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Hunts are a system whereby bills are posted on a board that players can look at and decide to challenge. The challenge involves hunting specific enemies, defeating them and obtaining a reward for doing so. The reward is a currency that can be used to purchase valuable items such as Alexandrite, Sands of Time and Oil of Time. The hunt system was added in patch 2.3 and if it sounds familiar that's because it is similar to the Marks system that FFXII had.

In order to begin taking on the Hunt you must first complete the quest "Let the Hunt Begin". There are three of these quests but you need only complete one of them - the quest given by your own Grand Company. If that sounds confusing it is because the Hunt system is part of your Grand Company, so each company has its own quest to unlock it. Depending on your GC, speak to the following NPC at their headquarters: Trachraet (Maelstrom), Scarlet (Twin Adder) or Mimio Mio (Immortal Flames) in order to accept the quest. Upon completion of the quest you will gain access to the Hunt Board.


Hunt Board

On the Hunt Board you are able to select between Regular marks and Elite marks. Regular Marks are common enemies within Eorzea and these are updated daily at 15:00 GMT, while Elite marks are special monsters and you are able to take on one per week via the hunt board. This resets weekly at 08:00 GMT. Elite marks come in three tiers of difficulty - B, A and S with B being the weakest and S being the strongest. The hunt board will only ever give you a B rank and it is worth 100 allied seals.

The Marks

Each open world area in FFXIV: A Realm Reborn has three hunt marks - one B, one A and one S. The B ranks will spawn within 5 seconds of being killed. A list of what their names are and where they are found is below:

Location Mark
Southern Thanalan Albin the Ashen
Central Thanalan Ovjang
Western Thanalan Sewer Syrup
Northern Thanalan Flame Sergeant Dalvag
Eastern Thanalan Gatling
Outer La Noscea Vuokho
Middle La Noscea Skogs Fru
Upper La Noscea Myradrosh
Lower La Noscea Barbastelle
Eastern La Noscea Bloody Mary
Western La Noscea Dark Helmet
South Shroud Monarch Ogrefly
East Shroud Stinging Sophie
North Shroud Phecda
Central Shroud White Joker
Coerthas Central Highlands Naul
Mor Dhona Leech King

A ranks have spawn times ranging from 3 hours to 4 hours and can spawn at any time within one hour of their spawn window opening. There is some debate as to whether the spawn timer resets when the mark last spawned or when it last died but as they are usually killed within minutes of spawning it does not really matter. The spawn locations and timers for all A ranks are below.

Location Mark Window (Hours:Minutes)
Southern Thanalan Zanig'oh 3:45
Central Thanalan Sabotender Bailarina 4:00
Western Thanalan Alectyron 3:30
Northern Thanalan Dalvag's Final Flame 4:00
Eastern Thanalan Maahes 3:00
Outer La Noscea Cornu 3:30
Middle La Noscea Vogaal Ja 3:30
Upper La Noscea Marberry 4:00
Lower La Noscea Unktehi 3:30
Eastern La Noscea Hellsclaw 3:30
Western La Noscea Nahn 3:30
South Shroud Ghede Ti Malice 3:45
East Shroud Melt 3:00
North Shroud Girtab 3:45
Central Shroud Forneus 3:30
Coerthas Central Highlands Marraco 3:00
Mor Dhona Kurrea 3:30

Defeating an A rank will reward you with up to 40 allied seals and up to 40 Soldiery depending on how much effort your group put into it. They also have a small chance of dropping an Unstained Mark Log which can be used to trade in for Carbontwine and Carboncoats. If you're unfamiliar with these items they are required to upgrase the i120 Ironworks armour pieces.

Finally, we have the S ranks. These spawn even less often - typically every 36-72 hours depending on the mark. Additionally S ranks have further spawn conditions which are related to player activity in the area or natural occurrences such as the moon or weather. See below for the details.

