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Duck Bones - Ingredients Database

Below, you can find the full FFXIV: A Realm Reborn item info for the Duck Bones item.

This item is a Ingredient and can be equipped at level 1.

We don't have a database entry for where this item is obtained but it could be the product of a craft, a drop from a monster/chest or a quest reward. If you know where it is from please state so in the comments

Duck Bones - Ingredients - Items

Duck Bones


Level: 1
Item Level: 90

NPC: FFXIV Gil 360

It is an oft-forgotten fact that Frandelont Raimdelle, famed naturalist, father of modern taxonomy, and author of the Raimdelle Codex, tried multiple times (without success) to classify the common duck─most obviously a cloudkin─as a spoken, believing their incessant quackings to be a highly developed language beyond the comprehension of mankind.

Medicine   Food   Fish   Ingredient   Minions   Mounts   Triple Triad


The following comments are from our legacy commenting system.

Mar 01, 2015 - 15:05:54 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

I received mine from Levequest rewards for culinarian 45+ in Mor Dhona