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Ramuh is a new primal that was added in patch 2.3. The fight this page refers to is the Hard Mode version of the fight that takes place within the main scenario. Like with Leviathan Hard Mode it is not intended to be a difficult fight and you should have no problems beating it first or second try. Extreme Mode exists to challenge the best players and is harder than the earlier extreme mode fights.

Ramuh Hard Mode becomes available upon completion of the quest "True to Form". You will then be able to pick up the quest "Levin an Impression" from Papalymo in South Shroud (X:23 Y:14) and challenge him after forming a party of 8 players with an item level 65 or above.

There are two main fight mechanics in Ramuh Hard Mode that you should try to understand. Neither are difficult to deal with however some communication may be required.

Chaotic Strike: Terror will be placed upon a random player and he/she will be unable to move or attack until it wears off or another player takes a thunder circle to them. Thunder circles are the thunder rings that occur around random targets. They deal damage but must be used to free a player under Terror because healers cannot remove it.
Rolling Thunder: Two players will be linked together via a tether. One of the players must run across three of the orbs that litter the battlefield in order to break the tether.

Phase 1

For the first 40% of the fight there is not a lot to do other than dodge the AoE around Ramuh (easy if you are a ranged player) and DPS it down. You should also avoid standing on the orbs that are appearing as you will need them later.

Judgement Bolt

At around 60% in the fight Ramuh will spawn three Grey Arbiter adds. These are like Ifrit's Nails and Leviathan's Spumes - they must be killed quickly in order to survive Judgement Bolt. Judgement Bolt is Ramuh's special attack and it will wipe the party if the Grey Arbiter adds aren't killed.

While killing the Grey Arbiter adds you should take care to avoid the damage attack they fire across the arena. You should also watch out for players receiving the Terror status and free them as needed. It helps if these players call out that they are under that effect.

Phase 2

After Judgement Bolt be prepared for another Grey Arbiter that will appear later in the fight. It should not cause any issues but as with all adds kill it quickly.

The main thing to be aware of in this phase is that you will have to deal with the Rolling Thunder attack mentioned earlier. It is important that players do not waste the orbs by stepping on them when they are not needed or by stepping on too many.


Ramuh Hard Mode is for story progression only and does not drop any weapons like some of the earlier hard mode primals do. Those were placed in Ramuh extreme.

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Vin Dorrh [Anon]
Feb 20, 2015 - 15:07:59 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

Because there is no treasure its hard to find a group through pf. I am waiting the third time and now its arround an hour. As WMA thats just to long, especially while i need it to go on. Maybe Square should add a traesure or a random story-based primae mod. Leviathan hard was already the same, but not that extrem.
I tried it on Thursday Evening (Est Germany) and on Friday Afternoon. I may need to add there some times.
Jul 11, 2014 - 11:48:07 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

Here is the full fight with great explanation
FFXIV ARR: New Ramuh Fight Hard Mode:
Black Jacket [Anon]
Jul 08, 2014 - 18:43:35 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

The fight goes like this, Simple tank & spank til about 60%, adds will spawn, you need to down the adds before he casts his judgement spell(It's instant wipe). During the adds phase there will be a fear, the people who gets fear needs to be hit by a thunder ring, only way to break it, it can not be removed via esuna or leech. This spell/skill will last til ramus dies. After you've downed the adds, a new spell will happen (I call it phase 2) a link will happen and it'll connect two people, at this point one of them needs to collect the little balls left on the ground, ONLY collect 3 stacks to remove the chain otherwise you get a healing debuff whether it's that individual person or the healing effects of that person I do not know. during P2 adds will spawn periodically. Kill them or you will die. and that is the hardmode fight.
To recap:
Phase 1: Tank and spank, thunderstorm anyone who gets feared. Do not collect the lightning balls( Little blue balls).
Pre- Phase 2: Adds will spawn, Kill all adds before judgement spell or instant wipe.
Phase 2: Adds will periodically spawn, and lightning link will connect 2 people. One person collect 3 balls to remove the effect. (This will do damage for every skill/spell used and will eventually die)(Do not collect more than 3 balls as it'll add a debuff.)
Congratulations! You've beaten ramus Hard mode.

Black Jacket- Brynhildir.