Location Mark Window (Hours) Conditions
Southern Thanalan Nunyunuwi 66 This is related to how many F.A.T.E.s. have been completed in the area. How many is unknown.
Central Thanalan Brontes 66 This either spawns at random after a player eats food or spawns after an unknown number of food items has been consumed.
Western Thanalan Zona Seeker 58 You must fish a Glimmer Scale during Fair or Clear weather. 300+ Gathering skill required.
Northern Thanalan Minhocao 48 This is related to Earth Crystals. Collect as many as possible by defeating Earth Sprites.
Eastern Thanalan Lampalagua 58 Related to Battlecraft Guildleves. Initiate and/or complete an unknown number.
Outer La Noscea Mahisha 66 This has a chance of spawning upon player death.
Middle La Noscea Croque-Mitaine 62 You must Gather Grade 3 La Noscean Top Soil from the node that spawns at 19:00 Eorzea time. This requires a Botanist with over 370 Gathering skill.
Upper La Noscea Nandi 48 Repeatedly summon minions in the area.
Lower La Noscea Croakadile 70+ This will spawn between 18:00 - 20:00 on a full moon.
Eastern La Noscea Garlok 42 This has a chance of spawning during/after the "Just a Matter of Rut" F.A.T.E.
Western La Noscea Bonnacon 62 You must Gather La Noscean Leeks from the node that spawns at 08:00 Eorzea time. This requires a Botanist with over 408 Gathering skill.
South Shroud Mindflayer 70+ This will spawn between 18:00 - 06:00 on a new moon.
East Shroud Wulgaru 62 This is related to certain F.A.T.E.s, but it is not known which.
North Shroud Thousand-cast Theda 58 Fish up a Judgeray between 17:00 - 21:00 Eorzea time. This requires over 330 Gathering skill.
Central Shroud Laideronnette 62 This requires rainy weather to occur twice in a row. It will spawn when the weather change occurs for the second rain. The weather changes at 00:00, 08:00 and 16:00 Eorzea time.
Coerthas Central Highlands Safat 62 Jump from high places so that your HP is 1 when you land.
Mor Dhona Agrippa 68 This has a random chance to spawn during a Treasure Map.

S ranks can reward up to 100 allied seals and up to 100 Soldiery tomestones. Additionally the drop rate on the Unstained Mark Logs is significantly higher.

It has been stated that in the future (most likely during the Heavensward expansion) that a new rank of elite marks will be added - these will be of higher rank than S. It would make sense because without buffs to the marks they would all be pushovers at level 60.


Allied Seals

Upon completion of a Mark you will receive Allied Seals as a reward. The amount you receive is stated on the bill itself and you will likely get more for higher ranked marks. These can then be exchanged with your Hunt Billmaster at your GC for items such as weapons, armor, minions, Sands of Time, Oil of Time and Alexandrite. You will need a lot of seals for the best items because they allow you to upgrade equipment to higher ilevels or are meant to be rare (glamour items).


The following comments are from our legacy commenting system.

JustsomeDude [Anon]
Jul 10, 2014 - 15:35:35 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

With the recent release of 2.3, and The Hunt, after seeing the prices for the items, all I have to say is, Why? Why is the ilvl 70 stuff so much more expensive than the AF2 gear available from the same person? It makes no sense, to me at least, I'll admit, the ilvl 70 GC gear looks awesome, but with AF2 so much cheaper, and with a higher ilvl, I don't see much need to exchange your hard earned allied seals for ilvl gear one could find in dungeons. I believe the price for the ilvl 70 chest piece is 1000 allied seals, while a AF2 chest piece from the same place costs 80 allied seals. I don't know if it's a bug or what, but the only people I see getting the ilvl 70 GC stuff are people who are probably sitting at ilvl 110, and want a reason to stick around. If this was an attempt to help new players, new players would have an easier time just running a dungeon or 2 to get Myth/Soldiery as well as item drops. However, the prices at the moment do help new players get to higher ilvls faster, with the ilvl 90 AF2 gear much cheaper than the ilvl 70 GC gear. With a good group, a new player could get a piece of ilvl 90 gear every week only doing Hunts.