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Astrologian (AST) Guide

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We don't yet have an Astrologian guide, however the page exists for the gear section.

Astrologian is a support job that branches off the damage dealing class Archer. The idea behind the job is that it sacrifices some damage in order to buff party members via songs. This guide will talk about how to play the job at level 50 and it should be noted that it may not be the only way to play it. Others may disagree, but see it as a starting point and build on it from there.


The best gear for your Astrologian constantly changes depending on what was added in the latest patch so it is important to do your own research on top of this guide. We have broken the gear down into tiers in order to give some indication of what you can use before you get up to that item level tier.

Slot Best Next Tier Third Tier
Main Hand Midan Metal Astrometer
Prototype Midan Metal Astrometer
Augmented Hailstorm Astrometer
Horde Star Globe
Head Augmented Hailstorm Crown of Healing
Midan Horn of Healing
Yafaemi Hat of Healing
Hailstorm Crown of Healing
Prototype Midan Horn of Healing
Eikon Cloth Hat of Healing
Body Midan Coat of Healing
Augmented Hailstorm Coat of Healing
Hailstorm Coat of Healing
Yafaemi Jacket of Healing
Eikon Cloth Acton of Healing
Prototype Midan Coat of Healing
Hands Midan Gloves of Healing
Augmented Hailstorm Gloves of Healing
Hailstorm Gloves of Healing
Yafaemi Halfgloves of Healing
Prototype Midan Gloves of Healing
Eikon Cloth Sleeves of Healing
Legs Midan Trousers of Healing
Augmented Hailstorm Bottoms of Healing
Yafaemi Trousers of Healing
Hailstorm Bottoms of Healing
Eikon Cloth Culottes of Healing
Prototype Midan Trousers of Healing
Feet Augmented Hailstorm Boots of Healing
Midan Boots of Healing
Yafaemi Boots of Healing
Hailstorm Boots of Healing
Prototype Midan Boots of Healing
Eikon Leather Thighboots of Healing
Waist Midan Belt of Healing
Augmented Hailstorm Belt of Healing
Yafaemi Belt of Healing
Hailstorm Belt of Healing
Prototype Midan Belt of Healing
Eikon Cloth Corset of Healing
Neck Midan Neckband of Healing
Augmented Primal Choker of Healing
Primal Choker of Healing
Prototype Midan Neckband of Healing
Ear Midan Earrings of Healing
Augmented Primal Earrings of Healing
Primal Earrings of Healing
Prototype Midan Earrings of Healing
Rings Midan Ring of Healing
Augmented Primal Ring of Healing
Primal Ring of Healing
Prototype Midan Ring of Healing
Wrist Midan Bracelets of Healing
Augmented Primal Bracelet of Healing
Primal Bracelet of Healing
Prototype Midan Bracelets of Healing


In FFXIV all materia can be added to any slot so this guide only lists the materia that is useful for the Astrologian rather than where to put it.

Mind - Increased healing magic potency
Piety - MP
Determination - HP restored by healing magic
Critical Hit Rate - Chance of critical cures.
Quicktongue - Spell Speed

As you will be limited by how much of a certain stat you can apply to gear through stat caps it is a good idea to use a variety and add stats to gear which aren't already on the piece.

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Jul 07, 2015 - 23:59:19 | Location: Durham, United Kingdom

Well pointed out, I blame copy and paste when I created this page. I'll get it fixed tomorrow and check the other new jobs because the same may have happened.
Nottrue [Anon]
Jun 28, 2015 - 16:20:01 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

That class is not base off the archer class
Dandi [Anon]
Jun 23, 2015 - 01:35:13 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

This information is incorrect. "support job that branches off the damage dealing class Archer. The idea behind the job is that it sacrifices some damage in order to buff party members via songs. "

That's Bard!
LOL [Anon]
Jun 22, 2015 - 22:05:20 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

This is talking about BRD...NOT AST. Fail.