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Ifrit (Extreme)

Ifrit (Extreme) Guide, Loot

Ifrit (Extreme) was added in patch 2.1 of the A Realm Reborn expansion.

Ifrit (Extreme) becomes available at level 50 as part of the "Ifrit Ain't Broke" quest, which is given by Urianger - The Waking Sands (X:6, Y:5).

The trial has a minimum ilevel of 70 to enter and rewards you with:

Allagan Tomestone of Poetics: 20


Ifrit Extreme is the third of three primals you will encounter for your quest to gain an ilevel 90 weapon. It will also drop ilevel 90 bangles so the fight is highly rewarding. The primal becomes available upon completion of the Titan quest Quake Me Up Before You O'Ghomoro in which you fought and defeated Titan Extreme. The quest for Ifrit extreme is called Ifrit Ain't Broke and will first send you off to retune with the Aetheryte crystal in Zahar'ak. This unlocks the fight and allows you to form a party to take him on. The fight has a minimum ilevel requirement of 70 but it is recommended to be a bit higher than this to make things smoother.

Like with Garuda and Titan Extreme, if you have not done the fight before then you may want to try a few runs in the Duty Finder followed by some learning parties in the Party Finder. You are unlikely to win in these groups but it will get you familiar with the mechanics of the fight and give you the confidence to join more experienced parties that will get you that important win. Ifrit is seen by the community as being easier than Titan, unless you are a healer. The fight is more about DPS checks than constant dodging.

Party Setup

The standard party setup of two tanks, two healers and four damage dealers is the most common way to do this fight. The fight is generally easier for ranged damage dealers but melee don't have it as bad in this fight as in Garuda. It is even highly recommended to bring one for the melee limit break.

Ifrit Extreme's Attacks

Eruption: This attack is often called "cracks" by players as the animation will show cracks on the floor. The attack is a ground based attack centred on a player and Ifrit will send four of these at the player. Unlike with Ifrit hard mode this cannot be stunned.

Plumes: Plumes are large dark circles that appear in the arena. They will appear shortly after each Hellfire and only then. Ifrit hard mode had more plumes to deal with.

Crimson Cyclone: On this attack Ifrit will jump up into the air and then move to the side of the arena. From here he will dash across to the opposite end of the arena and deal heavy damage to anyone in his path. There will be 5 clones of Ifrit doing the dash one after the other.

Incinerate: This attack deals low damage to those standing around Ifrit. It is pretty much unavoidable for melee DPS but as it is low damage it is not a big deal.

Vulcan Buster: This attack will only hit the tank as it is focussed directly in front of Ifrit. It has a knockback effect but this is not one to worry about.

Ifrit will of course use his signature attack Hellfire too but more on that later.

Preparations and Positioning

At the start of the fight the healer should apply their damage mitigation buffs to everyone before the tank goes in for the pull. The tank will then take Ifrit to the edge of the arena and keep him pointed towards the edge. This positioning prevents the Vulcan Buster knockback effect from messing up the tanking positioning. The healers and DPS should all stack behind Ifrit. The healers will not stay like this however. Ifrit will apply a debuff on a healer that will pulse an AoE attack off them. This means no one can stand near this healer. This healer must immediately move to the west side of the arena. When Ifrit uses it again on the other healer then the healers swap positions.

Phase 1

Phase 1 lasts until the first Hellfire and is pretty simple if you are positioned as stated above. The players stacked will have to deal with a set of eruptions. To do this they must run directly south and then a little to the east, taking care not to go near the healer who has the pulsating debuff.

Shortly after Ifrit will spawn 4 Infernal Nails and the DPS players must kill them before Ifrit jumps for Hellfire. This is a DPS check. It's quite easy in this phase but there are two more of these. You should be aware that during the nail phase Ifrit will use a single Eruption on the off-tank and ensure it does not hit you while you are DPSing the nails.

