Dhonan Slag1  1
Grey O'Ghomoro Slag1  1
Grey Sagolii Slag1  1
Grey Tinolqa Slag1  1
Hardsilver Ore1  13
Hardsilver Sand1  5
Iron Ore1  1
Iron Sand1  1
Light Kidney Ore1  13
Limonite1  12
Lumythrite Ore1  19
Lumythrite Sand1  17
Mythril Ore1  3
Mythril Sand1  3
Mythrite Ore1  12
Mythrite Sand1  4
Peacock Ore1  7
Platinum Ore1  8
Purple Sagolii Slag1  1
Red Abalathia Slag1  1
Red Abalathian Slag1  1
Red Mor Dhona Slag1 A reddish volcanic rock prevalent near Silvertear Lake.3
Red Mor Dhonan Slag1  1
Red O'Ghomoro Slag1  1
River Sand1  1
Sea Sand1  1
Silver Ore1  1
Silver Sand1  1
Smithsonite Ore1  19
Tin Ore1  1
Titanium Ore1  13
White Abalathia Slag1  1
White Abalathian Slag1  1
White Mor Dhona Slag1 A whitish volcanic rock prevalent near Silvertear Lake.3
White Mor Dhonan Slag1  1
Wootz Ore1  10
Yellow Copper Ore1  11
Yellow Mor Dhona Slag1 A yellowish volcanic rock prevalent near Silvertear Lake.3
Yellow Mor Dhonan Slag1  1
Yellow O'Ghomoro Slag1  1
Yellow Sagolii Slag1  1
Yellow Tinolqa Slag1  1
Zinc Ore1  1

Metal   Ore   Stone   Gemstone   Parts

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