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Please note: This is an item from FFXIV 1.0 and the stats may have changed in FFXIV: A Realm Reborn.
Please see our item DB navigation for items that are correct in FFXIV: ARR.
Items without this notice are correct.

Below, you can find the full FFXIV 1.0 item info for the Gilded Rosewood Fishing Rod item. This item is a Fisher's Primary Tool and can be equipped at level 48. The item could be the product of a craft, a drop from a monster/chest or a quest reward.

Gilded Rosewood Fishing Rod - Fisher Tools - Items

Gilded Rosewood Fishing Rod

Fisher's Primary Tool

Level: 48

NPC:  FFXIV Gil5488
Gathering: 64    
Output: 82    
Perception: 76    

Wear: 97600/97600 Meldable Meldable
Crafting Class FFXIV Goldsmith Goldsmith (Repairs: Level 38+)
Repair Materials Grade 5 Dark Matter x 1

Botanist   Fisher   Miner

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