Groups will typically kill these nails in a clockwise order to avoid multiple nails being killed at the same time. When a nail is killed it will use a small arena-wide AoE but this damage can add up. After the nails die or if you were too slow Ifrit will use Hellfire. If you were successful heal up and get back into position.

Phase 2

About 5 seconds after Hellfire Ifrit will cover almost the entire arena in plumes. The safe spot is in front of Ifrit to the right. Shortly after this Ifrit will then jump into position for his Crimson Cyclone attacks. To dodge there you should line up next to the Ifrit clone that dashes off first. You should then move up the arena wall until the last clone dashes. Then get back into position. The healer with the debuff can't stand with the group so they will have to dodge this from the opposite end of the arena by standing close to the final clone to dash.

During this phase the group will have two sets of eruptions to dodge followed by the second nail phase. This nail phase consists of 7 nails and is a DPS check just like the last one. Be aware of the single eruption during the nail phase and be alert for the new tether mechanic. This attaches a chain between the off-tank and a random DPS player. The longer this chain the less DPS the player does. If you are a ranged DPS player you will be close enough to the tank to not care, but a melee DPS player will have issues. The off-tank can either go near him/her or the melee DPS player can switch to one of the nails next to Ifrit.

Phase 3

For the most part phase 3 is identical to phase 2, it only changes when the nail part comes around. This time you will have 13 nails to deal with and one of them is a large one in the middle. Reach the nail phase the same way as you did in phase 2 while holding your damage buffs for the nails.

How you handle the large nail is dependent on your group setup. If your group has a melee damage dealer you will take out the large nail first by use of the melee LB. This will take around 80% of its HP off so the group still needs to apply some damage it. However if your group is all ranged DPS then you will take out the big nail last with the caster LB. This is because the caster LB will kill multiple nails if used early and the added AoEs from nail destruction will wipe the group.

Whichever way you do this you should kill the smaller nails in a clockwise direction just like the last two phases. BLMs in the group can actually hit two nails at once with Flare, but in general single target damage is better.

Once all nails have been destroyed or you fail to kill them all in time Ifrit will perform another Hellfire.

Phase 4

Phase 4 is the same as phase 3 for the most part, except there are no nails. If you reach the point where nails would have appeared it is game over. Ifrit will not spawn any more nails, he will simply jump for Hellfire and wipe the party. This means you ran out of time. As a result phase 4 itself is a DPS check, though if everyone is alive you will have no problems finishing him off in time.

Ifrit (Extreme) Loot List

Below is a listing of all loot for the trial Ifrit (Extreme).

Items ()Stats/Compatibility/Description LeveliLvl
Aithon Whistle
This whistle emits a shrill tone that is said to summon Aithon, the steed of legend.11
Faded Copy of Primal Judgment
Timeworn pages of sheet music containing the full score for Ifrit's theme, Primal Judgment.11
Faded Copy of Primal Judgment
Timeworn pages of sheet music containing the full score for Ifrit's theme, Primal Judgment.11
Inferno Bangle of Aiming
All Classes
Dexterity: +13, Determination: +11,
Critical Hit: +11, Vitality: +15
Chest: Ifrit
Inferno Bangle of Casting
All Classes
Intelligence: +13, Spell Speed: +16,
Direct Hit Rate: +11, Vitality: +14
Chest: Ifrit
Inferno Bangle of Fending
All Classes
Vitality: +15, Skill Speed: +16, Tenacity: +11,
Strength: +13
Chest: Ifrit
Inferno Bangle of Healing
All Classes
Mind: +13, Determination: +11, Piety: +8,
Vitality: +14
Chest: Ifrit
Inferno Bangle of Slaying
All Classes
Strength: +13, Direct Hit Rate: +16,
Critical Hit: +11, Vitality: +15
Chest: Ifrit
Inferno Horn
Torn from the head of the Lord of the Inferno himself, this night-black horn pulses with uncontrollably powerful fire-aspected energies.170
Nightmare Whistle
This whistle emits a shrill tone that is said to summon a legendary nightmare.11

A guide by Xenor Vernix of Ragnarok server.